New Contest! Name You-Know-Who

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We’re interrupting the usual series of FOTM’s world-famous Caption Contests with a very special one-of-a-kind Contest.

For the second time in just four years of the POS’s occupancy of the White House, Time magazine, that dinosaur of the Old Media, has named Barack Hussein Obama the Person of the Year. Here’s Time‘s rather grim cover-photo: version.indd
This is Time‘s 2012 tribute to the POS (get your barf bag ready):

“Through crises and gridlock, President Barack Obama kept the trust of the American people – and won a chance to rekindle the hope that inspired a nation.”

Person of the Year?

Oh puleeze.

It’s time for a contest to find a more appropriate moniker for the occupant in the White House!

I’ve been calling him the POS; Joan sarcastically calls him “the king”; Steve had flippantly called him “Skippy.”

What’s YOUR nickname for him?

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Everyone gets to play, even FOTM writers!
  • A list of finalists will be derived from the entries that have received at least three “thumbs up” from readers.thumbs-up
  • Then you choose the winner by voting for the finalist of your choice in a poll!
  • Entries for the contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Friday, December 28!

Let’s play!!!!!

For the winner of our last (37th) Caption Contest, click here.

~Eowyn & Steve

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0 responses to “New Contest! Name You-Know-Who

  1. Mwongo
    (Swahili word for “liar”)

  2. Never forget that Mussolini was TIME Magazine Man of The Year in 1937, Adolf Hitler in 1938, Joseph Stalin in 1939 and again in 1942, and the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 have also been granted the title. FDR got it three times, the record to date.

  3. Oh there so many to choose from. A certain classification would do just fine such as deceiver of the ill informed. What stands out for me is LOKI as an award from the Norse mythologies. Loki is often called the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer, and the Sky Traveler. The last one is obvious as a flight risk by using AF1 so much.

  4. “Oh…BOZO!”

    • Your entry reminded me of the old Oberto salami advert: “Oh boy, Oberto!” Maybe one has to be over fifty to recall it; it just came back when I read your entry. Funny, the things someone of Italian descent thinks about….

  5. “Okay…this is my last entry!”
    “BOZO the Clown!”

  6. Barry soetero, liar in chief

  7. I’ve been referring to him as “Il Duce Negra” for quite some time.

  8. “Deceiver in Chief”

  9. Big doodie head who lies a lot. Not my best, but true. 😀
    or look it up

  10. the royal ass clown the most incompetent man of the year the empty chair of the year scheisskopf (shithead) booger head jeez so many and all very much derisive inspires no confidence

  11. Caption: “Does this shot make this ass look too black?”

  12. Grumpy in Arizona

    “It’s good to be “Duh King.”

  13. The Wetback Kenyan Usurper Barry Harrison Hussain Barack Obama Bounel Soetoro Soebarkah Mounir Ubayd Bari Shabazz Davis, aka the hider in the big white wood-shed.

  14. Zer-O as in bamalamadingdong.


  16. The Grim Reaper


  18. Barry H. Obama, Our OICUSA……… Oreo In Charge of the United States of America

  19. DMOW = Dark Moon Over Washington! That is about as palin as it gets! Semper Fi.

  20. Two Term Child Abuser
    This President has enslaved more children with un-payable debt than all the past presidents combined, and he refuses to pay off any of it off during his two terms.

  21. Frank Marshall Davis II

    Single handedly nobama has taken Carter from the depths of POLITICAL DESTITUTION and put him back in the hunt for political St. Hood. Naturally Carter will never get there as he is too stupid to figure out how to open the door.

  23. The Year Real Abominable Nascence Transcends.
    aka TYRANT

  24. Kenyan-born, Affirmative Action product, Muslim, mullah, the comrade Dear Destroyer, POtuS, POS, and total f’ing lying fraud.
    And if that doesn’t cover it, this will:

  25. The Great Pretender
    Pretending to be American, Christian, patriotic, straight etc.

  26. You are right the first time POS is it!

  27. Oh, great. NOW who am I going to blame for the last four years??

  28. The Angry Inch

  29. “Chairman O”

  30. lowtechgrannie

    He qualifies for using the personal pronouns “I” “Me” and “My” 63 times in a single 15 minute speech eulogizing another person — proving he’s the most insensitive narcissistic person on the planet.
    Obama Uses Funeral Service to Talk About Himself

  31. Election stealing COCKROACH.

  32. Seeing as how the “anointed one” seems to suffer from just a touch of narcissism and does have a habit of mentioning himself in all of his speeches and putting that fact together with the fact he is indisputable of the Muslim faith I come up with the monicker of “I-man”

  33. Barak The Destroyer

  34. The only thing missing is: Luke come to the dark side of the force…..!!!!!

  35. worst president ever #45 on the all time presidents list bottom of the barrell

  36. Professor Personal Pronoun
    “The report ended with a statement that the lecture could not be printed in full as the printer had run out of capital “I’s” (Mark Twain)

  37. “BO” is all that’s needed to say that he stinks!

  38. Just plain ol’ O’Bummer–my favorite nick for the guy[I also really like grumpy’s “BO” for short]

  39. “The Great Imposter”

  40. That THING in the White House!

  41. Take 2: “The Abominable Snowman!”

  42. Can’t we just call a spade a spade …”Felon”

    • TNrick, I think that would be “Multiple Felon” Best so far I like it.
      Or “Felon in waiting”…”Felon to Be”
      Your on to something… Let’s explore this avenue. Best route so far in my opinion.

      • Thanks Steve. “bout the only thing I could come up with along this line would be “Felonious Thug” but that would prolly give him street cred that he doesn’t deserve…

        • Just had a flash, heard the WHO on the radio and this song…

          Just chage the name to ” Felonious Punk” it fits the song lyrics perfectly
          “he’s a put on…

  43. ObaMao

  44. The Shadow Man

  45. Liar of the year

  46. Larry Sinclair’s lover exposed at last

  47. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    King Barry Hussein Anointed

  48. The POS of the Year