New Contest! Name You-Know-Who

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We’re interrupting the usual series of FOTM’s world-famous Caption Contests with a very special one-of-a-kind Contest.

For the second time in just four years of the POS’s occupancy of the White House, Time magazine, that dinosaur of the Old Media, has named Barack Hussein Obama the Person of the Year. Here’s Time‘s rather grim cover-photo: version.indd
This is Time‘s 2012 tribute to the POS (get your barf bag ready):

“Through crises and gridlock, President Barack Obama kept the trust of the American people – and won a chance to rekindle the hope that inspired a nation.”

Person of the Year?

Oh puleeze.

It’s time for a contest to find a more appropriate moniker for the occupant in the White House!

I’ve been calling him the POS; Joan sarcastically calls him “the king”; Steve had flippantly called him “Skippy.”

What’s YOUR nickname for him?

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Everyone gets to play, even FOTM writers!
  • A list of finalists will be derived from the entries that have received at least three “thumbs up” from readers.thumbs-up
  • Then you choose the winner by voting for the finalist of your choice in a poll!
  • Entries for the contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Friday, December 28!

Let’s play!!!!!

For the winner of our last (37th) Caption Contest, click here.

~Eowyn & Steve

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0 responses to “New Contest! Name You-Know-Who

  1. Liar of the year

  2. Larry Sinclair’s lover exposed at last

  3. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    King Barry Hussein Anointed

  4. The POS of the Year