New anti-Hillary campaign ad!

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Bill Clinton portrait
H/t FOTM‘s maziel

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0 responses to “New anti-Hillary campaign ad!

  1. My favorite anti-Hillary “thing” is just to post the name “Vince Foster”.

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  3. “not now, monica!”.

  5. Thanks for the ‘Heads Up’……

  6. I have to go w/squirrelmistresssquirrelmistress, as that as my immediate response.
    Was it ever established whether or not Bill ,& Hil were sharing Monica? Just asking….

    • Not in the Starr Report, which gives a detailed account of the tawdry trysts between “just” Bill & Monica, including anal sex, in a little alcove off the Oval Office.

  7. Again the question arises: Is Bill Clinton a CAUSE of the new nadir we reached during this scandal, or is he merely a BAROMETER of it? (And was Monica Lewinsky a Mossad agent at the time?)

  8. Amazing!


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