Never Wheelclamp a Woman!

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H/t my dear friend Lisa.

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0 responses to “Never Wheelclamp a Woman!

  1. where and how did she obtain a drivers license (cracker jack)? I’ll bet as she started rolling down the street she pulled out her cell phone and started texting her buds letting them in on the moron in the tow truck.

  2. Mike Franklin

    Having been married twice (not to mention everything in between), I find that women are in many cases the more dangerous of the species. One misstep at the wrong moment…
    My eldest son, on his wedding day, put it this way:
    ‘Guys get into arguments and even get into fist fights but after a few minutes, these same two guys can go to a bar, have a cold beer and toast each other as the greatest brother you could have. But girls? They don’t forgive or forget…’
    He was right… because he has a small scar on the back of his head where his sister smacked him with a baseball one day for super-gluing her ponytail some 10 years earlier.
    After that, she was fine and the ground was level again, lol.
    (Glad they are all grown now and on their own 🙂

    • “women are in many cases the more dangerous of the species.”
      Why don’t you tell that to Rihanna, who was black and blue in the face from being slapped around by Chris Brown; or to that hooker who hid in the closet of Charlie Sheen’s hotel room after he tried to choke her to death; or better yet, to my best friend, the co-founder of this blog, Joan, whose first husband once slammed her against the wall so hard, he broke her head open and she had to go to emergency room?

      • Bless you, sweet sagebrush! When the apostles fled (except young John), the women stayed with Jesus until the end. It was also a woman, Veronica, who had the courage to defy the Roman soldiers to wipe the blood and sweat off His face.
        For the past week, in between posting on this blog, I was occupied with reading and putting together a presentation to a Theology Group on the Shroud of Turin. Reading about His wounds always make me cry, but I absolutely broke down when I found out that Hebrew University Professor of Botany Dr. Avinoam Danin discovered, in enhanced photos of the Shroud, images of many thorn, flower, and leaf parts that grow only in and around Israel, some only in the Jerusalem area. Many of the flower remnants (chrysanthemums, bean caper, rock rose) are part of fresh-picked funeral wreaths or bouquets. Most bloom only in the spring—some only late in the day. The fact that they are only slightly wilted indicates entombment took place in March-April, coinciding with the Passover when Jesus was crucified.
        Only women would have thought of placing flowers on His body. I would – had I been there….

      • Amen, and ditto to ya, Steve! And by the bye, I must take exception w/all those guys who think she’s a bad driver. Au contraire!
        As would any and all good women warriors, she knew the situation left her FRONT wheel drive vehicle w/far more traction, as the weight advantage had shifted to her, NOT the tow truck. So she did the zen/right act at the right moment in the right way.
        Imagine how us guys would break our arms back slappin’ dem selbs at how smart we were, had one of us done the deed!!

  3. LOL! Truly funny!

  4. Too funny!

  5. LOL – I have a female acquaintance that would have done the exact same thing.
    I nearly married her.


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