Never let a crisis go to waste: Rahm Emanuel calls for gas tax increase

He apparently hasn’t seen what is happening in France.

From ABC 7: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and members of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus are calling on lawmakers to raise the gas tax as part of a capital bill to pay for much-needed transportation infrastructure repairs and improvements.

The proposal would raise the gas tax by 20 to 30 cents per gallon.

It may seem like a big ask, but Mayor Emanuel and others believe there is a bigger problem with the state’s transportation infrastructure, particularly in the Chicago area, that cannot be ignored any longer.

“This has to be about achieving a permanent fix to our chronic transportation funding shortages,” said Joe Szabo, Executive Director Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. “We’re at a crisis point and the worst thing we could do now is to settle for a short term funding solution that will put us back in the same situation five or ten years from now.”

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, or CMAP, represents 285 communities in seven counties.

In the mayors’ proposed 20-to-30-cents per gallon increase, every five cents would provide an estimated $250 million in revenue statewide, including $20 million for Chicago. The money could be used to pay for road, bridge or rail improvements.

“If you take the lower range, the 20 cents, and since we haven’t raised it since 1990, that would be just about equal to what inflation was since 1990, that’s just catching up to where we were,” Emanuel said.

Chicago drivers are already paying one of the highest motor fuel taxes in the country, 49 cents a gallon, plus another 10.5 percent sales tax on top of that. The thought of raising it even further seemed jarring to some.

“Yikes. That’s pretty steep,” said Linda Sandoval, driver.

“There’s got to be a better way to find that money. They do need repair, but there’s got to be other means to get that money besides from a gas tax,” said driver John Heider. “It seems like we’re being penalized to get to and from work.”

The Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association said the proposed tax hike would be disastrous to retailers, especially those near state lines.

Wednesday Mayor Emanuel will roll out another plan to deal with the city’s pension problems. A source confirmed he will call for the legalization of marijuana, and a Chicago casino with all the revenue going to pay for the city’s pensions.

He will also push for a constitutional amendment to eliminate the pension protection clause.


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Lou Minati
Lou Minati

Name me one country, state, county, or city that has taxed itself into prosperity. Take your time… I’ll wait….

Steven Broiles

Once again, Emmanuel demonstrates it’s not the average voter or motorist or citizen he represents. He represents his handlers, his funders, and his flippant and snarky attitude has been duly noted by both sides. Every so often a politician comes along one can detest for his punk attitude as well as his actions. Emmanuel fits that bill to a tee. (I just thank God he’s not stationed here in New York). (As an aside, as a rideshare driver, I pay for my own gasoline. This is the way it has always been, because we professional drivers are independent contractors. The… Read more »


Has RE gone to waste, or was he born there?


I’d tell Rahm where he can ram his gas tax.

LOL – But I don’t live in Shitcago.

I wonder what he will say to the gas station owners inside the city when people flock to the burbs to fill up their gas tanks?

Good thing they rely on their in-store sales to make money instead of what they sell at the pumps.

Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet

“He apparently hasn’t seen what is happening in France.”

I’ll disagree – I’m sure the Ballerina-in-Chief has.

Since he’s not running for re-election, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t have to pretend to care anymore. I doubt he’s sticking around this state beyond next spring.

Just the other day, I’ve seen gas at one of the most expensive stations in the city @ $3.39 for regular, and 30-35 miles away in the next county, regular went for $2.09/gallon.

Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet

Something else the Ballerina-in-Chief doesn’t care about, is that all of the hundreds of thousand of illegal aliens in Chicagoland, also have a big effect on wear-and-tear.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that goes to their free health care, comes from my pockets, which could be better spent on roads & bridges that badly need repairing.


I heard he is probably leaving Chicago too. Some who used to work with him in Democratic political circles said he used to swing the other way too. Before he got married. San Francisco? Just a little gossip…lol.

mossy bloke
mossy bloke

“Never let a crisis go to waste” How ’bout “letting a crisis, that never should have been, waste you” “Rauhng”Emanuel? In other words I won’t be surprised when the yellow jackets come swarming out to unseat your lying ass out of office. Yeah, yours is the same idea that got the yellow jackets started in France so stop running your lying mouth, do it and take advantage of the world-wide spreading crisis known as the yellow jacket movement or you prove, once again, you got no stones! Jackass!