Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

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Something Stinks in the Gulf of Mexico

(and it’s not the oil)
By Tom in NC
Who was it that said “Never let a crisis go to waste”?
Don’t remember? It was none other than Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff.
This explosion, fire and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf is raising the suspicion gauge in me more everyday. The timing of this, one day before Earth Day, smacks of environmental terrorism. But you may say why would environmentalists cause something so damaging to the environment? Just keep five words in mind: “The end justifies the means”. Now maybe the perpetrators of this disaster didn’t think it would lead to this, I don’t know, but does it matter, they will get what what they want in the end. Higher gas prices, an end to offshore drilling or make it so regulated and expensive that it would not be cost effective for the oil companies to pursue. They will have a whole new platform to scream about clean forms of energy, and again we will become slaves to Mideast oil and the prices they dictate. The MSM will happily show pictures of oil-covered birds and dead fish and they will bring in the environmental experts to push the green agenda. Now you might say why do I suspect sabotage on this oil rig. Well why else would Obama send SWAT teams to the other Gulf oil rigs if there was not criminal activity suspected.
The explosion occured on April 21, 2010 and the oil rig sank the next day on the 22nd. So what does Obama do as the worst environmental disaster in this nation’s history is enfolding in the Gulf of Mexico? He leaves for a mini vacation in North Carolina on the 23rd and does not return to Washington until the 25th. And now, eight days later, the feds are finally putting a concerted effort into trying to control the oil spill. If this had been Bush, he would have been crucified in the press and the MSM relentlessly for days, weeks and months without end. He would be called an environmental murderer, a menace to the environment, and Al Gore would turn purple with rage on the talk shows.
But Obama will get a pass from the MSM, as he always does. They’ll make excuses and the spinmeisters will be working overtime to cover his ass, and somehow they will find a way to blame Bush for this disaster. True to the words of Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder is sending lawyers down to Louisiana and other Gulf states to cash in on the misfortunes of the fishermen and others affected by the oil spill.
After all, they can’t let a serious disaster go to waste. 
British Petroleum spokesman Bill Salvin said today, May 2, 2010, that the cause of the blast remains undetermined and “we’re not ruling anything out.”
There is also a rumor that the explosion was the work of North Korea. I am dubious because the origin of that claim is the EU Times, a new (since 2009) online news outlet that has made alarming but totally bogus claims, such as the one last year about Obama calling US troops home to be deployed in Washington, D.C. 
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0 responses to “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

  1. I just got home – 10 minutes ago – from Pensacola beach. Several of us were talking about this very thing as we overlooked the Gulf from a 6th floor condo balcony. As much news as I listen to and read, I have seen nothing about how this may have happened. One man I was with speculated it was eco-terrorism. It makes sense. The silence on this is noticeable. Nothing surprises me anymore in the land of Hopenchange. You are exactly right with your analysis. Had this been Bush, the “heads” would be melting-down and we would have the drama of a mini-series with this.

  2. thats their motto alright! This was the work of a left wing enviromentalist group and possibly Russia,or both, Obama knows damn good and well what happened.[for he was involved} they are so sick and twisted in so many ways] if you are not aware the Russians are drilling in the gulf,there was also a helicopter spotted flying at night.

  3. This is what I posted at NB earlier today on this subject:
    I believe Obama’s non-response to the oil spill was deliberate…and has two purposes:
    1) To maximize the damage to this nation’s economy, as this event will have a huge adverse impact on the region’s tourism and seafood industries. Many thousands will be losing their jobs.
    2) It provides Obama and the far-left with something they have always wanted: A huge spike in gas prices at the pump.
    Because Obama has used this as an excuse to halt all drilling in the Gulf, we are probably going to be seeing per-gallon prices well above $5 by mid-summer. This will cause even more economic damage.
    Obama must be ecstatic over getting what is essentially a two-fer, and a free one at that.
    As for us, we are getting the shaft, as per usual.
    I don’t expect drilling by America in the Gulf will allowed to resume, even if gas hits $6/gal. at the pumps. Obama will simply say it is to protect the environment and the regional economy, and the stoopid American sheeple will buy every word of it.
    Of course, Obama’s communist buddies will still be drilling in the region, practically sucking our own oil right out from under us.

  4. I believe that this admin knows exactly what happened (via Soros) and it was a calculated move to bring drilling to a halt. The Traitor’s only goal is to destroy America any way he can. Yeah I might be crazy but I DO NOT trust this Chicago thug occupying the WH. Any means to reach his agenda…

  5. I smelled a plot but so did Steve and Dave. While Obama doesn’t have the biggest brain in the pool he certainly has enough evil advisors telling him how to take advantage of a situation. Someone suggested he started all this–that’s believable. We don’t need foreign invaders coming here and destroying us we have one in the white house.

  6. Hell, lawyers are already descending upon the gulf coast area looking for people to convince to want to sue someone (for 30% of the judgment, of course). Damn straight Rahmbo’s probably chortling and going “Excellent!”

  7. I told family members on the day this thing sank that something was fishy, and they looked at me like I was crazy. The more days that pass, they are coming around to agree w/ me. This thing does STINK to high heaven!!

  8. I totally agree!
    Here comes more market manipulation with control about to come from the top down.
    We all remember what Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crises go to waste.”
    I believe we are headed for a serious depression in the high-tech energy market.
    I am worried about the expected knee-jerk reaction to impose more regulation that is certain to come following this accident and the sure-to-be long term impact this terrible accident will have on the entire energy sector. The ecological and economic impact will be huge and span many years to come.
    This will be way worse than the Exxon Valdez.
    More government regulation will make further “private” investment in high tech energy darn near impractical from a profit motive standpoint.
    Any further investment in building nuclear reactors will also be impacted by further tightening of regulations.
    I predict a government takeover “to save the entire industry” and “for national security reasons” since the current administration will once again – true to form – seize this “crises” as another opportunity to control an entire sector and then, be in a position to directly influence the world’s energy market and suck $s and jobs out from the US.
    Watch and see if I am right.
    Our only option left is to take back congress in 2010 and the WH in 2012!


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