Never Buy Anything From Lego Again




by NICK HALLETT  – February 17, 2014

UK theme park Legoland has been heavily criticised after allowing a hard-line Islamist cleric to hire out the park for a “Muslims Family Fun Day” on March 9th.

Haitham al-Haddad, who heads the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF), has previously endorsed gender segregation, stated that Jews are descended from “apes and pigs”, and affirmed his support that the death penalty for those who leave Islam.

musThe Daily Star reports that Haddad “is one of 25 Islamic clerics being scrutinised by the Home Office for spreading extremist ideology at British universities and mosques”. He is also thought to be one of the first clerics who could be subject to proposed Terror and Extremist Behaviour Orders (TEBOs), civil orders effectively silencing extremist preachers.

He has previously been banned from speaking at London School of Economics after concerns were raised by the university’s Jewish Society.

Dr Taj Hargey of Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford strongly criticised Legoland for allowing the event to go ahead:

“I would ask Legoland that if they are happy to let his group hire the park, then would they be happy to let the BNP and other extremist far-right groups hold their family fun day there? Both groups promote hatred and intolerance.”

Sharia-for-the-uk-signThere are concerns that far-right groups such as the English Defence League and Casuals United will hold protests outside Legoland on the day. Members of these groups are reported to have already sent the theme park abusive phone calls and messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of Haddad, Usama Hasan of the counter-extremism Quilliam Foundation, said:

“Like all extreme Islamists, he uses fascist ­language about non-Muslims. He refuses to sit at the same table as women and opposes men and women mixing in the workplace.”

A Legoland spokesman defended the park’s decision, saying, “We certainly do not discriminate in any way”.


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A Legoland spokesman defended the park’s decision, saying, “We certainly do not discriminate in any way”.

Now THAT is a truly remarkable statement! Perhaps for this person real discrimination is actual decapitation, instead of threatened….


Thank you Trail Dust for this amazing post. Lego must be absolutely desperate to rent their park to a group that maintains such hatred. Incredible!

Dr. Eowyn

Thank you, TD, for sounding the warning.


England, the UK, has been invaded for years, and MI5 and MI6 are not so incompetent as to not know that. I believe that it is acceptable to the royals for the NWO to be put in place by a Sharia NWO. You know, whatever it takes to rip up the Magna Charta. But what will the native Brits do when the pubs are shut down?


If a Legoland spokesman said they do not discriminate then they should know the truth that Muslim women are to stay seperate from men. They can not drive and can not go out without a male family member in public….they better learn the truth. I have Grandchildren and I will not be buying Legos ever again and I also will not go to Disney in Orland, Fl due to Muslim day and Gay Pride day. Nope. I also never go tho the movies because HollyWood is corrupt and I refuse to give them a dime.


England’s been overrun by those human cockroaches to their own ruin. I’d like to see Lego-Land make a clerical error and accidentally combine Mudslime day with gay pride day……That would be a show worth watching. I’d make some popcorn and kick back for the fireworks…LOL


TD, you have outdone yourself with the pic. Wow are you on to something.


Change the color of their faces , their clothing , and the words on the signs ; it would look like a Klan rally ! I wonder if the l.s.m. would be advertising that….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm