Nevada Sheriff Stands Tall Against The Feds & Feds Back Down

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0 responses to “Nevada Sheriff Stands Tall Against The Feds & Feds Back Down

  1. Way to go Sheriff Tony!
    I wish we had a lot more like him.

  2. Thankyou Sheriff! there are so many corrupt govt.officials at present it is not funny. (communism 101) With honorable people holding Sheriff’s positions,we will defeat them. Please,find out where your Sheriff stands. Very important. Obama’s cronies and the UN are trying to dissolve County Sheriff positions and create Unified Police forces. As was done in a town in Utah. If your Sheriff is not with the people,he or she needs to be replaced or exposed and replaced.

  3. As a former Nevada resident of 32 years, good for you Sheriff! However, why would the federal government officials desire to seize cattle that are privately owned? Bizarre, very bizarre!

  4. We the people (congress) has created the biggest bullies of all: The FEDS
    “NEVADA SHERIFF STANDS TALL AGAINST THE FEDS AND THE FEDS BACK DOWN “, the feds did not have jurisdiction, “. . . when any property within the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States is no longer utilized by that government for governmental purposes, and the title or any interest therein is conveyed to private interests, the jurisdiction of the federal government ceases and jurisdiction once again reverts to the State”.


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