Netflix raises rates as they see millions of new subscribers

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Why are people supporting Netflix? I’m guessing the “newbs” who sign up are either unaware of the CRAP Netflix supports or they just don’t care. I wonder if new subscribers are aware of the following:

Garbage: “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” underage orgy scene on Netflix
Netflix ‘Insatiable’ TV series mocks Christianity with young girls pleading for sex with Jesus and Holy Spirit
Netflix twists ‘Anne of Green Gables’ into a queer soirée with 5 LGBT characters
Demonic: Netflix airs ‘Salute to Abortion’; Presbyterian priest blesses PP abortion clinic
Netflix at it again: Now under fire for film critics say contains child pornography

I’ve never had Netflix and never will.

Those who wish to support them and their airing of lewd and bigoted shows, have at it. Serves you right to pay more for their service.

From SF Gate: This article, Netflix raised prices because you all are signing up like crazy, originally appeared on

If you want to blame anyone for Netflix raising prices, look to all the newbs who are signing up in droves.

The streaming video service reported that more people signed up in the last three months of 2018 than any other quarter ever, and it predicted even more new members in the first quarter of 2019. The company added 8.84 million new paid members, according to its end-of-year financial report Thursday. That’s better than the 7.6 million it’d predicted in October.

Netflix tends to end every year on an upswing, as people on holiday breaks spend extra time streaming and those who received new gadgets as gifts start setting them up by adding services like Netflix. But this time, Netflix had already issued a couple of particularly positive signals about how business was faring.

Last month, the company said Bird Box, its post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock, was watched by 45 million accounts in the first seven days it was available, the best viewership for one of its original movies yet. And Tuesday, Netflix announced price hikes. The prospect of a higher monthly bill wasn’t welcome news for consumers, but investors reacted with glee, and analysts interpreted it as Netflix flexing its muscles in the middle of a hot streak.

Netflix doubled down on viewership disclosures Thursday. Bird Box has now been watched by more than 80 million member households in four weeks, the company said, adding that the movie was getting “high repeat viewing.” Looking ahead, Netflix expects You — a thriller series about a bookish stalker, which struggled to find an audience when it aired on Lifetime — to surpass 40 million households in its first four weeks, and it predicts Sex Education, a British series that Netflix is distributing globally, to reach more than 40 million in the first four weeks too.

The eternal caveat about Netflix numbers like these? They’re not independently verified. Nielsen offers some ratings for Netflix programs, which it figures with its own system of measurement that leaves out any viewing on mobile devices and doesn’t count people watching outside the US. Nielsen’s initial Bird Box numbers supported the general case that the movie was widely popular, though.

And Netflix’s definition of a view carries different meaning for a movie versus a show. Netflix counts a movie as viewed once an account watches 70 percent of the total runtime, including credits. But for shows, Netflix credits the title with a view if an account gets through 70 percent of the total runtime of a single episode.

Read the whole story here.


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17 responses to “Netflix raises rates as they see millions of new subscribers

  1. “The company added 8.84 million new paid members…better than the 7.6 million it’d predicted”


  2. I knew this because I received my bill. I don’t boycott them because I find them to have very interesting documentaries as well as ongoing episodes of things like The Black List, Navy SEALS, Ozark, If you have a better suggestion please advise, I’ll cancel my subscription and go with your suggestion.
    Love your site, this time I believe your advise is ill advised. J.C.

    • I don’t believe I offered advice. Rather I questioned why people could support a media outlet that offers up lewd & bigoted shows (in my opinion.)

      It seems like you can’t get around progressive agendas no matter the media outlet you choose.

  3. I’m not sure the increase in viewership is all about content;I suspect a lot of people switch to Netflix because Cable and Satellite TV is getting so expensive and THEIR content is filled with reruns and programming nobody wants but are forced to subscribe to in order to get one channel they like. I have a link to Netflix on my computer,given to me by a friend over a year ago,but I’ve never used it-there’s nothing there that interests me.

  4. truckjunkie–your comment rings true. And using ROKU, I watched Netflix until obamas joined the programming staff and I cancelled.
    I now watch ROKU channel free, Hulu w. monthly subscription, and Prime because it comes w. free shipping Prime membership.

  5. This whole thing is a lesson in over-reach. When I was in college we had essentially three TV stations, one or two commercials mid show, and maybe three between shows. They were just starting to discuss “pay TV” and most people didn’t like the idea.

    The selling point was that there would be no commercials. You would pay a small fee, the programming would be “better” and there would be no commercials.

    Fast forward to today. Now we have hundreds of crappy channels with junk on them and we pay BIG BUCKS for service. There are scads of commercials, many more than there used to be.

    Now this! People are joining these because the “normal” programming that they pay huge for is no good. So now they pay even more to get what they think will be good entertainment.

    Now they are throwing in political propaganda so that people are actually PAYING to be brainwashed. How weird is that?

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      “The selling point was that there would be no commercials. You would pay a small fee, the programming would be “better” and there would be no commercials.”

      EXACTLY. what ever happened to that selling point? I *hate* insipid ads…

      What they offer now is over-priced access to stuff I wouldn’t watch if it were free, and sports programming that WAS free just a few years ago, but now is inaccessible unless you have cable or a streaming service (or know where to find it on the web). And 2-hour games take 4 hours due to all the ad breaks.

      And that’s how they can offer athletes $TENS of MILLIONS per year contracts these days… they get huge cable and endorsement contracts and I’m left not being able to see key and even final national championship games in college football and basketball (I know, but I’m used to them every year).

      But I’m finally to the point I feel confident about kicking cable to the curb, and rely mostly on limited OTA network TV, a bit on the web via sites I doubt are legit, and FireStick and Roku (both rarely)… and the free stuff on my smart TV (dumb people and animal shows, as well as several fight channels on PlutoTV — I know, but I like fighting). Tubi is OK for shows and movies, as is XUMO (all of these are free TV and tablet apps). PlutoTv picked up RT News again, but it seems different from before (watered down), as well as NewsMax, which can be entertaining.

      I’ll likely keep cable just for CSpan, EWTN, and TBN in case the feeds for each I’ve found on the web get taken down (can’t get CSpan at all legally w/o cable subscription). They’re my main go-to news sources. EWTN and TBN are not available over the air here, but are legally available on the web… TBN *had* 5 sub-channels available OTA but sold the bandwidth to the 5G folks last year.

  6. Better suggestion? Books.

    No, seriously, since we got rid of TV years back and don’t go to movies, I find the laptop and books are all I need. I’m at the point where I cannot handle watching more than a minute of video….it bores me and interferes with the way my own imagination creates visions in my mind when I read.

    Read the opposite online the other day..columnist saying he sat down to read a book and couldn’t concentrate…had “forgotten how” (like I’ve forgotten how to watch video) He wrote “So I closed the book and opened up Netflix.”

    Seems a lot of us could just “sigh” when we read a column like that.

  7. We can credit the law of supply and demand for the price hike. But Netflix has, it seems to me, picking up where the Frankfurt School left off: It is outright cultural deconstruction. It may not be overtly Marxist—yet, but it appeals, it seems, to Millenials who seem to be pretty much morally (or at least sensibly) bankrupt.

    And I am all in favor of realism. I have not subscribed to Netflix for years and I don’t miss it. Yet teenagers in an orgy? I’m afraid, Yes, it happens. Problem: I’m confident Netflix gave a tacit nod and a wink to such goings-on, in one way or another, realism be damned!

    Our culture is effectively gone. I feel like we are living in a T.S. Eliot poem, and “The Wasteland” is not the only one that comes to mind.

  8. Netflix was great when I could watch old shows. Now it’s all just Netflix “originals” (whatever that means) that are ALL only one season long. You can’t get involved in anything because they just stop. No resolution to the stories…just create 100 new shows a week and see what sticks. It sucks.

  9. Why support Netflix, there are many shows to watch on regular cable that are not fake news and when I don’t want to watch I turn the tv off not losing any money.

  10. Kulak the Deplorable

    Paying for Sobama’s stale Marxist agitprop won’t be cheap comrade.
    Everybody will have to chip in a little extra for the good of the collective.

    • Correct Kulak, If everyone stopped Netflix then brother Soros would not have money to pay for his tribal members vacations.

      “US” jews are arrested in Ukraine for vandalizing statue of Jesus Christ

      “The group of Brastlav Hasidim was caught on security camera footage walking through thick snow toward a sculpture of Jesus nailed to a cross, severing the statue’s arm and leg and knocking it to the ground before fleeing.

      “This time they are tourists from the United States,” Tobol said. “They aren’t from the community, or else we would disassociate ourselves from them. Uman has long become a place where you can’t control who comes and leaves.”

      “…a Jewish (((businessman))) named David Rappaport was attempting to secure the release of the rest.”

  11. Lophatt-
    I find the same brainwashing coming through on paid subscription radio, Sirius XM. I had to cancel. I couldn’t take it anymore.

    • Yeah, I noticed that the other day. It made me sick. I was listening to “Deep Tracks” and the DJ was spewing nonsense. I almost called them or thought about sending them an email. I don’t want to listen to that crap.

      I haven’t cancelled yet because I’m only paying for the music. I AM going to complain about the editorializing. It only happens on one of my shows.

  12. CogitoErgoSumantra

    This just in —
    Netflix stock price dropped $14 per share each of the past two trading days since giving notice of their raising rates.


    I’ll stick to antenna, basic cable (EWTN, CSpan, TBN), and IPTV over the web and via FireStick and Roku (though both rarely). PlutoTV, Tubi, and Xumo (all free) on my tv & tablet are pretty much all I care to watch, and of those, it’s mostly just Pluto (funny videos, occasional movie, news, & fight channels).

  13. Why give money to support one of the tools the devil uses to destroy young lives with the garbage it spews.


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