Neocon Movement Jewish Plot to Destroy Islam

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In my over forty-eight years of circling the sun on this rock, I was pretty confident I had heard just about every kooky Jewish conspiracy theory in existence.
As far back as I can remember, I have heard how the Jews had taken over this and that, and were scheming to take over everything else – all in an effort to ultimately dominate the entire planet.
That would be a pretty tall order for a group of people that make up the smallest minority on Earth.
I guess it is just human nature on the part of many to blame this tiny minority for all the world’s ills, as it has been going on since the earliest beginnings of recorded history.
Now someone has come up with what has to be the Mother of all Jewish conspiracy theories:
Via (highlights are mine):

U.S.-Based Political Scientist Muhammad Waqi’ullah: The Neocon Movement, Established by Jews, Plans to Destroy the Islamic World by Brute Force and through “Harmless” Films like Superman, Tom and Jerry

Following are excerpts from an interview with Muhammad Waqi’ullah, a US-based Sudanese professor of political science, which aired on Al-Majd TV on June 4, 2012. Waqi’ullah received his Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi, and worked for the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America in Fairfax, Virginia.
Muhammad Waqi’ullah: The neocon movement was established at US universities, especially at the University of Chicago. It was established by a group of Jewish professors, who fled Nazism. They wanted to fortify Western civilization against the leftist, secular, Nazi, and Fascist invasion.
Ultimately, they wanted to protect the Israelites, or the Jews, from annihilation by Western civilization. They infiltrated Western ideology, and specifically, American ideology, until the circumstances, under Bush Jr., enabled them to gain control over the country’s centers of power and to implement their ideas.
This led to the invasions with which they destroyed Islam and the Islamic world.
The neocons developed a very dangerous theory concerning the Islamic world. They taught it in the most important university – the National Defense University, in Maryland [sic].
Interviewer: What is this theory?
Muhammad Waqi’ullah: The destruction of the entire Islamic world.
Interviewer: Destruction?!
Muhammad Waqi’ullah: Yes, the destruction of the entire Islamic world by brute force. The US Department of Defense denounced this seminar, and issued a communiqué condemning it.
Interviewer: They based it on the theory of the clash [of civilizations].
Muhammad Waqi’ullah: Yes. But the [neocons] are now defeated. The liberal movement is the dominant one today. The liberal, pseudo-leftist movement is now dominant, under the leadership of that American… Obama.
Interviewer: Can soft power be exploited to embellish the use of hard power? The neocons reject soft power, but surely some people use it to embellish hard power.
Muhammad Waqi’ullah: This is extremely widespread in the American media, as well as in school curricula, and in the prevalent popular culture. The theory of hard power is based upon the principle of the rule of the strong, and the weakening and annihilation of the weak. The weak has no right to live. Only the strongest and the fittest are allowed to survive.
This theory emanates from biology. Darwin observed that the weak is always annihilated. It cannot cope with the climatic or environmental conditions, and it becomes extinct. He said that the same goes for human beings. A weak human, a weak civilization, a weak country, or a weak culture must be vanquished, in order to make way for the white race, for the strong, for “superman.” This is the “End of History” theory, established by Francis Fukayama – as you surely know better than others. The white man will seal history and rule supreme, and all other civilizations must be vanquished at the end of history.
The Muslim fights for the sake of good, while the infidel fights for the sake of evil. It is a war of values, not of material interests or personal or national ambitions. It is a war of civilizations, a war of values. Islamic civilization defends the good.
Some films look the epitome of innocent, purity, and reliability. They look like nice harmless films, like the Superman movies or Tom and Jerry. People don’t sense the danger of these films, but these films instill Western philosophy, the theory of Thomas Hobbes [sic], which we discussed.
Interviewer: The survival of the fittest…
Muhammad Waqi’ullah: Exactly. The strong should survive, whereas the weak should be ridiculed, exterminated, and wiped out of existence.
-End of excerpt
Personally, I think the professor has been hitting his hashish-filled water pipe a little hard.
The scary thing is that we in America actually allow garbage like this to be taught in our institutions of “higher learning.”
(h/t: My bestest NB bud Blonde)

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0 responses to “Neocon Movement Jewish Plot to Destroy Islam

  1. This guy is a complete nutcake!!!!! If anyone fights for “evil” it’s the Islamist who seeks to destroy everyone else. How can anyone take him seriously? Oh! I forgot, most Islamics and a great many so called libs are inbred brain damaged kooks.

    • ad hominem attacks, the calling card of a shill. Sure, he “sounds crazy” but he does make a valid point.

      • The only valid point perfesser Waqi’ullah has is the one on his head.
        This is the sort of BolShoi garbage that touches off world wars.
        Just ask Adolf Hitler.

      • And what this goober is saying the Jews are trying to do (which is utterly nonsensical on its face) is the exact thing the Islamists are doing all over the world.

  2. what do you mean, “garbage”? He’s on the ball. I am suspicious of those who call someone with a good point “crazy” and “conspiracy theorist”. Very suspicious. Have you read the history of the Superman comic? and by the way- Islam is a satanic religion- in fact, any that deny Christ as the messiah are, by definition. But, how can you deny the extermination of muslims going on RIGHT NOW? You DO know there’s a war on, right?

  3. Ah Islam, the religion of peace. Thusly:
    “Muhammad Waqi’ullah: Exactly. The strong should survive, whereas the weak should be ridiculed, exterminated, and wiped out of existence.”
    I knew this piece was right up your alley, Dave.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    The Bible sums up the character of Ishmael, their esteemed progenitor who passed on the “wild donkey” gene to his descendents
    Genesis 16:12 New American Standard Bible (©1995)
    “He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers.”

  5. This Muslim agent of Saudi Arabia is a joke. Every American today knows quite well the muslims are not in favor of the good of mankind but only in their own self conquest of the world, absolutely the same selfish satanic decievers as the rest of the super rich decievers. He will rot in hell for being a deciever of men.

  6. It would actually benefit the world and all of mankind if the Jews did actually wipe out all of the religion of Islam.

  7. Superman is bad enough, but the cartoon cat-and-mouse Tom and Jerry? Prof Waqi’ullah is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

  8. This guy is nothing but an ass felafel.

  9. LOL, SSDC (same s***, different century).
    Loved your “foreward” bumper stickers….I posted them on MOTUS, with a response of great hilarity!

  10. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  11. If the muzzies are so concerned with the “Jewish plot” to destroy Islime, how ’bout we make it a little clearer for them…expand it to those the plot to destroy Islime SHOULD include. Let’s include the Christians, and the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Shinto-ists. Let’s not forget the secularists, and the Rastafarians, and the Pastafarians……let’s include the Hellenist reconstructionists, Sun-worshipers and the Odinists, the Druids….those who worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the little teapot that orbits the solar system between the rings of Saturn. Even a card carrying, inverted pentagram wearing, Anton LaVey supporting Satanist is less destructive, less deceiving and ultimately less evil than that filthy socio-political disease masquerading as a religion. Even my enemies are my friends if they side with me against that vile, hateful, de-humanizing, misogynist, arrogant, murdering & perverse meme that infects more than 1/7 of the planets populace. Whew….hope I wasn’t too easy on them.


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