Neil Cavuto Epically Dismantles Democrat on Fox

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Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer picked the wrong day to try talking points on Neil Cavuto’s show.

While discussing the union protests in Wisconsin and Ohio, Schweitzer took it upon himself to reveal just how utterly disconnected politicians have become from the private sector. When Neil nailed his hide to the wall, he backtracked like crazy.
Below is a partial transcript of the segment with commentary (emphasis mine, click on photo for video link):

CAVUTO: What do you make, Governor, of a lot of your Republican counterparts, many of whom just got elected and just got sworn in and are leading this budget cutting charge across the country?

SCHWEITZER: I think it’s great to cut budgets. I’ve cut everything you could possibly cut in Montana, I’ve cut. And that’s why we have money in the bank. But I guess my concern is, if you consider a governor a CEO, like a CEO of a corporation, and we are. We have between 10,000 and 500,000 people working for us depending on what state we’re in. Can you imagine a new CEO at IBM or General Electric or Boeing, a few days after they’ve been selected as the CEO, announcing to the world that all of the people that work here are overpaid and underworked, and we’re going to decrease their salary and decrease their benefits. What would be the morale?

CAVUTO: Yeah I can, actually, many of them have done just that. They’ve cut pay, they cut positions, a lot of them do just that.

You’ll never guess what happens next…

SCHWEITZER: You do that, I’ve done that. But what you do is, you say look, we’re in this together. In order for us to be successful globally, we’re all going to have to do this together. But you don’t point fingers at your workers and say listen, you’re not doing your job. Well yeah they are doing their job.

CAVUTO: You can say you have too many workers, right? You can say you have a lot of overpaid workers.

SCHWEITZER: Absolutely.

Watching the whole video is worth it to hear just how clueless this guy really is. I almost choked on my drink when I watched this happen live.
Memo to Democrats: when looking to pull the wool over Cavuto’s eyes, send someone a little bit smarter than Brian Schweitzer.

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