Neighbors block new home for injured double-Bronze Star Afghanistan veteran because ‘it won’t look right’ next to their properties

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DailyMail: He may have served two tours in Afghanistan protecting the freedom of his nation, but double-Bronze Star veteran David Wood has returned home only to battle ungrateful NIMBYS.

Gifted a charitable home through the efforts of his local congressman, Aaron Schock, for his wartime efforts, Wood, who has lost the hearing in one ear was told that the property plans for his family’s house were opposed by his potential  neighbors.

Indeed, an unidentified cabal of neighbors in the Peoria suburb of Morton, Illinois, has clubbed together to oppose his wooden home saying quite clearly, not in my backyard.

The father of three, all aged between eight-years and two-months is shocked, especially because the signatories of the petition have not come forward publicly. ‘We were taken aback,’ said 28-year-old Wood.  ‘At first, my wife and I were really hurt. We just felt they really don’t know us as a family.’

Wood, who still serves in the National Guard, currently works as full time as a warehouse manager and struggled to find a home for his wife, Julie and young family when he returned from his last tour.

In stepped their congressman, Aaron Schock, who set out to raise funds for the Wood’s to get their own home through the Habitat For Humanity charity.

‘Our motto has always been we will never  forget,’ said Schock. ‘This is a couple who made a sacrifice multiple times with  multiple tours of duty. They served very honorably for our country and they are in need of a home.’

Habitat for Humanity build homes across the world for those who cannot afford them and the charity found a vacant lot in  Morton and produced plans to construct a $130,000 home for the brave veteran.

The plan was broken down so that Habitat for Humanity would provide $50,000 for the labor in building and the Wood’s will pay the other $80,000 spread over the next 20 years.

However, the anonymous petitioners don’t want the house to go up for the simple reason it is built of wood and not brick, like  all the other homes there.

Example brick house in the neighborhood.

Example brick house in the neighborhood.

Indeed, ‘someone’ from Peoria has allegedly been knocking on doors, drumming up support for the petition and phone calls  have been made to the local Habitat for Humanity office protesting the Wood’s new home.

This has held up construction beginning on the Wood’s home and in the meantime they are having to stay with relatives.

Matt Sommer was one resident willing to speak  to the Peoria Journal  Star. He has lived in the upmarket neighborhood for four years and said that an older lady, who he estimated to be in her 70s, knocked on his door with the petition.

He claims not to have seen the wording, but saw around 10 signatures. ‘Do you realize,’ she asked, ‘that it’s going to made of wood, not brick?’

Sommer claims that he quizzed the lady on whether she knew that the home was intended for a veteran, to which she replied, yes, but that was not the point.

One caller backing the petition said that there was a ‘covenant’ in the neighborhood, requiring all homes to be built of  brick. However, an investigation by Phil Luciano of  the Peoria Journal Star found no such legal agreement in any local or county records.

If there is no such covenant, then why the delay? Heaven forbid a wood house be built in their neighborhood! Shame on these neighbors.


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0 responses to “Neighbors block new home for injured double-Bronze Star Afghanistan veteran because ‘it won’t look right’ next to their properties

  1. I was born and raised in Chicago in 1943, and lived the last 2.5 years in what was then the new suburb of Skokie. I often travelled w/my dad in his work as a plumber, so I know where Morton Grove is and I recall all the housing in the area of Cook County, as I’ve had a life-long love of architecture.

    Yes, red brick finish-surface housing is very typical throughout the region, and has its charms. But house styles alone do NOT make a neighbourhood or community: human nature interacting through the local culture creates community. From what I recall as a post WW2 child, vets would have been gladly welcomed into the neighbourhood back then. Has the sixty-eight years since allowed the current generation to forget the very real sacrifices people made AS A COMMUNITY, so now their hearts are hardened, their ears are stopped, and they are blind to reality.

    Well how long would they be able to stay in their red brick houses w/o those vets? How long? Truly a very disturbing display of selfishness and hard-hearted non-concern.

  2. I think he might be better off finding a lot with better neighbors. Usually a home built by Habitat is located on a lot that was purchased because it was economically correct for the project, unless it was a donated lot. It is interesting how they view their older brick homes. May the termites eat the insides out for their callous attitude. If they have so much money in their upscale neighborhood they could donate to the Habitat to provide a brick design for the person that fought for their freedom. Bad neighbors are a bad deal. Many people believe that deed restrictions or covenants exist because someone told them they did. When in fact no such legal restrictions exist. At the era those homes were built deed restrictions and covenants were limited. Habitat purchased that lot more than likely because it was less expensive than others in the area.

  3. Shame on these neighbors, ungrateful bunch. Thank God all of our Vets, we should do so much more for each and every one of them. Thank you David Wood for your service and sacrifice to preserve the freedoms of this great country, even the right of these ungrateful bunch of neighbors to act like fools.

  4. I am a builder ,and have built many houses in sub divisions that have restrictive covenants…these covenants exist to promote uniformity and maintain property values…( you would not want someone building a cinder block house next your$ 250000-brick home)…When you purchase property you should carefully examine the covenants that exist, to see if its something you can live with.These covenants are binding agreements and the other property owners have the right to expect the rules be followed…There are always options for lots in areas with less or no restrictive covenants..I am not sure if this is the case, in this particular dispute, as I have not read anything about covenants ( but I suspect it is)..When you buy property to build careful.

    • As for this veteran..he should get a lawyer to read the agreements..if no problems exist..start building.

    • Per the article above: One caller backing the petition said that there was a ‘covenant’ in the neighborhood, requiring all homes to be built of brick. However, an investigation by Phil Luciano of the Peoria Journal Star found no such legal agreement in any local or county records.

    • Dave, I understand the need and reasoning for Deed restrictions.
      It says the dude checked ” local or county records.”

      Needs to check the HOA restrictions.
      “Home Owners Association” Restrictions.

  5. As Rudyard Kipling wrote in “Tommy”:

    O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”;
    But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the band begins to play,
    The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
    O it’s “Thank you, Mr. Atkins,” when the band begins to play.

  6. I am heart sick over his treatment. These people shame me.

    • You feel pain because your heart is blessed w/compassion, your eyes are open, and your ears hear. You are loved, and give love, and we all thank you for it. You have NOTHING to feel shame over, but they most certainly do!

  7. These people dwell below the belly of a snake. To do this dishoner to a decorated veteran shows just what kind of snob trash they are. The picture of the brick homes remind me of the row houses the mills use to build for their workers. All the same. People without morals are not worth living by.

  8. Disgusting! He should go elsewhere, they would be HORRIBLE neighbors anyway!

  9. Unbelievable! Those jerks should be thanking God to have such a neighbor. WTF is this world coming to! I don’t often feel outrage, that went out the door long ago because of such idiocy going on in the world, but this has wakened that part of my heart with a vengeance. Wow – gotta go before I get really MAD. A huge thanks to David Wood from those of us who do appreciate his sacrifices. Now he has to deal with this?? God bless you, Mr. Wood!

  10. Thank you DCG for this significant post. What happened here might be a blessing in disguise, given that he would be living in a neighborhood with warped and upside-down priorities. I hope he finds another neighborhood with true neighbors, – people who are considerate and respectful of one another.

  11. That disgusting old bag that started the petition and all the rest of the parasites that signed it need to go into a war zone to see how it feels. I’m amazed and disgusted at their level of ungratefulness and selfishness. They make me sick. I hope this Veteran gets his house completed ….with WOOD!!!

    • I’m with you, Marie, and as a carpenter-contractor if I were anywhere near him I’d gladly donate my time and help. I hope other like-minded people do.


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