Neglected Ducks Get Their First Swim.

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Now this is something that will bring a smile….  These ducks were rescued from a hoarder’s home; they had never seen a water pond,  😆

~Steve~                           H/T     hujonwi

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0 responses to “Neglected Ducks Get Their First Swim.

  1. Funny.

  2. We should all strive to be the one God created us to be. (:

  3. This is wonderful!!!!

  4. this deserves a GOODY GOODY clap!!!

  5. I’m glad you guy’s/ Ladies enjoyed. Have to thank hujonwi.
    I liked it myself. Awwww.

  6. After watching the video , the first ducks being steered to the water were probably saying to themselves : ” W.T.D. are they trying to do to us “?

  7. 🙂

  8. On a serious note…this video is a reminder of how abuse affects us and keep us from being who God created us to be.

  9. Ell…you are right; but they did find their way! Sometimes there needs to be an intervention to help those who can’t seem to help themselves.


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