Need A Job? Just Email Al-Qaeda

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Al-Qaeda advertising for suicide bombers on internet

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has begun posting Internet advertisements offering training for suicide bombers to target the US, Israel and France.

Updated: 15:19, Thursday, 7 June 2012
The advertisements ask for volunteers to get in touch via e-mail with details about their own experience and proposed targets, and were posted on a variety of jihadist forums, including Al-Fidaa, Shmoukh al-Islam and Honein.
Al-Qaeda and its regional offshoots often use jihadist Internet forums to post statements claiming responsibility for attacks, and to communicate with followers.
“The aim of this training is to continue with our brothers who are seeking to carry out operations that make for great killing and slaughtering of the enemies of Islam,” said the advertisement attributed to Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
“It is clear now that the individual jihad, or what is called the lone wolf, has become more widespread and its features have started showing — in summary, it is a complete jihadist operation to be carried out by a single bomber.”
It said the targets of the attacks were “those who are fighting the Muslims and Islam” and specifically pointed to “economic, military and media interests of the enemy.”
“Their identity must be, according to priority, American, Israeli, French and British.”
It would definitely put a dent in the unemployment numbers.

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0 responses to “Need A Job? Just Email Al-Qaeda

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    I would like to go to France on their dime.

  2. Hope they get plenty of fools to sign up and commit jihad accidents.

  3. Oh, the irony of these West- and modernity-hating jihadist Muslims using a West-invented technology like the Internet to do their recruiting….

  4. I’ll have to check that out next time I log on to “Schmuck al Islam”. No resume required, I presume.

  5. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  6. Occupy Wall Street must be salivating…

  7. If the terrorist stop wasting time fighting the war on the front line and just put insurgences around 1406 lekeona St kailua hi just listen to the coked up Meth heads Obama famous actors street thugs but believe me if I had a gun they would be wipe clean from the earth just look up Shaun nakamura they wont be far behind there also at my other house 2550 date St Honolulu if you don’t want to have A www3 that destroys 90% of the population take care of the illuminatis before they

  8. This story has only just been discovered by NewsMax and Gateway Pundit:
    Our Dave posted it more than TWO months ago! You go, Dave! 😀

  9. Please don’t put me in the same category as people who torture and kill and murder hurt and drug addicts


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