Nearly Half of Americans Want Debt Limit Held, No One Wants to Buy It

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Fresh news out of Gallup shows that 47 percent of Americans want Congress to hold the debt limit where it is.
Meanwhile, the Treasury officially exhausted the limit with a bond auction this week. The part your friendly neighborhood newspaper didn’t tell you is that the final auction was an epic fail: bond dealers could only drum up enough buyers for 42 percent of it. That means some very nervous bond dealers are right now sitting on an extra $9 billion worth of unsellable Treasury bonds.
Now might be a good time for Congress to do something. Oops, sorry, the House doesn’t even have a hearing scheduled to meet with the Treasury, much less a vote on raising the limit. The Senate is not even in session today. President Obama is doing a town hall in Connecticut and then a DNC fundraiser in New York City.


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0 responses to “Nearly Half of Americans Want Debt Limit Held, No One Wants to Buy It

  1. Gee, I wonder if there’s a correlation between the number of Americans who don’t want our tax limit be hiked, and the number of American who actually still pay income taxes? Hmmm….

  2. Unlike the government shutdown over the budget which was politically risky, drawing the line on the debt ceiling is politically much more popular. Lets hope people dont get all weak in the knee when the time comes.


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