Nearly half of all Democrats want to ban hand guns

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The right of Americans to arm themselves is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
In 2008 in District of Columbia v. Heller, by a razor-thin margin of 5-4, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects the individual‘s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.
SCOTUS made clear that the Second Amendment is a safeguard against a tyrannical government via citizens owning arms to defend themselves. What those arms are depend on the circumstances, specifically, arms technology. In the 18th century, those arms were rifles. But in the 21st century, handguns and rifles are insufficient against the vastly superior armament of  the government. And so, in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court left open the possibility of the individual’s right to military-grade weapons as a means to defend ourselves against government tyranny.

See “Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that Second Amendment applies to individuals, not militias, and may include military weapons

A recent public opinion survey, however, shows that more than 4 of every 10 Democrats favor the banning of all handguns and, in so doing, stand against nothing other than the U.S. Constitution itself.

Becket Adams reports for the Washington Examiner, March 2, 2018, that according to a just-released YouGov statistically-representative survey of 1,500 registered voters, conducted on February 25-27, with a margin of error of ±2.9%:

  • In response to the question, “Do you favor or oppose … [banning] the sale of all handguns, except those that are issued to law enforcement officers?”,  44% of self-identified Democrats said they would support such a ban, while 46% said they would oppose it. In contrast, 81% of Republican respondents said they oppose the ban.
  • 82% of Democrats favor banning semi-automatic firearms — 73% “strongly” and 9% “somewhat” favor — such as AR-15 rifles like the one alleged to be used on February 14 by Nikolas Cruz in M.S. Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In contrast, 53% of Republican respondents said they’d oppose such a ban.
  • 41% of Democrats favor a repeal of the Second Amendment, while 39% said they’d oppose it. In contrast, 60% of the broader population overwhelmingly oppose repealing the Second Amendment, while 21% support it.
  • The majority of both Democrats (86%) and Republicans (81%) support prohibiting people with a “history of mental illness” from owning firearms. Of course, what constitutes “mental illness” or a “history” of mental illness is left to the authorities to define.

Hillary Clinton on Democrat useful idiots
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37 responses to “Nearly half of all Democrats want to ban hand guns

  1. DemocRATs belong in a Communist Country, not in America which DemocRATs are trying to turn into a Communist Country.


  3. If you eliminate the second Amendment you may as well throw the entire Constitution away and let the fighting begin.

  4. SCOTUS can try and eliminate the 2nd Amendment. It will result the same way prohibition did, but with bloody results and an end for SCOTUS.

  5. Well, this might actually be good news. The conservative right owns the majority of the guns in this country, which means that when the loony liberals try to change the Constitution, they will get a big surprise. 😳

  6. I can make up statistics too! Do you know that 91% of Democrats support eating babies? Mmmmm, babies.

  7. this war against the right to bear arms is the only thing that keeps alive this demonic party.

  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Hillary Clinton, “Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” As told to Dick Morris in “Rewriting History,” 2005. Her thoughts, not mine.

  9. If you use enough emotion and tell the lie enough they will believe it and it seems the loony left has arrived to this point. Now when the time comes they will the first in line to be mowed down in one of their marches and blame it on the right to instigate the confiscation of all guns. The Civil and Spiritual War is coming please be ready. I thought that it would take much longer but the fact of all the sin in this country I think now sooner than later.

  10. then demorats should give up their guns….that would be interesting to watch…demorat vs demorat…libtards who have guns vs libtards who want to take them…who would win in the libtard gun grab?
    I think soros (and his shadow puppet obama, et al.) would win, just like the devil, he wants to sow animosity, contention, confusion, hatred, and division while pushing any mention of Jesus in to the background. he’s using the snowflake liberals’ moronic belief in “equality” and “safety” to justify his evil means.
    all of his foundations in usa should be shut down and assets frozen. it’s amazing that he owes so much money in back taxes yet he’s allowed to continue turning this country on its heels. it’s like he has a ‘do not touch’ order and is allowed to do whatever he wants. this male, along with his offspring, should be in prison.
    I did not notice any mention in the poll questions of holding law enforcement accountable to enforce laws we already have for gun safety…mostly all the questions regarding guns were about enacting more legislation.
    But, what’s the point of enacting more legislation when the legislation we already have is not being enforced?
    The only result is that more of our Constitutional rights will be eroded while law enforcement continues to be inept and held unaccountable.
    Our Constitutional rights will be blamed while govt continues to be inept.
    people are being brainwashed to blame the gun and not the govt agencies and police/sheriff stations that are supposed to enforce the established laws for gun safety. unfortunately, the common sense surrounding guns is not so “common” for future generations of voters who will demand their rights be taken away and not know (or care about) how to defend themselves. I see future generations of voters who fear guns instead of respecting them, who blame guns instead of the agencies that continually fail to do their jobs, who feel “safe” in gun free zones but have no understanding that they are sitting ducks until criminals shoot them and they become moving targets, and who liken their “rights” to the level of “privilege” and choose to be enslaved by the govt in the guise of “equality”. When they no longer have the “right” to protect themselves, they will turn to govt for protection and find the ‘protection’ was never there…they will serve their lives, safety, and security upon a silver platter to govt for it to do whatever it wants.
    I pray for these future generations of voters; I pray they see the Light.

  11. All they have to do is brainwash a generation of children and the 2nd Amendment will be gone. We are very close to that point now. When was the last time you saw a 5 year old with a toy gun and holster. When was the last time you saw kids playing cops and robbers or cowboys and indians?? Grandparents need to educate their grandchildren because their parents won’t do it.

    • Teenager Arrested at school for Sharing Photo of Toy Gun on Social Media That He Got for His Birthday (despite a sticker indicating it was a Toy Gun). Arrested, Searched, Suspended, Home Searched: Toy Gun.

    • Brainwashing the children is their endgame, and after confiscation laws are finally enacted, as they surely will be, school children will be ratting out their parents and the little victims left emotionally dead after their parents are dragged off by goons in police uniforms, as happened in Russia. The Fed’s don’t have to go door to door and never could, but they will shoot down entire families in cold blooded, Ruby Ridge-style executions as examples. Gun confiscation going on in Venezuela today has civilian compliance and not safety as its purpose, and it is coming here for the same reason, one way or the other. Relying on the Republican Party to ensure our 2A right is like expecting them, beyond the eyewash, to uphold family morality and secure our borders. They’re owned by their biggest donors who almost all turn out to be our mortal enemies.
      Not only will law abiding, conservative patriots who own guns not be forming effective militias to protect their families and neighborhoods, their confiscated guns will be turned over to and used against them by government sanctioned leftist militias. Jewish groups will in all likelihood be granted dispensation and be allowed to form heavily armed, kosher neighborhood militias called shomrim, as they already are today in Paris and London. In London they wear uniforms and patrol in their own police cars that most people mistake for official Metropolitan Police cars.

  12. Molon labe!

  13. It is sad to know that almost one half of half of the population wants to take your rights away. You don’t like guns, fine don’t own one. But that doesn’t give you the right to take guns away from people that do like owning them. Taking all hand guns away will do nothing to stem crime. Another weapon will be found. We all know guns are way down on the list of ways people die. This is about being able to have a way to eliminate those that oppose their little liberal agenda. After your guns, they will come for you.

  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Only half?….That mean there is still hope?
    I actually know a number of claimed conservatives who are avid gun owners and hunters who are perfectly fine with stricter laws, background checks, and carry permitting, indifferent to how low the bar is already to be barred from exercising one’s second amendment right. A bar nearly all have stepped over and just not been caught.

    • That’s true. That’s why I say not to equivocate with this. It has nothing to do with “crime” or “safety”.

    • I have no problems with permits and background checks, but it won’t end there. This is the path to full confiscation and nothing less. And the criminals will be the only ones armed except for those the took the guns in the first place. Next they come for us. Count on it.

      • I’m afraid I do have problems with those. They are not “required” by the Constitution and should not have be allowed. We do not need the Government’s permission to arm ourselves. We do not need to “pass scrutiny” to do so.
        All of those efforts were merely to establish some authority to ask. If the NRA was doing what they should they should have screamed bloody murder over it.
        Said a different way, they have NO RIGHT whatsoever to NOT let you buy and have a gun. In my book that includes felons as well. There are no distinctions.
        The problem isn’t the gun. If you use a gun to commit a crime you will be punished for it. Murder is illegal too but they happen every day.
        The purpose of the Second Amendment is to “level the playing field” with those who would rule you. A frightened government is a respectful government. They should constantly believe that, if they overstep their authority the public will take it away from them.
        In theory at least, they are supposed to be working for us, not the other way round.

        • On other boards when the 2A issue comes up, I’ve stated before that I have the right to own an aircraft carrier if I want to, ridiculous as it may sound, cause few people understand what leveling the playing field entails..
          The only problems I would have are financing the purchase, and where to berth the carrier.

      • Kevin J Lankford

        “Shall ‘NOT” Be Infringed”. What that means is; No One has the right or authority to pose any question, much less, restriction.

  15. Yes, but if you allow them to pick and choose what types of firearms are “covered”, you’re doomed. If you take the position that we do not need permission, you will refuse, categorically, to discuss it with them. That’s the absolute best approach.
    When they say “but surely you can’t mean….”. You say “what part of shall not be infringed don’t you understand?”.

  16. so if 90% of Americans wanted to bring back slavery that would be ok? no, you do not violate a person’s God given rights just because a majority want to do it.

    • What are you talking about? I never discussed “slavery” as a “right”, God-given or otherwise. It so happens that the Second Amendment specifically protects the God-given right to arm ourselves.

  17. the 4 “justices” who voted against the second amendment in heller are nothing more than political hacks and should be impeached.

    • I’m not sure what “Heller” is, but YES, they are political hacks that should be impeached (if four Justices voted against it).

  18. Well, I’m pretty sure 99% of REAL Americans want to ban democrats.

  19. Got it! I’ll watch for the little “b”.

    • Hogg needs a vacation. I hear the Philippines are “nice” this time of year. He could bathe in local waters and soak away his toxic masculinity.

  20. Wow. Good find, Stovepipe (nee Bob)!

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