Nearly every NYPD cop hates Mayor de Blasio

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Gee, I wonder why
Via NY Post: The vast majority of NYPD cops hate Mayor Bill de Blasio, according to a police union survey. An overwhelming 96 percent of the 6,000 cops polled have unfavorable opinions of Hizzoner, with 88 percent holding “very unfavorable” opinions of him, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association survey found.
Eight-five percent of cops gave City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito an unfavorable rating, and 96 percent are dissatisfied with the City Council in general.
Top cop Bill Bratton, however, received higher ratings, with 66 percent of cops approving of his performance, the survey says.
Ninety-seven percent of PBA members said they feel less safe on duty, and the same percentage of respondents said they felt less likely to take action now, fearing lawsuits or complaints.
“The brave men and women who risk their lives to protect New Yorkers should feel confident that their hard work is having a positive impact,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said Tuesday.
“Unfortunately, as this survey proves, the majority of our police officers do not feel supported by Mayor de Blasio’s administration or the city council, and believe their unfavorable public safety policies have New York City on the wrong track.”

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0 responses to “Nearly every NYPD cop hates Mayor de Blasio

  1. As a cop advocate may I suggest that every cop in NYC go on strike and not protect the Mayor or city council for a couple of days. Then maybe they will appreciate these courageous men and women who truly care about others.

  2. Here’s my two cents as to what’s going on.
    When I taught at a certain high school (that shall remain unnamed) in the City, the administration did everything they could to foster, create and maintain a hostile work environment. The principal was under orders to turn over staff. You know, for poor student performance.
    The job of teaching was unnecessarily political. Everyone hated each other. The administrators, safe in their positions, really had a ball doing it. And the teachers—and the students—were on the receiving end of it. (The principal knew a couple of teachers talked about killing him and he RELISHED it.)
    In other words, bureaucrats are SADISTS.
    I began to see the same thing emerge from Washington in the middle of Bush, Jr.’s eight years. Only the taxpayers and gun owners are on the receiving end. And it has gone into hyperdrive under Obama.
    The same thing is going on in the NYPD. And let us blame PBA President Pat Lynch while we’re at it: This politico cop had an EXCELLENT opportunity to rid New York of this execrable socialist cretin early in his term. The hatred of police for Kaiser Wilhelm was palpable and duly noted. But I imagine someone reminded Officer Lynch of his pension or something. PAT LYNCH CAVED.
    What—you expect Kaiser Wilhelm to lighten up? Anyone in his position would double down, the way that principal did.
    This is what you get from THE LEFT. Hatred is their specialty, their stock in trade. And as a cab driver and a motorist, I don’t like being on the receiving end of it, in the form of B.S. tickets. It’s called RACKETEERING, and it’s all courtesy of the Mayor!

  3. I can’t blame these Cops for their hatred-I hate him too,and I’m not even a Cop.As was mentioned in an earlier post,most of NY and most of California are afflicted with the same disease,brothers from a different mother,different accents but the same problems,issues,attitudes,and loss of common sense and freedom of choice,and the disease is carried term after term by electing and re-electing Liberals to office. I’m not saying that electing “Conservatives” would solve their problems,but the change would go a LONG way towards giving back the Peoples’ FREEDOM. (Barring a proliferation of RINO choices,which could be expected by those who don’t feel they’re able to give up their Government-provided everythings yet.)
    I believe Conservatives couldn’t POSSIBLY screw these States up anywhere near as bad as the Liberals already have.

  4. After listening to his stupid leadership, his vitriol, and the complete ignoring of Occupation Wall Street putting so many New Yorkers in dangers way, including unsafe health levels. I would have come to this decision a whole lot quicker.


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