Neal Boortz to Hang Up the Headphones

Yesterday, just after the 10:00 am news break, Neal announced to his listening audience that January 21, 2013, will be the last broadcast of the Neal Boortz Radio Show.
Neal has been a fixture on the Atlanta radio scene for the last 42 years. I can still remember listening to his show riding around  in a friend’s family car back when I was a kid.  Of course, I was not exactly politically aware in those days, but my friend’s dad would occasionally direct some pretty colorful language at the car radio, and we thought that was funny. I have been listening to Neal’s show ever since.
Have I always agreed with him? No. Has he ever infuriated me? Most definitely. But if I have learned anything from the man over the last three-plus decades it is to think critically, and not to believe anything I hear, see, or read until I have confirmed it through multiple sources.
Neal has often described himself as an equal opportunity offender, and he is the best there is when it comes to dealing with idiot callers – even better than Rush Limbaugh. If certain callers insist on crucifying themselves, Neal will patiently hand them the wood, the nails, and the hammer, then kick back and let them get on with it. It amazes me that to this day, people will still call in to his show armed with little more than liberal talking points. Those are usually the most entertaining ones to listen too, because Neal will show them no mercy whatsoever.
He has pulled more than a few stunts over the years, the funniest and most famous (infamous?) being the cat-chasing episode. Another that was right up there was an event known simply as dihydrogen monoxide, and I caught this one live while driving to a client’s job site one morning.
Neal mentioned on the air that the Atlanta Water System had been checked and found to be contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide, and set about relating the hazards associated with that “dangerous” chemical.
Now, anybody that has half a brain and has ever slept in the same room with a chemistry book knew Neal was referring to H2O. But there were people who did not “get it,” some of which were actually employees of the Atlanta Water System.
Neal was so convincing that even a local TV station began covering it. Finally, a spokes-mouth for the city’s water system told a reporter that there was no more dihydrogen monoxide in the system than what was allowed under the law.  I was laughing so hard I had to pull over because I literally could not see to drive.
Neal has also contributed to the American lexicon over the years by introducing terms like urban outdoorsman ( a homeless person residing in the city), Imperial Federal Government, nose-picking, booger-eating, bed-wetting liberal, eternal celestial dirt nap, DRT (Dead Right There), Tango Uniform, and my personal favorite, the dumbMasses.
He has written several books, including the FairTax Book, which he co-authored with now former Georgia congressman John Linder. I consider it the quintessential blueprint for what will probably be our last chance to restore our fading republic – if it can be implemented in time.
Neal understands, as do I, that America basically shot itself in the femoral artery in November of 2008, and if it makes the same mistake again this nation, as founded, will be finished for good.
Mornings just will not be the same without Neal’s unique blend of insight, irreverence, insensitivity, wit and attitude.
There is an upside, though, as Neal’s good friend Herman Cain has been tapped to replace him.

Neal will be filling in for absent hosts from time to time, as well as delivering rants from wherever he and his wife happen to be traveling, as his motor home is equipped with broadcast equipment. He will also be maintaining his blog.
It is not a little sad that we are losing a front-line, full-time soldier in what is quite literally a war for the future of our republic, but Neal Boortz has been on the front lines for over forty years, and I hope he makes the most of his well-deserved retirement.
It has been a great trip, Neal. Thanks for taking us along.

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7 years ago

Even I, a major cat lover, knew it was a hoax. People are so silly sometimes…
He’ll be missed. And good for Cain to get the job.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago

I’ve never heard his radio show, but he should be pleased with your lovely tribute, Dave.

7 years ago

Don’t get him in my area, but follow him on Twitter. He’ll sure be missed.