National Guard Troops Mobilized Across America

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I don’t know what this means, but thought I should alert readers to this.

Alert–Citizens report nationwide mobilization of National Guard

Anthony G. Martin – Conservative Examiner – May 24, 2010

Last week at least 2 anonymous sources reported to the Conservative Examiner that National Guard troops were on the move inside the country.  As the days have progressed more reports surfaced, and several bloggers wrote that troops have been spotted on the move in massive convoys in various parts of the nation. 
One source reported that U.N. ‘peacekeeping’ troops were part of the movement.
These reports that began as a small trickle of unconfirmed claims have now become a raging dam-burst as citizens in at least a dozen states have reported such unusual movements of troops.
Free Press International reported the following:

Eye witness reports from Georgia, Minnesota, Alabama, Kansas, and perhaps Texas suggest large scale mobilizations and deployment in progress for National Guard Units.
We were under the impression that National Guard in Georgia were being deployed to help evacuate Florida in the event of toxic fumes from the oil spill if the government decided to light the booms. However, we are seeing reports from multiple states throughout the country.

One citizen from Kansas stated the following:

From Kansas:
My old friend who’s in the army and just got back from Iraq and is not due to go to Afghanistan until August was just deployed too. He’s reserved in Kansas, so it’s definitely not the oil. I don’t know if everyone has been deployed, only him. I’m hoping it is something minor or just a coincidence, deployment from more than one state is DEFINITELY not a good sign.

And then this one from Texas::

I have lived in the Tomball, Texas area for about 33 years. I know what’s normal and what’s not. I also workout side and can tell you the type of helo by the sound. With that in mind.
Today I have seen wave after wave of Blackhawks pushing hard toward the east/southeast over Tomball. These things were nose-down and they were moving. VERY NOT normal. Just thought I’d FYI.

These could be training exercises or preparation for later deployment to Afghanistan.  However, even military families note that it is highly unusual to witness this type of massive mobilization of Guard troops all at once, in various parts of the country.
In addition, there is this report of a United Nations convoy spotted in Pennsylvania.
No official word has come from the U.S. Military or the Administration on these unusual mobilizations. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Here’s more from FreePressInternational:

The New York Air National Guard’s Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) is participating in a large scale North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command air defense exercise designed to train military members to respond to potential scenarios that could affect the Continental U.S. May 16-20.
EADS is performing its homeland defense mission of detecting, identifying, tracking and possibly scrambling aircraft. Although held in Georgia, members from the unit will control the exercise missions from Rome, N.Y.


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0 responses to “National Guard Troops Mobilized Across America

  1. Better start listening to Alex Jones and reading his daily news.
    I’m not surprised. Training for house-to-house confrontations. They want your guns. They want a docile population. And it’s time we start preparing for martial law. I am of the belief that under a false flag, maybe the oil leak, we are going to see it. Rumors are of 10s of millions being evacuated from the Gulf coast. This’ll be the line in the sand. Where will they send us?
    UN troops? Yeah. There are Russians stationed in secret in the Smokies. There are other troops in our national parks, all tucked away to help. No presidential election. He will be the dictator.

  2. I find this very frightening…would our own troops do this to our people, actually take our guns?
    I don’t want to be paranoid but I guess this is possible, after removing our right to blog and claiming a “national emergency” we’d be done. Who is behind concocting this scheme – Soros? Just who exactly is running this country?

  3. Uh… training? The Guard does that, you know.

    • I hope you’re right, Bob!
      Back in 2008, would ANY of us have imagined all the things that Obama has done since his inauguration? —
      * Would we have dreamt that our own govt, Homeland Security, would identify veterans (like you!), Christians, and conservatives as potential terrorists?
      * Would we have even thought that the president of the United States would call patriots — moms and grandmas — “teabaggers,” i.e., men who dip their testicles in another man’s mouth?
      * Would we ever have imagined that cabinet members would demonize a state for trying to enforce FEDERAL immigration laws but can’t be bothered to actually read the state’s new law?
      * Would we have even fantasized that America’s gross public debt will reach 97% of GDP next year and 110% by 2015?
      Given all these impossible things that actually came true, why not the deployment of National Guard troops for “some” as-yet-undivulged reason other than routine training?

      • One thing I forgot to mention in the “military coup” discussion applies here as well: for as formidable as the US Military is, it doesn’t function without appropriations, and it doesn’t move quickly en masse. To mobilize large numbers, requests must be made, plans drawn up, money appropriated, individuals and units notified, equipment readied and support efforts fortified. Even as a fleet unit that deployed every other June to December to the western Pacific, we still had workups for more than six months prior. Any movement of this kind would have had to been initiated many months ago.
        This also illustrates why the reaction to the oil spill -and Katrina, for that matter- was so slow in coming. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Dumbo on his leadership during this latest ecological disaster. The fact is, the slow governmental response is a nature of the beast, and it will only get slower as government gets bigger. Exactly the reason behind the Marine Corps being the smallest, yet most responsive fighting force. And exactly why the “government can solve all your problems” is just a ruse for “we are the masters, you are the slaves.”

  4. I must have had a senior moment! My comment about this post ended up under the one about Massachusetts and immigration. Do not know how this happened.

    • DW,
      Uh, I think I had something to do with that. I pulled a post I had put up early this morning on UN and Russian troops. Your comment was referring to that, but you couldn’t post it on that thread because I had pulled the post!
      I pulled it because I’ve seen the info on only one place: Intel Hub. If I have verification of the info, I’ll restore the post from twilight land. 😉

  5. There’s buzz about this on twitter as well…especially UN vehicles lining up in Florida. Call for truck drivers to start reporting suspicious vehicle movements…

  6. I concur Steve….either that or maybe mobilizing for assistance w/evacuation due to oil spill? I’m trying not to make too much of it…

  7. I wouldn’t try reading too much into this, remember wer’e in the beginning of spring, summer and each year the National Guard are on their training missions, this is nothing new.
    Now if you happen to witness them kicking in doors and arresting people, run like hell.

    • Thanks, newscruzer! That last sentence was both funny and wise. Made me laugh. Thanks. Today was a tough day & I needed that! 😀

  8. Listen to you half-wit redneck idiots – ” the guvment gonna done cum and git muh guns!” Yee haw.
    Look rednecks, no one gives a damn about your redneck trunk full of assault rifles. Let’s get that clear and straight. No one gives a damn. YOU aren’t that important.
    Secondly , why don’t you take all your guns, and sell them, and donate the money to the fishermen in the Gulf since well, you DO support republicans and oil companies right??

  9. Josh,let’s really think about what you just wrote ok? Do you really know what war is like? Do you have any family members that have fought past or present? Whose leg are you gonna hide behind when s*&% hits the fan?

  10. I think the existence of all of these vehicles and the public noticing the large influx of national guard units going here and there is at least, “noteworthy.” As Eowyn put it, given the incredible horrible things that have happened in this administration, it is not illogical to think about possibilities. Otherwise, you would be a fool, like old Josh.


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