Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan makes death threat

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Last Saturday night, April 14, 2012, American black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan was the keynote speaker at the Diversity Leadership Conference in LeMoyne-Owen College, a private, historically black, 4-year college in Memphis, TN.
Speaking to a crowd of about 1,400, Farrakhan issued a veiled threat that “people…are gonna kill their leaders” (0:47 mark):

I’ve transcribed what Farrakhan said in the video clip:
“Now if you want to lead black people, you can’t love money more than you love your people. You can’t love the big house, the big car, more than you love the advancement of your people because the enemy prints money every day that has no value. So there is no real leadership if it’s not rooted in moral character.
You want to be leaders, right? You’re sure? You’re sure?
You’d better check yourself ’cause leadership is nothing to play with. Because people tomorrow, maybe in a few days, are gonna kill their leaders who’ve been sellin’ them out.
That’s why we’re in the shape we’re in right now, because we have corrupt people or people who started out good but got corrupted.”
Ironically, as reported by Scott Carroll for The Commercial Appeal, Farrakhan had prefaced his keynote address by saying, “I didn’t come here today to stir up your emotions, I came to cause you to think.”
LeMoyne-Owen president Johnnie B. Watson said he was pleased to host Farrakhan, whom he called “an iconic figure.”
This is the same Louis Farrakhan who lives in a big house in Chicago, supported by Nation of Islam donors; who calls white people “blue-eyed devils”; who believes that salvation for black people will come in the form of a huge “mother wheel” UFO; and who praises Zimbabwe’s president-for-life dictator Robert Mugabe — the epitome of a corrupt leader — for his forced “redistribution” of white-owned land and property.
Although he had supported Barack Obama in 2008, Farrakhan is no longer a supporter because of Obama’s support for the 2011 military intervention in Libya, which Farrakhan strongly opposes due to his own support for Muammar al-Gaddafi. Farrakhan now calls Obama the “first Jewish president.”
Is Farrkhan’s death threat directed at Obama?

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0 responses to “Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan makes death threat

  1. Wonder if Holder will do anything about this? FBI?
    This guy is a piece of work…

  2. winstonsmith6079

    It wasn’t too long ago that Prince Holder declared “You hate [Obama and Holder] because we’re black!”
    NOW, Farrakhan, a BLACK MAN, himself hates Obama and Holder … look out your Majesty, your support base is CRUMBLING!

  3. Stand by, maybe they will destroy each other!
    Is Farrakhan also a memeber of the Men’s Country Club in Chicago? They’ll have to watch who they are in the steam room with!

  4. His AIDS will carry him out, and I’m NOT referring to his aides!

  5. Farrakhan, like the “reverend” Wright have sucked off their supporters for many many years. They both live in huge houses. Both are the epitome of why their black brothers shouldn’t trust them at all. Michelle is as bad as they are. I heard her speech in 2008, where she tells blacks not to aspire to the big houses, big cars, etc etc. This is the look who’s talking department. These people could be said to be out fo touch with their own. But oh! they are in touch all right. They know all the right words to say to the unwashed masses who ;hang on their every word and believe all the crap they spew. Shame on them all.

    • Those of us old enough to recall the “leaders” who preceded these know that bunch was every bit as corrupt. This is an old story and it goes back forever: whites are equally victimised by their so-called “leaders” as well. Greed knows no bounds, and like death and taxes, doesn’t discriminate by skin colour or appearance. Remember that Christ said the “lust for riches” was the primary problem; the riches were a secondary attribute! Just as w/guns, it’s all in how they are used, which depends on one’s ethics and morals.

  6. somebody signal the Mother Ship that we have
    a few that are ready to beam up

  7. katheen mary f.

    Nothing better happen to our leaders because farrachan has made too many threats. Where is our presidents security? This guy needs to get booed off of every stage he makes these threats on. He is the anti peace.


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