Narcissist alert: Chris Brown

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Chris Brown: Full of himself

Chris Brown: Full of himself

Narcissism: a generalized personality trait characterized by egotism, vanity, conceit, or selfishness.

Chris Brown: I feel like Jesus Christ on the Cross after fight with Frank  Ocean over a parking lot space

NY Daily News: Chris Brown is feeling crucified. One day after the violent R&B star was accused of landing a punch in a  fight with rival singer Frank Ocean, Brown posted an Instagram photo of Jesus on the cross with the caption, “The way I feel today.” “Focus on what matters!” he added.
Brown, 23, who remains under probation for beating up on-again, off-again  flame Rihanna in 2009, is under investigation for the fight over a parking space  at a recording studio in West Hollywood Sunday night, cops said.
Ocean, 25, spoke to cops after the melee and wants Brown prosecuted, said  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore.
Some Brown supporters rushed to his defense. “People, please make sure you’re perfect before you attempt to judge this  young man,” Jamie Shay, a fan, wrote on the Instagram page.

The way Chris brown feels...

The way Chris brown feels…

But another follower, John-Michael Bond, was less sympathetic. “I remember all the times Jesus hit women and started fights over parking spaces. Truly a fitting comparison,” he posted.
Brown was one of six men involved in the brawl at the Westlake Studio around  8 p.m., authorities said. According to the celebrity website TMZ, Brown became upset when Ocean  refused to shake his hand after the two verbally jousted over parking lot  protocol.
Ocean reportedly laughed at Brown’s gesture, and Brown “coldcocked” Ocean to  start the all-out brawl, an eyewitness told TMZ. “Got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. I only wish everest was there,”  Ocean later wrote on Twitter, referring to his Bernese Mountain Dog. Brown had left by the time cops arrived, but is willing to speak with  investigators, a law enforcement source told The News.
The two singers have been virtually feuding on and off for years. The quarrel started in 2011 when Brown described Ocean as a successor to at  least one R&B singer-songwriter who wrote for him in the past: James  Fauntleroy II. “I f— with Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin  (Cossom),” Brown tweeted.
Ocean took offense and responded by saying Brown reminded him of a young Ike Turner, the singer famous for beating his wife, Tina Turner. “I just dont like underhanded comments. thats all im saying,” tweeted Ocean,  a member of the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future. “F— odd future! Make sure y’all smalltime n—-s stick yo chess out when u  speak to me,” Brown shot back.
This Chris Brown is so full of himself. How dare he compare himself Jesus. Brown makes me ill!

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0 responses to “Narcissist alert: Chris Brown

  1. Chris Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna are far worse than narcissists…they are evil. And our teenagers continue to bop along to their music…Besides the obvious problem of Rihanna dating him again after he nearly killed her, the symbolism in their videos is blatantly satanic. Like, not even subtle in the least… I am continually shocked at how horrible these people are as role models and how mindlessly parents just give their kids access to pop culture. I pray for them, but have turned my radio off permanently. Sorry to be a bit off topic, but I believe as much as possible we need to identify evil when we see it!

    • Katy,
      You are not at all off topic. You are right and precisely on topic! These pop culture icons are satanic. But too many are blind, though they have eyes, and deaf, though they have ears.

    • I’m not trying to argue, as I think this whole story is sickening, but can somebody explain why their MUSIC is Satanic?

      • Hi, Julia… If you are so inclined, there are plenty of youtube documentaries that touch on this topic. “They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll” has a series on various artists. Vigilant Christian on youtube has some good videos too… also has good articles. Before you research though, be sure to have on your full armor of God because what you will see is really evil. Anyway, as an example, in Rihanna’s song “umbrella” she is dancing in a pentagram. If you don’t know the symbology they use, this could escape you, but make no mistake, that is evil. Lady Gaga is another one; she wears goats heads from time to time, also a powerful satanic symbol. Nikki Minaj readily admits to possession by a boy. Again, creepy stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg; you would be shocked at how many artists talk about selling their souls in interviews. And do not get me started on th Jonas brothers.I cannot stress enough that while we need to be aware of these things, we must keep or eyes on Jesus because it easy to become fixated on it and lose the simple fact that the war against evil, though raging right now, has already been won.
        Sorry for the long reply. I believe this issue is so important!!!

      • Also, a more simple answer to your question: listen to the lyrics…how to they stand next to the plumb line of God’s word. And even simpler, if they act evil, their fruits, in this case their music, will also be evil.

  2. The Left seem prone to grandiose narcissism. My erstwhile leftwing friend, Stephanie, in a weepy voice full of self-pity, once announced to me that “They keep saying how much Jesus suffered. I’ve suffered more than Jesus!”
    Stephanie is Anglo white; granddaughter of a famous psychiatrist who innovated hypotherapy; has a B.A. (albeit a GPA of 2.0+) and a M.A. in family counseling (although she is not a practitioner because she refused to put in the required 2000 hours of paid internship for the license).
    Stephanie had NEVER been publicly accused and tried and sentenced to death. Stephanie had NEVER been tortured by being whipped until her back is torn apart. Stephanie had NEVER had even one thorn, even less an entire crown of thorns, driven through her scalp into her head. Stephanie had NEVER carried a heavy solid wooden cross on her left shoulder through a village, in great pain and still bleeding from the whipping and thorns. Stephanie had NEVER been nailed to the cross, with long long nails hammered through her feet and wrists. Stephanie had NEVER had a lance pierce the side of her body. Stephanie had NEVER been left to slowly die on the cross, with each breath she takes an agony.
    And yet Stephanie had the supreme narcissistic gall to declare “I’ve suffered more than Jesus!”

  3. Thi may sound crass, hell even racist, but seems to me I don ‘t remember like the beatles punching it out with the Stones. Umm a lot did die in those days , but it was not from lead poisening. seems I remember drug over doses.
    Nice role models

  4. This is what you get when thugs get money! Still thugs…

  5. ALL those boneheads have a lot class, it’s all just LOW CLASS! They make a few dollars and think that they do what ever they want, WRONG. They ALL need to grow up and quit acting like the PUNK THUGS that they are! Semper Fi.

  6. Anybody dumb enough to have all them tat’s on their body is nothing more than a true idiot . The true definition of a tattoo is : A PERMANENT REMINDER OF A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON …..Sorry , I don’t mince words .
    As far as that Rihanna bimbo goes , nothing more than an a Illuminati tool to further the decline of the country . But yet the sheeple will follow !!!

    • The arrangement of the tattoos is so weird too, it’s almost like it’s made to try to look like boobs with a bra on which has a sickening effeminate connotation.

  7. Retard. He must’ve mistook Frank Ocean for Rihanna.

  8. That is SO sickening, I mean I know I’m certainly not perfect, but comparing yourself to Jesus seems like such a serious and dangerous sin!

  9. Sounds more like he got his just desserts….what a wimp–he can dish it out but he can’t take it. Waaaaah………


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