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Amanda Bynes Asks Obama to Arrest Cop Who Busted Her For DUI

 Because he doesn’t have enough to do as leader of the free world, actress Amanda Bynes would like President Obama to step in and rescue her from DUI charges.
The actress was arrested in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of April 6 on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence after reportedly getting into a minor accident with a Los Angeles Police Department officer. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department report indicates that Bynes, who was last featured (quite wonderfully, it’s worth noting) in Emma Stone’s hit 2010 comedy “Easy A,” was attempting to pass a police car as it prepared to make a right turn at around 3 a.m. in West Hollywood when her black BMW collided with the right rear panel of the police cruiser, causing minor damage to both vehicles. …
Charges were officially filed yesterday (June 5), prompting Bynes to return to the social network last night to make a plea that the president save her from this injustice: “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”
You know, because the President of the United States jumps in often to dismiss terrible police officers who tell lies about former teen actresses.
Full story here.
Here’s a novel idea you little spoiled brat, bleach blond bimbo… don’t drink and drive in the wee hours and hit a police cruiser.
Tom in NC
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0 responses to “Nanny State Nutjob

  1. Never heard of her.

  2. How bout we take responsibility for our actions? I know how that sounds absurd and makes me seem a bit looney but what the heck!
    Lindsay Lohan must have been sharing her drugs with Amber when she asked O Faithful to come to the rescue. He can’t help the country and she’s wanting her to be his daddy and help her out? PLEASE!
    ~~Mrs. P

  3. Delusional twit…

  4. Over indulged little nobody gets a role in the movies and thinks she’s all that. Busted, just like anyone else, and I hope the judge does not molly coddle her.

  5. Personally, if I didn’t drink and I was being falsely accused of a DUI, I would be blowing every last microscopic molecule of air out of my lungs. Gimme a break, you little over-privileged twit.


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