Nanny State = King County, WA

Here in King County, Washington, the liberals never met a regulation they didn’t like.  Add to the list this little gem:

King County requires life jackets five feet from rivers’ shore

The King County Council passed an ordinance Monday requiring anyone in one of the county’s major rivers to wear a life jacket. A swimmer, wader, boater, or floater caught in water more than four feet deep or five feet from shore without a life jacket faces a $86 fine.

Councilmember Kathy Lambert told 97.3 KIRO FM’s Dori Monson Show she voted ‘No’ on the ordinance because “this is a kind of nanny state decision again. Nobody disagrees we want to be safe when they’re swimming and we don’t want to lose lives. Everybody agrees with that. I feel like there are councilmembers that want to be everybody’s mother,” she said.

Lambert explained that the ordinance was created because of the 200 percent increase in snowpack, which could mean higher than normal river flows this summer. Rather than pass an ordinance, Lambert suggested educating county residents. “I believe the citizens of King County are smart enough that if we educate and tell them about these things, they will make the prudent decisions.”

Technically, Lambert said you can get a ticket for standing in ankle-deep water six feet from shore.

Yes, a fisherman that walks out into knee-deep water six feet from shore must now wear a life jacket along with his waders.  No wonder Washington State ranks 40 on the Freedom Scale.


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ass hats-this a good way to drive all revunue from the fishermen,swimmers ect..someplace else. When are these idiots going to start minding their own business. A sign suggesting one-yeah ok,but now making it an order or we will fine you-I don’t think so.

Dr. Eowyn

Debbie, I love that “Nanny State” pic you posted. It won’t be long before even breathing will be legislated and policed by Big Nanny.

Look around you: Big Brother Is Watching !


See, the people of Washington State really screwed up.

If they had just built a wall along their southern border, all those Bay Area lefties who fled to escape the confiscatory taxes that their votes helped bring about, would have been stuck in Oregon. 🙂



All children under 26 will have to wear clothes made of bubble wrap and hold a pilceman’s hand while crossing the street to reduce costs for Obamacare next.


Hahahahahaha… I just loved the bubble wrap part!!!