Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home has a border wall

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She just won’t go away.

Last November’s midterm elections returned Demonrats to a majority in the House of Representatives.

The result?

Elderly Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), 78, whose slurring and brain freezes suggest she has senile dementia, once again will be Speaker of the House.

See also “DC pharmacy delivers Alzheimer’s drugs to Congress”.

Gateway Pundit reports that Pelosi told reporters in early December that she will reject ANY AND ALL funding for the US-Mexico border wall. Asked by FoxNews Chad Pergram, “Would you be willing support some degree of wall funding if you got a permanent bona fide solution on DACA?,” Pelosi quickly shot back: “No, it’s immoral.”

What a hyocrite.

Like pro-migrants pro-refugees Pope Francis, who dwells in Vatican City surrounded by 40 ft. tall walls, Pelosi’s home in San Francisco also has a wall around its backyard.

Here’s a pic of her home, on Gateway Pundit:

A better pic is this screenshot I took from Google Maps, showing the wall:

According to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet. there are 65 completed or under construction border walls in the world today.

At least one-third of the world’s nations have what Nancy Pelosi calls “immoral” border walls or barriers with their neighbors, including Israel (whose border wall is paid for by U.S. taxpayers as Israel is America’s foremost foreign aid recipient), Hungary, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland.

See also:



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20 responses to “Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home has a border wall

  1. It seems to me that ALL the left suffer from this disease. Casio-Cortez just suffers from the dumb, dumb disease. She graduated in stupidity at the top of her class. What a nightmare after January 1, is this going to be.

    2019 will be a rant -a-thon non stop.

  2. Nancy needs a colonic and some fiber to stimulate her brain cells… Her broom has reserved handicap parking…

  3. Do as I say not as I do is the top Hypocrite in this country so I know a thing or two about it. Now who can help me fund the wall at my house? (sarc)

    • No doubt about it . . . Nancy is a senile old hypocrite! The thought that she will be Speaker of the House is just outrageous, to say the least.

  4. It is the dawning of the Age of Hypocriticus and granny Nan is the leading majorette. She is the type the drafters of the Constitution feared the most although I’m more inclined to be afraid of the blank eyed masses that keep reelecting her.

  5. Why does Nancy Fancypants always skate? I think I’ve finally figured it out. She has the Lenny Bruce Syndrome. In plain English, when anyone points out the obvious to her, she always responds, in so many words, “Whom are you going to believe—me, or your lying eyes?”

    In other words, hit her with the truth, and she gaslights her questioner IMMEDIATELY. This shock response makes her questioner reflex backwards, so to speak, and she declares victory and walks away.

    So whether she is suffering from senile dementia or not, her mind is working well enough to know what she is being asked, brain farts be damned.

    Watch her live to 105.

    • She is the embodiment of all they “believe” in. She’s an opportunistic, self-centered little tyrant that the lefty’s just can’t get enough of. They are constantly reversing themselves, policy-wise. It is always a matter of “who” not “what”. Trump needs to call them out on this. Both Schumer and Nasty Nancy were big on walls at one time. Maybe they need a little reminding?

      • That’s right, and I say that Schumer is actually worse than Pelosi, for these reasons. First, it would seem to me that Schumer is more well-connected, in terms of contacts and their other connections. It is relatively well-known that Schumer is likely a Mossad agent, or gives intell to Israeli authorities. I don’t know if Pelosi has these contacts and connections, but it seems to me that Schumer is more active.
        Second, Pelosi is but someone’s go-to girl, that she is a connection more to her husband’s defense contracts. Be that as it may, I think they all know what a bird-brain she is, but she’s THEIR bird-brain!

        At any rate, I wonder how many more years we are going to have to endure this woman!

  6. LOL! As if NanPo WOULDN’T have a wall. Both parties know that walls work. That’s why we’ve been using them since Man coumd stack stones. It’s also why the Democrats don’t want our borders protected like their homes are. That wall would keep the wrong people out! Future Democrats!

  7. Nobody in Democrat media wants to discuss this woman. I for one cannot wait to see her in charge. Oh my what a funny farm that will be. That chamber can be summed up as Too many Chiefs, Not enough Indians. Pelosi at the head. Brilliant. 3rd in line for the Presidency. Feel much better now. :-/

  8. Bet that wall doesn’t keep out the shiny green flies. 😉

  9. So glad, Dr. E, that SOMEONE finally has pointed out Nancy Pelosi’s presentation as perhaps senile dementia or something else. Personally, I’d err on the least dire, and say that any one of us can observe without prejudice that she has AT LEAST a condition known as “familial tremor.” She shakes and waddles her head. She prevaricates before choosing her words, often choosing strange wording, and after much pause, hems and haws further. I wish we could see a recent and personally signed signature of hers….if it shows even a hint of “herky jerky” signature….with overt signs of attempts to “control” the movement of the signature (esp. in comparison to past signatures)…it could point additionally to this familial tremor even moreso. This does not insinuate cognitive degeneratiion, but is an easily observable nerve/coordination control problem, & is inheritable & without “cure.” IMO, Nancy Pelosi has been suffering this condition, with yearly escalation, for years. Will it eventually bring her into total debilitation insofar as serving in her government capacity? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends upon how long she lives and how long she intends to serve. She’s 78 now. Can’t see this condition allowing her to serve in full capacity for more than 2-4 more years. matter if she is Speaker or not.

  10. What’s more troubling than her purely-phony- political stance regarding immigration and border barriers is the fact that Nancy and her family have profited to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars primarily due to her status in Congress. Arguably, a significant number of other members of the Congressional swamp have also used their ‘public office’ for their own financial benefit….including the Clintons, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and many other old line politicos. Surely the current crop of newbies are similarly using their public service status to enhance their own pecuniary interests.

  11. What, no solar panels? Can’t she afford them?

  12. Keep in mind, this old whore is a member of the Baltimore crime family, D’Alesandro crime family…look it up
    You can’t put democrat and honesty in the same sentence

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