Nancy Grace makes racist slur about Zimmerman

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When did Nancy Grace turn into this scary looking, vicious she-devil?

Nancy GraceShortly before George Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict was read last Saturday night, Nancy Grace –the HLN legal show host and former prosecutor– claimed that Zimmerman had called African-Americans ‘f—king coons’ while on the phone with police.

But as you can hear for yourself on this CNN audio, what Zimmerman said is either unintelligible or more like “f—king COLD” instead of the racist slur “coons.”

Not only is she a race-baiter, Nancy Grace is a hypocrite.

At the same time as she’s pinning the noxious label of “racist” on the half-Hispanic Zimmerman, it turns out Grace herself is a racist bigot.

Mediaite reports that during a little-watched and little-noted broadcast a day before the jury verdict, on July 12, 2013, Grace used her own racist stereotype to refer to Zimmerman during her reaction to the closing statement from defense attorney Mark O’Mara.

In his final words to the members of the jury, O’Mara said: “‘I want you to really, really look at those instructions, apply them, and just say he [Zimmerman] acted in self-defense. Find him not guilty. Let him go back and get back to his life.”

At those last words, Grace went postal, barking:

“Give George Zimmerman back his life? Give Zimmerman back his life? He’s [been] out on bond, driving through Taco Bell every night, having a churro.”

What Grace said is akin to someone saying that Barack Obama, who’s half-black, spends every night “driving through KFC, having fried chicken” and watermelon.

Shame on you, Nancy Grace!

If celebrity chef Paula Deen was ousted by her TV network and lost millions in sponsorship contracts and book deals because she had used racial language (the N-word) more than 20 years ago, why is it O.K. for Nancy Grace to use a Hispanic ethnic slur against Zimmerman?

H/t Daily Mail

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0 responses to “Nancy Grace makes racist slur about Zimmerman

  1. Nancy dis-Grace

  2. the insanity of it all end affirmative action now

  3. Nancy Grace is a hateful mean spiteful lying BITCH! I don’t know why she has kept on the air this long! You can just see the venom in her eyes, and she blasts it out of her nasty mouth also. That is one woman I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley! Zimmerman should sue her for broadcasting the lies she made up about him! Semper Fi.

  4. Nancy Grace doesn’t have a JOB!! She is the worst!! She wud be the like the Miami woman in Trayvon’s neighborhood who left an object in a hispanic woman’s soup!! Don’t listen to Nancy Grace!!!

  5. Actually kids, she made a double insult. “Churro” is slang in Mexico for a guy’s ding dong. She did a racial slur and a homo slur.

  6. I think it’s time to start a letter writing campaign. Let the network and sponsors know what you feel about her personal ethics!

  7. Little Bright Feather

    I use to like Nancy Grace, but in the past few years I won’t watch her anymore because she has become such a nasty mouthed person. And she needs to go back to her original hair style because long hair on her does not look good at all. I saw it on a commercial for her show.

  8. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Nancy Grace’s kids smiling in a photo, or laughing in a video? To this day, I don’t think either one of them has ever smiled or laughed, and they’re five years old now.

  9. Nancy DisGrace – good one! Yep, she is that. Is she human? She does look more devilish by the day. Funny, I was asking someone the other day about her kids, haven’t seen them for a long time, they may be afraid to come on with her. Wow, she is one crazy quilt, isn’t she? I still remember the gal who committed suicide the day after DisGrace barbequed her reputation – turned out DisGrace had the facts all wrong, as usual.
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOdles of thanks for posting this, Eo! As usual, we come here for the REAL news. BTW, can you post an address/phone # so we can get the big balls rolling to get rid of The Bitch?

  10. God bless you, dearest Eo. Now everyone, raise your pens and phones and get rid of the nation’s Bitch!! I am truly amazed that she has lasted this long with her venom.
    I just posted my comment:
    “Nancy – you are a public DISS-grace to this country. You really need to take a ten-year sabbatical and give this country a break.”
    Thanks, dear Eo – YOU are our national treasure!

  11. I am truly disturb concerning this woman nancy grace, what she stated about Zimmermen going to taco bell is nothing but racist! She needs to be dropped from the network, make it fair just like they did to Ms. Paula Dean. Look at the speck in there eye, notice how she doesn’t see the big plank in her eye.

  12. Wow! I never listened to Nancy Grace before! What an idiot!

  13. Oh, but that’s not racist because she’s liberal and Zimmerman is evil or something…

  14. I believe the people are blaming the wrong persons, I believe they should focus on the prosecution, they did not build a good case.

    • They couldn’t make a case because they didn’t have a case. As i’ve said before – a loser attacked a more well armed loser. Everybody lost. (except the police, the courts, the jails, the LAWYERS and the race baiters.)

  15. Not only is she a racist, she’s also an ignorant cow. First of all, tacos are Mexican. Second, Zimmerman is half Peruvian and tacos are not part of Peruvian cuisine.

  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Steve for this important post. She should look at her own racial slurs. Amazing!

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  18. Speedy gonzales

    I’m part Mexican why don’t you say something about me, Nancy Grace. I’m 17 years old.

  19. She is nothing but an arrogant belligerent POS. She has NO Morals or Values, and to her she is always right and we are always wrong. Funny everything she has stood for the law proved her WRONG! She needs to crawl back in under her flat rock! Semper Fi.


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