N.Y. State Suggests HIV Tests For 13-Year-Olds, Sex Ed In Elementary School

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CBS New York: One in four adolescents is likely to acquire a sexually transmitted disease, according to the first ever Youth Sexual Health Plan released by New York State.

As CBS 2’s Vanessa Murdock reported, the state has launched a controversial plan to tackle sex education among youth.

The state Department of Health said some 60 percent of high school students in New York state reported they’d had sex by their senior year of high school, and more than 25 percent by their freshman year of high school.

More than one in 10 students said they did not use any method to protect against pregnancy using their last experience of sexual intercourse, while only 7.2 percent of sexually active students used a condom as well as another birth control method, the state said.

This was part of the reasoning behind the release of the first ever Youth Sexual Health Plan, a 22-page document defining “sexual health” as “a state of well‐being in relation to sexuality across the life span that involves physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions.”

Among the main objectives of the document are promoting the continuity of sexual education across the state, reducing the rate of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and reducing unintended teen pregnancies.

“Anything is possible once you start engaging,” said Nina Barba of the Upper West Side.

The statistics surrounding STDs in youth from 2012 were scary. Those between the ages of 15 and 24 accounted for 63 percent of reported STDs. For newly diagnosed cases of HIV, one in five cases affected individuals under 25.

To reduce the rate of HIV, the state suggested mandatory offerings of HIV testing to all persons 13 or older. Some argued that 13 might be a young age for such worries. “Thirteen might be, you know, a little young for that, but sadly not by much,” said Jeffrey Ernstoff of the Upper West Side.

Father of three Joshua Stillman agreed. “I work around teenagers and the vast majority of them at 13, when I ask them if they’re sexually active, look at me like, ‘Are you crazy?’” said Stillman, of the Upper West Side. “And to put HIV testing on the plate in front of them, I think, would be not only weird for them, but probably make them think about something that’s not anywhere close to their consciousness.”

But for Ricardo Lopez of the South Bronx, who has a 14-year-old son, it is better to be tested and treated. “Nowadays the way this youth is growing up, I agree with it,” he said.

The plan also suggests starting sex education in elementary school – for interested districts. Some parents agreed early education is warranted. “You can’t go wrong with too much education,” said Amanda LaPergola of Astoria, Queens. “I think ignorance is not the answer in this case.”

“Somewhat sadly, I think the age for it seems to be getting lower and lower,” added Ernstoff.

A total of 3,693 babies were born to New York girls 17 or younger in 2012 alone (yet a large number of babies weren’t born in New York: see “Democrats and Black Genocide“). The plan aims to reduce this number too by promoting family planning, providing emergency contraception to youth 15 and older, and training youth to become peer educators.

Acting New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said protecting adolescents’ health and preparing them for responsible decision-making is a public health priority.

Reason to ∞ homeschool.

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0 responses to “N.Y. State Suggests HIV Tests For 13-Year-Olds, Sex Ed In Elementary School

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  2. At what age do children just get to be children? It would seem that the age of innocence is steadily creeping downward. At the rate things are going–I have little doubt that some will be wanting to introduce those who have just left the toddler stage to the world of adults. It is shameful, and disgusting. A pox on the house of all those who wish to introduce immature children to the world of adult sex!

  3. The Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show marches on.

  4. What they’re proposing is the source of the problem, not the solution to it, because of ‘sex ed” the students are learnign what goes where and when far too early, and also because of free internet access at schools and libraries, as well as any “smart” (read: stupid) phone the kids are given by their parents due to peer pressure, those are the vectors by which this corruption of minors is spread… porn and sexting are found through those access points, and those lead to “sex ed”, and the way to undo the problem is not more “sex ed”. School can be had without internet, children can live without it, and certainly don’t need a “smart” (read:stupid) phone. In the U.K. alone, self-produced child pornography has skyrocketed with the advent of camera/”smart” phones and extremely young “sex ed”, underage birthrates have similarly skyrocketed, not dropped.

    Don’t fall for anyone telling you kids need more “sex ed” they don’t need it, just like they don’t need friends that bait them into porn, or unfettered internet access. This bit about HIV testing for them is fake charity, and once again evades the point that *Anyone Under 18 Is A Minor* Any minor engaging in sex acts is, by law, illegal and criminal, as is anyone engaging in sexual acts with a minor… I suggest that those other readers capapble of such, get a hold of whatever officials are invovled in this flagrant planned defilement of children and remind them of the fact that these are Minors, and that encouraging sexual behavior in them, whether “safe” or not is a criminal act called “corruption of a minor”, and that nobody is falling for the false charity “hiv screening” for children as young as 13, remind them also that the legal age of consent is 18 in the U.S. with only a few states having provisions elsewise, and that any information about underage sex should be sent directly to law enforcement (clean and reliable law enforcement anyway.) and be prosecuted as the crime that it is. If this mess isn’t enough to convince someone that there is a war on the children of the world, against their sanctity, agaisnt their innocence, and against their lives, I know of no other way to convince them.

    The best solution is to keep kids out of public schools or private charter schools with “sex ed” or “health (which is usually a mask for “sex ed” investigate it if you see it offered) curriculum, keep them away from the internet (filtering software is only effective for as long as the kids can’t google an article to circumvent it.), and keep them away from kids whose parents have some involvement with porn, as there is an exposure risk, like being exposed to radioactive waste, that can get kids started down that minefield. Finally, Teach them proper Morality, because they sure won’t get any of that in any school, public or private/charter.

  5. There’s no profit in promoting abstinence. This is the Y2K version of Pied Piper where sex is used to control children. Sex is propagandized into every element of this sick society and has trickled downwards to the child, by design. Children only know what they are taught and in today’s times, children are taught and empowered to believe that sex ‘feels good’ and they are empowered to act on those desires and any consequences that arise can be treated with a shot, pill, curettage, or legislation. Planned Parenthood, Big Pharma, NAMBLA, pederasts, pedophiles, entertainment industry, communism, atheism, satanism, and sodomites are the ones profiting from the sex brainwashing going on with our children today. They make money and get to control the children by telling them they are ’empowered’ to make adult choices, they reap the financial and immoral ‘benefits’ when these children make poor decisions.
    What was once considered ‘lovemaking’ and a ‘private act’ between a husband and wife as a blessing from God during procreation has transformed into a depraved act between any living or un-living self, selves, creature, or inanimate object based purely upon pleasure. The devil’s hand is seen throughout all of this. Instead of teaching children to listen to their parents and personal discipline and responsibility, sex education is teaching children how to become sex addicts. This is why Christianity is hated so much by the aforementioned…what Christ wants is what is best for the children, what evil wants is what’s best for itself.
    We are letting our children become the next ‘lamb to the slaughter’ by allowing this PC and secularist society and government to raise them. The only things that result from empowering children to make adult decisions are adult consequnces: pregnancy, STDs, sterilization, HIV, AIDS, poverty, abuse, illegitimacy, illiteracy, ignorance, no vocational or job skills, depression, addictions, further from Christ, the list goes on and on. Sex Ed is the ‘Common Core’ of our school system and society. I know it’s difficult but every parent should work to get the school system out of their children…and the only way to do that is to get the children out of the school system.


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