N.J. college tells women to practice making faces to avoid sexual assault

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CampusReform: A New Jersey college encouraged its students to combat sexual assault by practicing their “anti-rape” facial expressions.
A presentation to freshman students at Ramapo College encouraged them to be cautious with how they dress, how much they drink, and how they use their body language in order to avoid potential sexual assaults. The presentation, led by the college’s coordinator of substance abuse and sexual assault prevention, Cory Rosenkranz, also encouraged students to “practice how they articulate their face in a social setting by practicing in a mirror,” according to The Ramapo News.
The hour-long presentation was part of AlcoholEdu, the mandatory training for all first-year students on alcohol education.
According to one student who serves as a peer facilitator at Ramapo, the presentation, called “Haven—Understanding Sexual Assault,” started off by talking about preventative measures before it became “peculiar.”
“She was saying that women need to watch their body language and that women should practice how they articulate their face [in a social setting] by practicing in the mirror,” Brandon Molina told The Ramapo News.



Subsequently, students and others who have heard about the event took to Twitter to complain about the presentation, using the hashtag, #MyAntiRapeFace.
“Haven educates students about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities,” Judy Green, director of the Center for Health and Counseling Services, said of the presentation in an email to the student newspaper.
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0 responses to “N.J. college tells women to practice making faces to avoid sexual assault

  1. Liberals come up with the dumbest, off the wall concepts I have ever seen. It seriously HAS to be a mental illness because every one of these foolish ideas spews from the Left. Perhaps the instructors should be made to try their “anti-rape” face in a dark alley and get back to us on how that worked out for them. 😳

  2. What part of RAPE is an act of violence do they not get?

  3. To Cory Rosenkranz, Ramapo College’s overpaid “coordinator of substance abuse and sexual assault prevention”:
    If grimacing repels rapists, would “making a face” help me avoid idiots like you?

  4. Why don’t you just tell them to cover themselves in a hijab or burka while you’re at it!!! Geez…

  5. I do believe, in the dictionary under the word “nincompoop” we would find a picture of Cory Rosenkranz. This concept is so stupid, it has given me a headache.

  6. Dumber and dumber those libruls keep getting. I would think making funny faces or grimaces at potential assailants would only increase the chance the woman would get raped or seriously assaulted, like waving a red flag in front of a bull
    Where do these people get their logic from, it still escapes me perhaps many are Harvard, Columbia or Berkeley students/graduates

  7. DCG, I like your anti-rape face photo. I’m sure that would do the job just fine.

    • That’s not me – it’s another Twitter user…but yeah, my anti-rape face would look like that (I practiced mine today at the gun range) 🙂

  8. Works better like this…

  9. Oh GREAT! Now every woman in America has to have an “Anti-Rape Face”. what next-the anti-cut me off in traffic face,the anti-point a gun at my head and shoot me for no apparent reason face,the anti-beat me up and steal my money face,the anti-make me learn Liberal philosophy face? Hey-that would work-if you don’t get gored by a Liberal Unicorn first.

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