N. Carolina Abortion Law Passes Over Female Gov's Veto

Samuel Alexander, 21 weeks, clutches the finger of surgeon Joseph Bruner.

Kelli Easterling of the Richmond County Daily Journal reports, July 30, 2011, that despite the efforts of North Carolina’s Democrat Gov. Beverly Perdue, a new abortion law passed on Thursday.
From the cries of outrage from the pro-abortion camp, such as abortion mill Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina spokesperson Paige Johnson, you’d think that the new law will make elective abortions illegal.
But the new law merely states that pregnant women seeking abortion must wait 24 hours and be presented with an ultrasound image of their baby in the womb. The woman is free to look away and ignore the explanation of what is being shown on the screen.
Gov. Perdue vetoed the measure on June 27, but NC state Senate members voted Thursday to override her veto. They defend the legislation, claiming it provides crucial information to women who are making an irrevocable decision. The law will take effect in October.
Perdue, who claims Episcopalian as her religion and has two grown sons from her first marriage, called the law a “dangerous intrusion into the confidential relationship that exists between women and their doctors.”
Oh, puleeze. Seeing an ultrasound of the unborn is not just an “intrusion” but a “dangerous intrusion” into the marvelous relationship between women and their doctors?
No. Seeing an ultrasound of the unborn is an inconvenient truth to people like Beverly Perdue because the woman now can see her baby is a living, breathing, albeit tiny person — with tiny fingers and tiny toes and a beating heart — instead of a disposable piece of bodily tissue.
Truth is always dangerous to those who seek to conceal and deceive. As my erstwhile ultra-left friend Stephanie once exclaimed in a moment of sheer frustration because I out-argued her:

“Don’t confuse me with facts! I’ve made up my mind!”


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The biggest issue is that the folks at Planned “murder” is worried they will have to find another way to pay for their Porsche, If the rate of abortions plummets.


“Episopalian” what a liar…not buying it.


“Truth is always dangerous to those who seek to conceal and deceive.”
Says it all. Leftists: Kill and destroy for the fantasy, the ends justify the means.


Nice to see Planned Murderhood on the defensive once again.