Mystery Behind Obama's Trip to Hawaii in 2008

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Thanks to my friend, Kelleigh, I just found a VERY INTERESTING  blog,          The Daily Pen written by an attorney based in Mombosa, Kenya.  He has put together very detailed information about the whole mystery of Obama.  This article deals with the ordeal Team Obama had to go through just to get him qualified as a candidate on the Hawaii Presidential Ballot.  The documentation of Pelosi’s fraud is presented at Exhibit A.  (right click to Save Picture to your computer then enlarge it to read the fine print to compare the side-by-side documents for yourself)
Read the entire article on his blog—- it’s long and incredibly juicy!   If there was a Pulitzer Prize for investigative blogging, this guy would be a front runner.
Read Entire article:

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0 responses to “Mystery Behind Obama's Trip to Hawaii in 2008

  1. The plot thickens…

  2. It seems amazing to me that so much info on Obama’s lack of proof to qualify eligaility for president, hasn’t sufficed for the power to impeach. Why hasn’t Congress challenged him with this Constitutional requirement. Hell! all the people are familiar with it and wondering the same.
    On a similar note…Obama and Administration’s, removal from office could alone detour the financial crises, reverse Obama Care, reinstate our Constitution, protect the Military, re-establish limitations on Reid, Pelosi, protect National borders, re-build American morale and confidence, force the banks to get the money to the people, re-establish America as self sufficent, etc..etc…, oh! and remind the rich they are rich because they invested in a rich America and the middle class maintained it that way, and if they didn’t invest in America, take their money and get out, taking with you WTO, NAFTA, Federal Reserve, NATO, Wallstreet, IRS, leeches on society, and all other institution that has been undermining the efforts of the American Working Class. We the people are tired of corruption robbing us as we strive to achieve a goal. D#mn! I feel good saying what I feel. Respectfully, Semper-Fi

  3. If this is really true, how come he is still in the office?
    Why can’t he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?
    Why do we Americans have to suffer the consequences
    of Obama’s and Democrat’s evil-doing?

  4. Steve, hope your right. I do believe in the system, however, Obama is proof that there is something dark looming in the shadows. 2012 will be interesting.


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