Mysterious Massive White House Construction Project

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Please go to my update of this post, HERE.

There’s a massive construction project going on in the grounds of the White House which is shielded from the public eye.
The official word is that the construction is to upgrade and lay down new pipes and wires. But the project is not only HUGE, it involves much steel and concrete and won’t be completed until 2014, at an estimated cost of $375 million.

Upgrading of pipes and wires, my ass.
H/t Alternative News Report.

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0 responses to “Mysterious Massive White House Construction Project

  1. It’s another “upgrade” of the Bunker.
    Be assured your feral gubbmint has enough tax money to survive any and all events, so it can continue to rule you as you need to be ruled, after any and all events. Even of its own making, but for which you’re responsible for paying, such as systemic financial collapses and other human-made events.

  2. Mosque?

  3. Führerbunker?

    • The Fraud couldn’t lead me to water if I were dying of thirst, as I reckon he’d already have poisoned it, to eliminate “the useless drinkers”.

  4. “Upgrading of pipes and wires, my ass.”
    LOL – I had to look twice to see who had posted this, as I would have sworn it was Steve. 🙂

  5. who knows what this insane idiot is up to now.

  6. great now the paranoid in chief is going to have a bunker built for him.

  7. They are sinking a bunker to hide the First Fambly in the event of revolt, economic collapse, or Moochelle privately wolfing down high calorie snack foods.

  8. I vote for it being a mosque.

  9. He doens’t need a bunker. Under the White house are adequate lower basements .
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see that they are building an indoor golf course, or a mosque. lol

  10. Maybe it’s a kitchen for Moochelle to make her tamales in so should they explode, they won’t take down the whole damn White House.

  11. I hope it’s a torture chamber intended for you wingnuts, where we could beat you lying pieces of cow dung to a bloody pulp on a daily basis.

  12. Dennis H. Bennett

    Don’t worry “O”, the Navy Seals dogs will find you “confused” and
    surprised just before you get a chance to take the towel off your head.
    Your biggest “weapon”, your “buccal cavity”, will be as meaningless then as it is now.

  13. thankyou Dennis H. Bennett!!!

  14. Adam, you just prove the point that liberals are savages and droolers

  15. I wish someone would do an update on this.

    • I agree, but I found none.
      The construction project in the White House grounds is under the General Services Administration. Here’s contact info for Sharon Lighton, who’s in charge of the GSA’s FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) queries:
      I just sent an e-mail to Ms. Lighton asking for info on the construction project. I’ll update this post if I get a reply, which I do not expect to receive.


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