My tax return was returned

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Yesterday, I got a surprise in my mailbox.
I had been good this year and filed my taxes on time. But the IRS sent my Tax Return back!!
On the form listing all the reasons for tax returns to be returned, the IRS had checked off the box for “dependents”.
But on my tax return, I had dutifully followed the instruction to “List All Dependents”:

  • 12 million illegal immigrants
  • 3 million crack heads
  • 2 million people in over 243 prisons
  •  535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate
  • and one illegal Kenyan immigrant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

But the IRS apparently finds my response inadequate. So I sent it back with a question:
“Did I forget someone?”
H/t our beloved Lady Wendy.

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0 responses to “My tax return was returned

  1. Yours too….

  2. winstonsmith6079

    “Honesty is the best policy” may be true – but that don’t mean you won’t get your a$$ whupped by some folks who DON’T want to see the truth!

  3. What about Mooch and Joe?

  4. well,this ought to cheer up son #1 when he goes for his audit.
    That graphic is priceless…and I have experienced moments of
    dread when I see an envelope in the mail that looks ‘offficial’

  5. And what are we going to do to solve the problem? This is your and my job to fix. Don’t just complain, do something , or offer an acceptable solution, and persue it. Constructive problem solving solutions are provided by the educated, and that is us, not politicians.


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