My party ID for Nov. 6th

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I hope it’s yours too! 😀

H/t FOTM’s beloved Grouchy!

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0 responses to “My party ID for Nov. 6th

  1. Independent was always so nebulous…i like it 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure it is the majority!!

  3. I needed that!

  4. I think I will make a copy of this and when they ask for my ID at the precinct on election day I will hand it over.. one of the precinct delegates is a sour looking lady..she might not get it.. Last week at our primary I had a scare, they looked up my name and told me a ballot had already been given out in my name. All I could say was how could that happen when we are a State that requires identification.. they did find their error..and no one had my ballot. but sheesh..what a scare for me.. what if they voted for the other side!!!! While they were trying to figure out the issue I was telling that I was feeling disenfranchised.. I got dirty looks..nobody has a sense of humor anymore..


  6. My party ID has been pissed off for over 30 years! I predominately voted Libertarian, but lately I’ve been leaning toward the Green Party.


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