My Nomination for Father of the Year

He was not my candidate for president; but, in this season of naked political ambition, how wonderful to see a man who truly has family values. 
Grab a tissue for this one!

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Years ago I read a book called The Power of the Powerless. The author wrote about children and adults with severe disabilities who embodied purity and holiness. They also brought out the best in those around them. As a parent of a multiply handicapped child the author described my son perfectly. In many ways he also described me as I found strength and purpose in my role as caregiver and advocate. I respect Mr. Santoroum and his wife and I wish them well. I would have been proud and happy to cast my ballot for him. Bella has not had… Read more »


Great husband and father for sure!


I saw this on Megyn Kelly, Fox News, and when it was over I was boohooing….so was Megyn.
IMO Rick was probably to decent of a human being to ever become the President of the USofA.

Dr. Eowyn

God bless Rick Santorum and his family. He can still serve his country without being POTUS. He will find a way..