My New Truck

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H/t beloved FellowshipOfMinds member FS!



I bought a new Ford Ranger and returned to the dealer yesterday because I couldn’t get the radio to work. 


The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. 


“Nelson,” the salesman said to the radio. The radio replied, “Ricky or Willie?” 


“Willie!” he continued and “On The Road Again” came from the speakers.


Then he said, “Ray Charles!”, and in an instant “Georgia On My Mind” replaced Willie Nelson.


I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I’d say, “Beethoven,” I’d get beautiful classical music, and if I said, “Beatles,” I’d get one of their awesome songs. 


Yesterday, some guy ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid him. I yelled, “Ass Hole!” Immediately the radio responded with………


“Ladies and gentlemen, the President of United States!”


Damn I love this truck….

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14 responses to “My New Truck

  1. I love Fords. They tell it like it is.
    New name for Chrysler since FIAT and Obama took it over—FIASCO Motors—-Fiat used to be –Fix it again Tony–but now that Chrysler is FIASCO motors It’s–‘Fix it again Senior Chief Obama’

  2. ROFL!
    Now THAT is funny!

  3. I like Fords very much. We had a 1998 Taurus that I took very good care of, and now our youngest daughter is driving it with over 150,000 miles are on it. She is not too happy because it is not a cool car, but if she wants another one, it will not be bought by me. I have a Chrysler Sebring with 140,000 miles and it has been a great car. Hubby has a 300 and it is good, but too big for me!

    • My late sister had a Taurus as well DW and she had 250,ooo on the clock when she bought it and then put on another 200+ thousand before a Dear ended the Taurus’s career. My sister next car was a 95 T-bird she regretted it till the day she passed major electrical issues.
      I’m a die hard Bowtie guy but I give props to Ford the sure as heck got some pretty cars out now and especially major Kudos for them not taking the bailout.

      • Did I say “Dear” instead of “Deer”? Man I should not be allowed near a keyboard with a dictionary riding sidesaddle with me.

  4. Steve please as a favor to me I hope you are not holding your breath for those “gimmies” be a shame if you pass out and hit your noggin on the keyboard. 😉

  5. Hubby and I went to the Ford dealership last week. We walked around outside for a few minutes, and then we went into the showroom. We looked at some vehicles in the showroom and proceeded to walk outside to look at several other vehicles. We were there approximately an hour and NO ONE EVEN SPOKE TO US! The salesmen just glanced our way occasionally and then turned their heads. Needless to say, we will NOT be buying a Ford after that treatment. We also looked at a Chevy Tahoe but they want almost $49,000.00 for it. You’ve gotta be kidding me! I think I’ll just keep my 01 Monte Carlo which only has 42,000 miles on it and gets 28 mpg in the city. Radio doesn’t work, so maybe I can replace it with the radio from the truck above. LOL
    Illegitimis nil carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down

    • Wow Muffin that’s harsh especially considering how the economy is doing the dealership should have been busting down the doors to get to you and your husband.
      So you got an 01 Monte? Excellent. I used to have a 88 Monte LS with the Euro headlights Man I miss that car. I need to find me another.

      • Will, it’s the nicest car I’ve ever had, and I love it. It’s a V-6 SS and the color is Carmine. A bunch of people at hubby’s job have been wanting to buy it for years.
        When we stopped by the Chevy dealership, our feet just barely touched the parking lot before a salesman was heading towards us. Ford must not like selling vehicles.
        Illegitimis nil carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down

  6. Sorry Steve but sadly no. You may continue sulking.

    • Steve it sounds like you got a touch of the “entitlement” bug. Okay how about this instead. You get a one time fill up of gas (87 octane) and instead of paying your mortgage Obama sends you a nice lawn gnome of the likeness of Joe Biden instead. Sounds fair?

  7. I won’t buy Obama under any conditions, but I would like to get my hands on another 86 Monte. I had one and it was a great car.

  8. I am just going to keep my old vehicle as long as she lasts! I have had a total of three vehicles in my lifetime. Muffin, I like your warning! Brilliant!

  9. We went with oldest son and daughter-in-law 3 wks. ago to buy a Toyota. I thought the place would be EMPTY, but they were flat selling cars! The recalls certainly have not hurt them in Asheville. The people were very nice.


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