My Living Will.

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~Steve~                                               H/T  Joseph

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0 responses to “My Living Will.

  1. Well, yeah, like I want my wine back, not my whine!! Those w/Italian genes know that wine is the strength of our blood, the cleansing of our lungs, and the spirits that lift our inspirations! All the best artists, composers and just generally great guys and gals ALL drank wine! George Washington used the lure of it to get his men across the Potomac in Winter, and Jefferson said that dinner w/o wine was doomed, or something along those sentiments, which are also mine, of course. Assuming a normal body weight, two bottles per person per night are about right. Of course, what beverages you have before and after I cannot comment on, but will gladly accept! Salute´

    • lowtechgrannie

      I don’t think I could handle two bottles; but a glass or two of cabernet sauvignon beats any other beverage by a mile! Slainte!

  2. wine WHILE I’m on the computer ?
    Who says I’m too old to learn and too stubborn to change !

  3. LOL!!


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