My Kind of Flash Mob

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In the last year, flash mobs have gotten a bad name. I hope this contribution can offset things a little.

The darker the news becomes, the brighter the Good News shines.


Merry Christmas to everyone on FOTM,

~Trail Dust Trail Dust

The comments on this video’s YouTube site say this magnificent Hallelujah chorus of Handel’s Messiah took place in Seaway Mall, Welland, Ontario, Canada.

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0 responses to “My Kind of Flash Mob

  1. I suggested to both my men’s chorus directors that we do this, but was told by our assistant director that while they had success in his group in years past, as of last year they were turned down by mall administrations, no reason given.

    • It does look like society has turned a corner. How about a flash mob that DOESN’T ask permission?

      • As a Christian anarchist, I say “YES!” to yr thinking, as what’s the worst that can happen? Most likely we’d be allowed to finish, then taken aside and told we can’t do it, or to apply for permission. But I am a maverick in other ways as well; yesterday at my Meeting for Worship I got everyone excited re the recent massacre because as much as I’m a Quaker, I believe in and support the 2nd Amendment.
        I also advocate knowledgeable use of firearms to protect ourselves and the innocent from insanity as has been shown ’round the world. And finally, if they and the rest of Kanada want gun controls for themselves, that’s fine, but DO NOT ‘gun control’ my life and prevent me from saving myself and others!

        • Sounds like good thinking to me, josephbc69.
          And I sincerely wish the teachers had been armed last week.

          • Thank you both, Steve & TD. I wish you had been there to see the expressions on their faces and then heard the reaction after I spoke, as we do in turn, in our weekly ‘check in’ after our worship session. I started by asking them to listen as best they could w/o getting emotional on the issues, just think them through. Of course what followed was mostly emotional, as it’s nearly impossible to use reason to change an adult’s mind.

  2. Love it.


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