Must see video on how to be a racist!

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A big h/t to FOTM’s Miss Maziel 😀


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0 responses to “Must see video on how to be a racist!

  1. I don’t know who made this, but two thumbs up!

  2. Hey, Steve! Glad to see you back…we missed you!

  3. and meanwhile affirmative action (racial discrimination) is still a law. go figure.

  4. I think Biden has already graduated from this course..

  5. Thanks Dr. Eowyn. I needed a laugh.

    • As I laughed through my tears, the thought that occurred to me was How we have degenerated to this state, How the Left have managed to so successfully wield their little Gestapo intimidation tactics, so that so many, too many, Americans just “go along” because they don’t want to be called “racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, nativist”…. (pick one or all!)

      Too many people — in colleges & universities, in the workplace, in Hollyweird — lack the courage of their convictions or, simply, lack a brain, but just want to be “popular” and “be accepted”.

      • We all need to go to Dennis Miller’s School of Hutzpah and learn to just tell it like it is. People who play this game need to be publically ridiculed until they no longer consider the race card to be an asset.

  6. And those that need “popularity,” “to be accepted,” or “worshipped” are the same ones being lead to the slaughter house. I have noticed “these people” also demand “RESPECT,” but don’t give it and don’t follow their own words. Do as I say, not as I do…Their words and actions don’t match!

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Ms. Maziel for this hilarious video! I laughed so hard! The opposite of anything logical is what this video is about.

    As for respect, it is earned by standing up for what is right and true, in spite of what your family and friends think, in spite of what is popular or politically correct. Then, you can respect yourself and know that you have not called evil good, and good, evil.

  8. I guess we are all racists now.

  9. I’m with ya…


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