Must follow the narrative: See the irony at the student #ClimateStrike

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Yesterday students walked out of school to demand that us adults do something about global warming and climate change.

According to The Guardian, many students expressed anger, fear and disappointment that adults have not acted on the “crisis” our world faces. Many also expressed hope for a green economy within 11 years, the timeframe experts at the United Nations believe is necessary to forestall catastrophic climate change.

So the youth skipped classes and carried signs to protest. Notice the irony in this photo:

If “winter is not coming,” then why aren’t they all wearing shorts and tank tops?

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20 responses to “Must follow the narrative: See the irony at the student #ClimateStrike

  1. “Winter is not coming”? Did they tell that to Denver, who just got slammed with something called a “bomb cyclone blizzard” that dropped 3’ or more of snow?

    (Not that it wasn’t totally manipulated, but still, scream about THAT, then.)

  2. Unfortunately, the coming ‘mini ice age’ which begins in 2030 will leave all these snowflakes out in the cold, which may not be such a bad thing… Okay, just joking all right?

    More seriously, however, the current propaganda blitz is going to leave these people completely unprepared for the reality they’ll live with for the rest of their early-terminated lives, due to the rigors of global Winter.

    The most deadly effect of course will be the shortening of crop years and the lessening of degree days, so neither the same variety nor quantity of foods will be grown.

  3. Well, aren’t these precious kids good little foot soldiers of the climate-change Marxist hoaxers! God help us with these kids who’ve been completely brainwashed by their teachers, the Hate America Media, and the UN.

  4. Millennial Marxists on the Marich! In March. Okay, corny, couldn’t resist, but, seriously, study Justice Democrats, its origin (Cenk Uygar, Young Turk, and Chakrabardi [sp.?], and victorious candidates: Pressley, Tlaib, and Cortez. Actresses who were selected after an audition of more than ten thousand.

  5. I drove by the local high school that is near my house yesterday. They had the maintenance people from the school setting up signs in support of the “Green New Deal” and other propaganda right across the street from the parking lot of the school.

    I think this must be a new milestone in forced conditioning.

    • The teacher/school unions got their marching orders to promote the GND…

      • Yeah, no doubt, but I think its one thing if the students decide for themselves that they want to express an opinion and another for the school as “officials” to promote an opinion.

        I noted this morning the there is a bill in California now that would force schools to print a number for “reproductive health” on student ID’s. This is obviously for PP. They treat that group of murderers like they were a branch of government.

        It is all tied together. It is an example of the Franklin School influence. They are trying to raise kids instead of their parents. I keep saying that they will not stop unless they are stopped. They do not ask for permission and they assume authorities they do not have.

  6. Kalispell, Montana had the coldest February (2019) in 36 years.

  7. The Green New Deal is a Marxist scheme to get the people under government control. Every aspect of your life will be regulated by the government. From the beginning of time changes in climate have always been determined by solar activity and volcanic activity and to a lesser extent by human activity, but they are brain washing people into believing that it is caused by every individual comfort we happen to enjoy. The Marxists can’t stand that and have to find more to blame on capitalism. Even the cows are blamed for too much farting. Maybe some of these students should spend some time down on the farm, then they would learn that cows seldom do much farting. They burp. Climate change is still more political than scientific. Someday these students will realize that they fell for the biggest hoax in history.

  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Perhaps one could say it is the fault of adults, some thing of a “generation gap”.

    It is the failure of each successive generation of proclaimed Christians to teach their children God’s word, and how he is in control of all things.All this global warming and climate change nonsense is just part of the one world order deception of clouding all our minds with the false science of man, blinding us to the truth of God’s word.

    There is nothing happening now that has not been proclaimed in our Bible. Several books of the ‘Old Testament’, even in Mathews Jesus speaks of it, and in Revelations, the prophesy of the end days are there.

    It may well be that man is effecting many things in many ways, such as with their “chem trails” of unknown intent, but nothing with out the for knowledge of the most High God.

  9. I’m not on fb anymore, but when my “friends” would sing praises for their children supporting this kind of behavior I would just fume! These children are being manipulated in the worst way!

  10. When my kids were in school I was considered a real pain by the school principals and the district. I went to all their meetings and questioned them often. It wasn’t “fun” and sometimes I didn’t get any support from other parents or appreciation from the staff.

    It is much worse now. I was shocked back then by how much they tried to get away with. I wasn’t there to win a personality contest. I was a parent and a voter and taxpayer demanding answers to questions I had a right to know the answers to.

    They tried dismissing me, pandering to me and bullying me. It didn’t work. I took it as “high” as it needed to go. I know that they are waiting for us geezers to die off. They have already captured the minds of the controlled.

    Do we really want to pay for this? Do we want to behave as if the schools are a law unto themselves? My suggestion is that parents, wherever they may be, go to their meetings and express themselves and demand to be heard. Even if you don’t have students enrolled you are still paying for the service.

  11. Green Is the color of Judeo-Islam, and Green is the new Red of their Liberal DemocRat Bolsheviks, coincidence?

  12. It was as recent as the 1950s and 1960s that scientists were worried about the “coming ice age”. The fact of the matter is very simple – The SUN is the biggest determinant of Earth’s climate. By far. Period. End of story. The sun warms and cools our climate in cycles. Compared with the sun’s influence, man’s CO2 emissions’ effect on the climate is extremely negligible.

    Want to mess with a “climate change” hoaxer? Ask them to explain why, if man is the cause of climate change, the glaciers melted 12000 years ago. Then sit back and enjoy their convolutions.


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