Muslims tortured, killed, dragged U.S. ambassador’s body through streets

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U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Steven’s body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi by raging Muslims

Jim Holt writes for Gateway Pundit, Sept. 12, 2012, that last night, radical Islamists attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi with rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire. They killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, then dragged his body through the streets.

Al- Ahram

The U.S. Consulate in Benghasi was destroyed.

A man walks inside the U.S. consulate, which was attacked and set on fire by gunmen yesterday, in Benghazi September 12, 2012. Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three embassy staff were killed as they rushed away from the consulate building, stormed by al Qaeda-linked gunmen blaming America for a film that they said insulted the Prophet Mohammad. Stevens was trying to leave the consulate building for a safer location as part of an evacuation when gunmen launched an intense attack, apparently forcing security personnel to withdraw. (REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori)

The same consulate was bombed this June, but the Obama Administration did nothing.

CBS News reports that Wanis al-Sharef, a Libyan Interior Ministry official in Benghazi, said Ambassador Stevens, 52, and other officials were moved to a second building – deemed safer – after the initial wave of protests at the Benghazi consulate compound. But members of the Libyan security team guarding the U.S. consulate “seem to have indicated to the protesters the building to which the American officials had been relocated.” The mob then attacked that second building, and killed Stevens and three other Americans.

Al-Sharef said two U.S. Marines sent to Benghazi when the clash erupted were shot and killed by the well-armed protesters. It was not immediately clear whether the Marines were part of Stevens’ security detail. The American whose death was confirmed on Tuesday also died of a gunshot wound. He was identified by the State Department on Wednesday as Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.

Front Page Magazine reports Ambassador Stevens was tortured: “The latest reports say that he did not die of gunshot wounds, but of suffocation, that would mean that he was likely manually killed.”


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0 responses to “Muslims tortured, killed, dragged U.S. ambassador’s body through streets

  1. Apparently the Libyan security directed the rioters to the second building where the Americans had moved for safety; the two Marines were killed — that was not mentioned ANY where on t.v. today!

  2. “If things turn ugly I will stand with the Muslims.” Well, things have turned ugly. Extremely.

    • Who are you quoting?

    • The ignorance of some people just amaze me. They don’t even take the time to see if what they are quoting is factual or more BS made up by those afraid to speak or even look up the truth.

      You take his quote out of context without knowing what he was talking about and it sounds bad. But if you take the time to actually do your own research instead of following blogs like blind sheep you would find he was saying something completely different.

      He mentions in his book that he saw the fear in the American Arab community (many of whom are not muslims) following 9/11, and that if “things turn ugly” and their civil liberties are taken away (ala Japanese internment in WWII) he will stand with them. That’s the quote that, taken out of context, says “If things turn ugly… I will stand with the muslims.” He actually doesn’t use the word muslim in that passage, though your chain e-mail from which you actually got the quote probably says that.

      Please, please, please read the actual book. There is a lot in there about his journey to Christianity. If you were going to accuse him of anything, it should be of being a secret atheist since both his parents were atheists.

      Stop pretending like you read the damn book. Stop it. Please stop it. Context is important.

      • Actions speak louder than any words .

      • I do pay attention to reality. And that is why I get angry when I see somebody regurgitate something they read in an email and didn’t take the time to research themselves.

        I would never allude to somebody being a sheep if I don’t bother to pay attention myself.

        I didn’t spend 20 years in the military to protect peoples rights to only retire and ignore when others are trampling on peoples rights. And our President and Commander in Chief deserves the same.

        I strongly urge those who think Obama is a Muslim to stop living vicariously through other peoples emails and learn the truth before posting drivel that makes you seem uninformed and ignorant.

        Moxie made an ignorant statement and I called them out for it. As I would expect anyone to do with me if I am vomiting up the diatribes of fanatics.

        • Kuma, you arrogant bastard. just how are we trampling on anybody’s rights, lest of all, Obama’s? You are nothing but a despicable, detestable, bullshit artist. Know you this, You comment here by Dr. Eowyn, and Dr. Eowyn’s good graces alone. It is her blog, not mine, not yours. You CAN be banned, and that is not an infringement upon your 1st Amendment rights. You are free to start your own blog, or you can mosey on over to “PuffHo” or other lefturded venue. This is our home and you will not silence us, you ‘effin hypocrite. FYI, I’m a 21+ year veteran (still serving), but i’ll be damned if I will ever recognize a Kenyan Imposter with a bogus Hawaiian B/C and a Connecticut SSN as my lawful CINC. I would surrender all retirement pay and VA benefits before that cold day in hell ever arrives, and by being National Guard and not being on federal Title 10 orders, means my state’s governor is my Commander-in-Chief, who by the way, is well known and respected for snubbing Obama when he came here to make a (non-campaign) speech a few months ago. Neither was our Lt. Governor present, they were both out of state at the time. Now, please explain how we are denying Obama any of his rights by expressing our opinions. God knows, he is trying to deny us of ours.

          To be blunt, I fully believe Obama and crew need to spend the rest of their miserable lives busting rocks at Ft. Levenworth KS…….How is that for an opinion?

          How about this one, Obama is a crypto-muslo/marxist traitor and criminal thug! You just go ahead and keep on drinking the Kool-Aid (Lysergic Lemonade?) and i’ll stick with my “Tea.” Now lest you make some snarky “teabagger” slur, one would be wise to understand there is a world of difference between the terms, “teabagger” and “teabaggee,” and all that that implies.

          Game On

          • We all have the right not to be slandered. Misquoting somebody for the purpose vilifying them is slander.

            Oh and game over. After your outburst earlier in this thread I will not be discussing anything with somebody who acts as irrationally as you did. That and I’m sure a dissenting voice will not last long here before being banned. Most extremists do not allow views that do not coincide with theirs to speak their mind. So banning would be the option in this case.

            • “Most extremists do not allow views that do not coincide with theirs to speak their mind. So banning would be the option in this case.”

              You freely had your comments published here for 2 days, but I’ll ban you now — after your insult.


            • Slander you say? Now thats a real gem, shock full of subjectivity. It looks like a desperate attempt at obsfucating from the thread topic, not to mention, legitimate questions regarding one Barack Hussein Obama’s legal qualifications to hold the office he occupies per the US Constitution.

              Get real, it’s an election year and you leftists fling smellier monkey poo than this, (donkey poo?) Pull the plank, fool, you just got banned, so the game really is over…………………for you.

            • Kuma, you have a rare voice of reason. Being objective is hard in a sea of extreme right and left. But don’t worry, you are not alone.

              • @Liz: “…Rare voice of reason?” Learn to read between the lines. Often what is not said is just as telling as what is said. Of all the questions out there concerning discrepancies on Obama’s so-called long form birth certificate and Connecticut SSN, we have yet to hear an honest, credible, empirically-based explanation of such charges from either the MSM or Obama and his supporters. The only thing audible is the chirping of crickets and an immediate, obsfucating change of subject as if there is much to hide as in “no, nothing to see here folks. Move along, keep it orderly. No rubbernecking now.”

                Of course Kuma is not alone, in his banal subjectivity. You’ve lost your compass, not to mention your objectivity.

        • Thank you Grouchy! 🙂

        • I strongly urge those who think Obama is a Muslim to stop living vicariously through other peoples emails and learn the truth…

          B. HUSSEIN Obama was born to a Muslim father.

          In the eyes of Islam, he is Muslim.

          Obama even admitted he was a Muslim.

          And you are full of sh*t when you refer to him as a Christian, as he has images of all things Christian covered up when speaking at Christian venues.

          No Christian would do that.

          You are a lying bull-squeeze artist – and I use the term “artist” very losely.


      • Hey, Kuma, how is Obama “standing with” our beleaguered diplomats, embassy staff, and soldiers in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iran (I can go on)? By going to fundraisers in Las Vegas?

        How is Obama “standing with” our ally Israel, when he won’t even meet with its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

        • Being born of a Muslim father makes Obama a Muslim by birth. If he had really turned ‘Christian’, then he would have a ‘bull’s eye’ on him. The only thing that I can figure out is that Obama is practicing Taqiyya.
          2008 ~ Moammar Kadafi: “If Obama has to say something we (Muslims) don’t like, don’t worry, its just Taqiyya, a permissible lie to deceive the infidels. Obama is a master of Taqiyya.”

      • Kuma, here is something for you to ponder with absolute clarity of context.

        Now you’ve done it, you’ve got me all rilled up and yelling in caps lock!

        That rarely happens.

        • Yes, that is very true and the bullcrap is getting thick as Nov. approaches. We’d best don our hip waders along with our armor, don’t you think old friend? I’ll be so glad when November is done and over with as long as it has a Carteresque ending, vis-a-vis his re-election campaign (Carter’s).

        • Kuma is only trying to have a conversation. Why is it so hard to admit you might be wrong? Civil discussions is how we learn and grow as people, but if you use so much hate in discourse, be aware that you only make an impact to like-minded people. Others write you off as an extremist.

          • Hey, Liz,

            I have news for you: “Others” (i.e., leftwingers like you) write me/us off as “extremists” any way, regardless of how civil we are in our “discourse.” I know, ’cause I’ve been blogging for more than 3 years. Without provocation, I/we have received death threats. Don’t believe me? See:

   (make sure you read the comments by “LetsKillBirthers”)

          • Civil discussions? Tell me about it….I obtained my CLP and several weapons as a direct result of multiple death threats I received on this blog from the “tolerant” left.

          • Wrong? About what? Our discourse is our business, not your’s, not Kuma’s. I am not in the habit of trolling around on liberal blogs where the discourse is just as incendiary, if not more so than here, for the explicit purpose of stirring up shit. Furthermore, there is nothing civil about being silent and accepting of an unlawful, usurping Presidency, who “stands with (them)” emphasis mine. To do so is to aid and abet evil.

            This country, indeed the Western world is in dire straits. It ain’t pretty either, and if we are to have a snowball’s chance in Hell towards fixing it, we’re gonna have to be willing to get our hands dirty. Indeed, most likely, some of us will have to be willing to literally bleed. The biggest threat to this world right now is an ascendant islam that seeks dominance over all, and if you do not believe that, then you know absolutely little of islam. Don’t assume our knowlege of islam comes from blogs and “emails” either. It comes from years of study-from it’s own original sources, i.e. the Quran, Sira, the authorative Hadiths of Sahih Bukkhari and Sahih Muslim. It comes from understanding islam’s dualistic code of ethics, it comes from islam’s own sources, not those of our own making. But most of all, it comes from the last 1,400 years of South Asian, Central Asian. Middle Eastern, North African, and European History, along with the stories of islam’s many victims. The stories of Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Animists, Jews, and Christians. In our time, it comes from observing the demographic realities of Europe and seeing a clear parallel only a few short years behind right here in the US. I’m a soldier, I’ve been over there, more than once. I’ve had mortar rounds lobbed at me. Do you reasonably expect me or others to be as gushing fonts of civility all the time? Tough times call for tough action.

          • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! 🙂

  3. What about all that hogwash Hilary said about Libyans taking the ambassador to the hospital?

  4. reminds me of somalia when they dragged the warrant officer through the street until he was tender enough to eat… black hawk down.

  5. Does anybody understand the implications of this? If Barack Obama does not do what needs to be done (he won’t), then Congress needs to step up and remove him from office and have him tried before a tribunal for failure to execute his authority as commander-in-chief. This is an act of war that demands nothing short of the total liquidation and destruction of Libya as a nation and the immediate occupation of Libya’s oil assets, indeed, all of Libya, no matter how many millions of them die in the effort. This is how these God awful Libyans thank us for helping them remove Qaddaffi! I knew Obama’s involvement in that was the wrong thing to do in the first place, aiding and abetting our al-Qaida enemies. TREASON!!

    Having said that, whoever the damned, traitorous Soros/PuffHo operative who is trolling on these pages, can shove their thumb up their smelly ass!!

    • Thank you Randy! Either we have an Obot or someone doesn’t understand the grammatical use of quotation marks…which I used around Obama’s remark (NOT MINE) and have gotten nothing bur thumbs down since then. I figured everyone in the U.S., if not the world, knew that was a quote from his book. Guess no one reads any more 🙁

      • You’re welcome. I understood your toungue-in-cheek comment perfectly.

        Now, smile Moxie dear! 🙂

      • Moxie I recognized Obama’s words ,,,Knew it was a quote

      • is funny how you all talking about war..some are even talking about controlling and immediate oil asset occupation of libya…. some are saying it’s an act of war but were was the security?if it’s your soul why wasn’t it protected?the door was locked but no security?
        and stop acting like the whole world depends on U.S.A it’s getting typical…the main reason obama is supporting those muslism is because of the financial problem and so he can control and fix the economical downfall. the incident is tragic and the people responsable should be found immediatly and get the justice they deserve, but not by killing the millon women and children. That’s the exact thing they want from you. you are the only ones spending the money for war the muslims are happy to stay put and get some fund from some arab milllinaire…and if you take the war to they’re own souil well get prepared to hell because there will be more country’s on your back… like we saw on iran nuclear program both china and brasil and russia as well were not intrested and guess what??they are the important ones now.
        .let the mind do the thinking and not the guns.

        • It’s funny how you don’t understand the concept of sovereignty.

          “Stop acting like the whole world depends on U.S.A.” Tell that to the countries we helped protect from Italy’s (your IP address) Mussolini and Hitler.

        • You are a muslim aren’t you? Either that or a blithering idiot (likely both) with a 3rd grade misseducation. China, Russia, and Brazil will do nothing. China wants to get paid in dollars (trade imbalance) and both China and Russia have muslim problems of their own. Brazil? What can they possibly do, other than jump up and down, stomp their feet, and shout “Ohhhh, I’m really very very angwy!” in Portuguese. I no longer care for the lives of muslims any more than I do cockroaches, I have been to Arab countries, both rich (Kuwait) poor (Egypt), and sectarian strife riven (Iraq). All dirty, ignorant places.

          Obama is weak, the Russians and Chinese both know this, and will verbally exploit it to the max, sabre rattling and all, but they are shrewd and rational. They can read the writing on the wall, they know Obama is now finished politically, for he now has the blood of a US Ambassador and staff on his hands by his ill-conceived support of this badly-named “Arab Spring, ” one that traded the monster we knew (Qadaffi), for the monster we didn’t (al-Qaida). It never had a ghost of a chance at bringing democracy to these people. Democracy and islam do not mix, and never will, and thus, the proverbial chickens are now comming home to roost. No, this is Obama’s “Iranian Hostage Crisis.”

          One more thing worth noting is how China has benefited enormously from Iraqi oil concessions and refinery operations since the US involvement there, more so than even the US oil industry. Now do you honestly believe China or Russia will do anything to stop us? The only thing that can stop us is our own inhibitions and fifth columnists, you know, like the entire Obama Administrtion, already half way out the door.

        • “stop acting like the whole world depends on U.S.A”

          Gosh, aren’t you precious, akaconvicted. Since your IP address says you’re in Lazio, Italy, you should know that if the United States hadn’t liberated Italians from Benito Mussolini, you’d still be living in a dictatorship.

        • Funny, an Italian (Likely a muslim living in Italy) would be saying “…the muslims are happy to stay put…” Anybody who has been to Europe lately, with half a brain, can attest to how muslims like to “stay put,” as in “put down roots,” lol. In 50 years time, Europe will be muslim majority unless they grow a pair and do something about it.

      • I wouldn’t spend my money on a book by Obama.

    • You hit the nail on the head when you said “total liquidation and destruction of Libya”. Where is Barry Goldwater when we really need him?

  6. One can easily misinterpret a still photograph. If there is no video, it is difficult to prove that the men carrying the U.S Ambassador were not simply removing him from the riotous scene. The photos show that he is being carried, not dragged. Can anyone provide some helpful information before we kindle this fire?

    • “Kindle this fire”? The Muslims started it when they invaded and attacked our Americans.

      You really believe those rioters were trying to actually help our people? They had NO RIGHT to invade our embassies, kill Americans, and drag/remove their bodies ANYWHERE. It was an act of war and I don’t need any more proof than what the Muslims did to our Americans.

    • George:

      It’s simply fascinating that you are fixated on whether Ambassador Stevens’ body was carried instead of dragged, while overlooking the fact that he was murdered. Next thing you’ll say is “If there is no video, it is difficult to prove” that the ambassador was actually killed. You make me ill.

    • George dear, you seem to be suffering from a profound level of cognative dissonance. May I be so bold as to suggest a Pfizer Cerebral Membrane Replacement Kit? Wal-Mart has them for 50% off retail price while supplies last.

      Hurry! Get your’s today!

    • George, you are SO right – one can easily misinterpret a still photograph. But it’s only one. One goober from Italy who has absolutely no idea how the hell you remove a body from a crime scene. Well, let me tell you, you don’t toss it over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes, so why don’t you go back and finish your spaghetti, because we’re busy putting out fires over here.

    • You just got banned over at NB, troll, thanks in part to me. 😀

      Perhaps Doc E will pull your ignorant plug here, as well.


    • The fire has been kindled by our burning American Flag. It was further fed by our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, our hearts, beliefs, and values that were thrown into the fire by our impostor President and completely ignorant Secretary of State.!

  7. Yes indeed, a nice, smooth glass parking lot for Israel’s overflow traffic.

  8. Just like our guys in Somalia.

  9. Like an IDF fan’s suggested versus Iran with Vince Vance and the Valiants’ best:

  10. The more I learn, the more I detest the wild donkey of a people who are the muslims. They are some sick, twisted people. Please, Dear Lord, how much longer must this go on?

  11. Right on fellow-American. Oops! Are we being politically incorrect here? So be it!

  12. This is so horrific! Such a religion of peace you Muslims have! You have murdered a wonderful man who tried to help your country. I continue to pray for our ambassador and his family and friends. George, you make me sick with your lack of compassion and your complete refusal to acknowledge this terrible crime of murder. George, it is people like you that are the real enemies of this country!

  13. I would like to see a nice big flat sand box with acres and acres of new cement poured….Then maybe a real big theme park next to an oil rig next to a pig farm next to an oil rig next to a pork slaughter house next to a bbq joint

  14. I feel sick – sick/ that such an honorable man was so horrifically murdered (mainstream MidEast News reports he was raped / like Gaddafi) and yet all we hear on our corporate owned scripted infotainment reports is that Romney spoke ‘too soon – blah blah’ ( I am an independent)!!

    FOUR people murdered several others wounded and all these jokers (both parties) think about is their own political futures/ jobs!!! Yes, Somalia ( ala Clinton!). The ONLY news story I saw on that horror show was the Village Voice with a front page photo of a naked dead Marine being dragged by drugged zombie militants!!

    This (Libya) consulate was bombed in June – this is one of the most dangerous places ( Libya filled with rag tag imported militants) on earth and NO real security!!

    Meantime the conventions had thousands of armored police – Occupy had thousands of police beating down (land of free) those protesting against (Wall St) the greatest heist in history –elderly /babes groped at airports – D.C. like an armed camp -and this man (staff) left to the extremists of a ‘religion’ that for God’s sakes kills its own young (honor killings – yes, here in USA) if they dare to associate with Western youth!!

    Meantime Hillary (first response) was lauding Libyan citizens (who watched this) as if they were heroes (no real knowledge) apologizing that the Muslims had their ‘feelings’ hurt’ due to some ridiculous unknown trailer. Ambassador Stevens spent his life serving – helping Muslims / and we’re worried about ‘hurt feelings!’

    Nobody leaves this ‘religion’ – a death sentence is issued…please and our reps speak of ‘ democracy/ assimilating’ I was sick – just sick thinking of the Ambassador (staff) last minutes (think about it you bozos who find this amusing) their fear – the mobs – knowing death was at hand (torture – rape reported by mainstream Mideast News / not fringe!). I thought of their families/ the anguish.

    And yet here on the ‘homefront’ all this appears to have taken a back seat to the GroundHog Day (months and months and months of BS) politics (only news!! little wonder Americans are dumber than mud). MOST disturbing to me was that the President CALLED family members (imagine) on his way to another $$$ fund raiser in Nev (people live in the sewers – you won’t see this in another staged event). I cannot imagine that as a leader I wouldn’t STOP all politics until the bodies of these neglected (safety) state workers were brought home to Dover.!

    You have to listen (read) the foreign press to know what’s happening in the world (affecting us all). MSNBC is a joke with HELLO Al Sharpton of riots (deaths) and Tawana Brawley fame ( he should have gone to jail) – shrill Chris Matthews – Morning Joe ( reminds you of a a bunch of giggling 13 yr olds) Bill O’Reilly (making – gag – 11 million per yr. – drs salaries under Obama Care CUT) is in my opinion certifiably insane – screeching, bombastic and stupid (uses cliff notes)………….

    Sadly we have no choice, but you can’t get this truth through to those propagandized for decades (party allegiance). BOTH serve corporate shills (all media corporate owned). In the end, with DIEBOLD etc machines (programs written – votes counted – no paper trail) totally controlled (secret) by contemptible corrupt ( See Black Box voting – Truth about Diebold/ computerized voting machines) the ‘selection’ is in the bag.

    All we’re enduring is theater – money making for media etc. Meantime thousands of our troops have (numerous years of duty served) returned home (little media reporting) maimed, melted, having to FIGHT for disability pay (yrs) . Others never to return KILLED by Afghan police/military – we TRAINED!! An outrage.

    Little wonder we have no real infrastructure what with the trillions we’ve spent (for nothing) in these wastelands….GAS costing (vehicles) $400.00 per gallon – with the Taliban getting MILLIONS in bribes to allow our supply trucks to enter ………..and the media bitches about a (single person) $21 dollar food stamp card per week —hello, we LOST some $9-12 billion (Iraq) Google pallets of cash sent to Iraq —no update on the $2.3 TRILLION reported missing by Donald Rumsfeld on Sept 10 -2001 !!!!

    On and on and on outrage like above (hundreds of reports of lies – missing/stolen funds ) continues with nothing done ( billions robbed from Medicare/Medicaid -SS) except that we Super Power USA have NO NO NO safety net for the millions tossed aside (workers).

  15. Not wishing to rain on anybody’s parade. But all I see from this angle are a whole lot of folks agitating about the effects . Nowhere do I hear about the causes. Who put this film together and to what aim? Well we see the effects ~ was that the aim? And who or what would engender such a thing to happen ? Surely this does not affront any sensibilities. Ponder on that,if you will !

  16. Grouchy, your understanding of islam is every bit as good as mine, and we each learn from each other through our own subjective experience. That is crucial in order to turn subjective insight into demonstratable objective understanding, much like peer review.

    As you mentioned above, it is difficult for the non-muslim to understand these vital, critical nuances of islam because of the individual’s subjective experience and the context of their own religious background. It is islam’s dualist elements that seems to be what trips people up the most, because they measure islam from a non-muslim perspective instead of measuring it by it’s own merits, within it’s own context. This leads to erroneous, and indeed dangerous conclusions. People point out how the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, also have violent verses within them. What they fail to consider, however is several factors here. One, the context of those verses, along with the scope of time all these scriptures were written as well as the various authors who committed them to parchment and ink. Think of the timeframe it took to get from Genesis to Revelations.

    Now, many do not give thought to the fact that the quran was written within the lifespan of one man, nor do they note the contradictions between many of it’s verses i.e. the peacefulish Meccan verses and the violent Medinan verses and how abrogation works. It also doesn’t help when the quran has no chronological order to it. It cannot be contextualised without reference to the Sira and Hadiths. This is how the muslims, clerics and all, do it as you and I already know, but the averge layman among us hasn’t a clue. They don’t realise the quran is roughly 60% politics (Muhammad’s rise to power), and 40% theological (virtually all plageurised, and modified.)

    As a result, non-muslims cannot clearly see how much those abrogated verses were mere matters of the moment’s convenience to Muhammad and his whims, because they lack context to measure it with, and see a clear pattern emerge. A pattern of political mastery and dominance clothed in shallow religious vestments.

    It looks like we have our work cut out for us, huh?

  17. Yes indeed. Women like Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and scores of others. They are the vanguard, the skirmish line so to speak. Brave, yet much too valuable to be mere cannon fodder. We must fight their fight.

    A little off topic but do you remember that adorable little 13 yr.old Hindu girl in India, who gave that moving, impassioned speech at a rally against Pakistan over a year ago? We commented on it at BNI. My lord, she was magnificent, and a wonder to behold. The way she worked her audience was awesome. She always maintained eye contct with her audience and didn’t even use notes. Bonni said she wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up as India’s Prime Minister some day.

    I don’t know why, but I just remembered her and how she impressed us all with her oratory skills and strong leadership. I’m gonna have to look her up on youtube again if it is still up.

    Hindus have an important role to play in counter jihad operations. They’ve suffered at the hands of jihadist islam for centuries and they absolutely must not be taken for granted by us. Ron Bannerjee from the Canadian Hindu Advocacy has effectively built interfaith coalitions with Christian and Jewish groups in Ontario to rally against the islamisation of the Toronto Public School District and it’s unconstitutional pandering to muslims at the expense of others. Bannergee did this by appealing to traditional Canadian (and Western) values.

    I certainly hope a future Romney Administration strengthens US-Indian ties.

  18. You people are out of your minds. Seek help, please.

    • You a Muzzie sympathizer? Go play w/your fellow anti-American types at Daily Kooks.

    • Why, thank you, Will!
      I consider that an enormous compliment coming from a commenter who has the word “demon” in his e-mail address. I will pray that Jesus sends you help. †

    • It’s called having an opinion… ad hominem attacks don’t encourage others to respect yours.

    • I was wondering when another mindless, willfully-blind, zombie-troll from the left would crawl out of the cracks like a cockroach, and his name is Will. You and your kind are to blame for these very events. You are so stupid, you cannot see the situation for what it truly is, you disgusting bag of shit. Yea, we WILL seek help…………From the Orkin Man!

      Bug Off, Troll!

  19. Hi

    First timer

    So this guy does a film on Muslims and CNN calls him sinister, Hilary says it’s deplorable and Pres Obama can’t apologize enough. When Scorsese does the same thing with a different religion they put it in theaters and gives him awards.

    Anyone else see the pathetic humor in this?

    • It would be absolutely hilarious if the paradigm behind it all wasn’t so deadly. But yes, I do see the pathetic humor in such blatant moral hypocracy. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why so many others don’t when evidence of such is everywhere one looks. We have become a nation of sheep, and it is all by design.

  20. Anne, you are most welcome here! 😀

  21. Anne, Welcome. We can all share our fears and hopes together here. Here in Oklahoma, I too worry about an Obama win, whether by legitimate means or more sinister methods.

  22. We (me and family) agree totally with you

  23. Dr. Eowyn. Thank You for this blog!

  24. Please give me a nicer icon

    • dorian brown,

      Thank you for your compliment! I and the other 7 writers of FOTM sure appreciate it ’cause we usually get insults and death threats. LOL

      Your gravatar icon is randomly assigned by WordPress. If you acquire a WordPress account, which is an easy process, you can upload your own choice of image as your gravatar.

  25. Seeing a lot of contradictory reports on whether Ambassador Steven was raped and tortured before dying…


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