Muslims risk their lives protecting Christians from al-Shabaab jihadists in Kenya

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Not all Muslims are bad. Some are even heroic, risking their lives to protect Christians.
Joseph Akwiri reports for Reuters that on Dec. 21, 2015, as is their wont, Islamic militants of al Shabaab attacked a bus traveling in Mandera in northeast Kenya, spraying the bus with bullets, killing two people and wounding four.
Mandera, Kenya
Abdi Mohamud Abdi, a Muslim who was among the passengers in Monday’s incident, told Reuters that more than 10 al Shabaab militants boarded the bus and ordered the Muslim passengers to identify the Christian passengers by splitting away from the Christians.
But the Muslims defied the order and, in so doing, put their own lives in jeopardy.
Abdi said:

“We even gave some non-Muslims our religious attire to wear in the bus so that they would not be identified easily. We stuck together tightly. The militants threatened to shoot us but we still refused and protected our brothers and sisters. Finally they gave up and left but warned that they would be back.”

In previous attacks, al Shabaab has often killed both Muslims and non-Muslims. A year ago, al Shabaab gunmen stormed a Nairobi-bound bus in the same area and killed 28 non-Muslim passengers execution-style.

Members of al Shabaab in Mogadishu, Somalia, September 3, 2011. (Photo: Reuters/Feisal Omar)

Members of al Shabaab in Mogadishu, Somalia, September 3, 2011. (Photo: Reuters/Feisal Omar)

Julius Otieno, the deputy county commissioner, confirmed Abdi’s account, saying that the militants “were trying to identify who were Muslims and who were not,” and that the Muslim passengers had refused to help.
Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military spokesman, told Reuters in a statement that his group had fired shots at the bus: “Some of the Christian enemies died and others were injured.”
The 2014 bus attack shocked Kenya and led to a shake-up of security ministers. Since then, buses carrying passengers from Mandera have been given police escorts, but Kenya Police spokesman Charles Owino said that had not happened in this case because the bus had bypassed a police roadblock.
Al Shabaab has said northeastern Kenya should be part of Somalia, and that it will continue its attacks on Kenya until Nairobi withdraws troops from an African Union force fighting the militants in Somalia.
Kenya’s long northeastern border with Somalia is widely considered a security weak spot. Factors include poor coordination between security services, and a culture of corruption that allows anyone prepared to pay a bribe to pass unchallenged.

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0 responses to “Muslims risk their lives protecting Christians from al-Shabaab jihadists in Kenya

  1. Score one for good Muslims in this event. Not all Muslim people are bad: I’ve dealt with a number of good ones in the cab industry. But this goes to underscore the historic fact that the most people who die at the hands of murderous thugs under Islam happen to be—other Muslims.
    Many in the West happen to think that these people are “just like us.” Well, their ideology, masquerading as a religion, has seen to it, for 1,400 years, that they are NOT “just like us.” Islam has been at war with the world since its inception, and the Ruling Elite here had NO BUSINESS, beginning with George W. Bush, inviting and bringing them over here—at least not until they can prove they have assimilated. That’s not “racism”—it’s called survival. (But that’s “O.K.”: Once the mayhem starts, the government will throw US in the FEMA Camps.)

    • ” Once the mayhem starts, the government will throw US in the FEMA Camps.”
      Especially those of us who survive not giving up our guns…

  2. islam extremism is rife in kenya and other countries in africa, they murder men, kidnap and rape women and children….however, it does my heart good to read about muslims doing right by Christians. God bless them and I pray they find Jesus from their heroic efforts.

    • “islam extremism is rife in kenya”
      Obama will fit right in there when he’s deported back to his homeland.

      • Yeah, Obama and his husband “Michael” need to be shipped back there pronto. Imagine that, except for Bill and his ‘husband’ Hilary, they’re the first black gay couple ever to get into orifice..I mean office.

  3. What a wonderful example! Thank you for sharing this, Dr. Eowyn!

  4. God Bless those courageous people who protected their brothers and sisters that day on that bus! Excellent post!

    • As is the case universally, a small number of bad apples in time will spoil the good apples. Here we had the majority of good normal Muslims step up and protect their fellow believers in one God for all humankind.
      It is as always that the rotten apples get the most attention, as they pose a threat to others. In this case however, the good apples took action to stop the rot at its source. Give God the glory!

  5. Too bad that the governments (US included) are funding the ‘radicals’ and giving them Toyotas to drive around in too.
    The radicals in any religions are usually mentally disturbed and give the religion they claim to represent a bad name. Anyone who kills or mutilates in the name of religion is not following a “kind and loving God”.

    • Okay Chemtrails, I agree with you: now let’s go after Obama, the Saudi Arabian mafia, the Gulf emirates, and other dysfunctional governments that created and funded these wretched Godless mass murderers.

  6. Voice of The Martyrs……. has great news on our brothers and sisters who are coming to faith in the Lord. Jesus is taking the Muslim world by storm through dreams and visions and by fearless underground church believers in these countries who risk their lives everyday to share the love of Christ Jesus the Lord!
    I think ISIS is causing many Muslims to question their religion. An Iranian Pastor I stumbled on says the broadcasts that they are sending out are reaping a great harvest. Praise God He is so good.
    Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this information.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. It is absolutely wonderful to know that these particular Muslims were so courageous in protecting their non-Muslim, Christian brothers and sisters. May Our Lord reward them for their love and bravery!

  8. They aren’t real, true-believing mooooooooooooooooooooslims.


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