Muslims Perpetrated All Rapes in Norway 2010

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Last Friday, July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik bombed and shot to death more than 87 in Norway. Though he himself is not a religious Christian, Breivik committed the horrific murders in the name of sounding an alert about Muslim immigration burying Europe’s identity as a civilization historically rooted in Christianity.
In the wake of the mass murders, the news that came out a month ago takes on even greater significance.
According to a Norwegian police report released in June, every single solved case of assault-rape in the country in 2010 had been committed by a Muslim immigrant.
Out of a total of 186 rape cases in 2010, 86 were  assault-rapes — rape perpetrated with physical force and violence. In 83 of the assault-rapes, the victims could identify the perpetrators. In all 83 cases, the perpetrators were described as having “non-western appearance” — an euphemism for Muslim immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, or Asia.
The report was cited by a Norwegian television station that interviewed a victim who said her rapist told her his religion permits him to rape her. (Note: the translation of the Norwegian TV report below does not make a distinction between “assault rape” and other forms of rape, and appears to confuse the statistics for 2010 with those for 2006-2010.)

That alarming statistic from Norway prompted Front Page magazine to republish an article by Jamie Glazov from its Nov. 1, 2006, issue. Below are excerpts.
[T]he Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali, …recently sparked an international stir by pronouncingthat women who do not veil themselves, and allow themselves to be “uncovered meat,” are at fault if they are raped.
This is nothing new, of course, and it is somewhat mysterious why the Sheikh’s comments have caused any shock at all, since his view is legitimized by various Islamic texts and numerous social and legal Islamic structures. And that is why back in September 2004 in Denmark, al-Hilali’s Australian counterpart, the Mufti Shahid Mehdi, declared exactly the same thing, stating that unveiled women are “asking for rape.”
All of this, in turn, explains the skyrocketing epidemic of Muslim rape in non-Islamic countries. Muslim newcomers are significantly overrepresented among convicted rapists and rape suspects throughout European nations such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
No wonder why many Muslim rapists openly admit their actions and justify them smugly with casual references to their religious and cultural beliefs. This horrifying phenomenon was on display in a court trial in Australia last year, in which a Muslim rapist, going by the name ”MSK”, taunted his sobbing 14-year-old victim and proudly professed the legitimacy of his sexual assaults on young girls by explaining that his victims were not veiled — as the Islamic religion mandates women to be. [1]
“MSK” is from Pakistan. He is doing in Australia what he learned best back home: in some of the most notorious rural areas of Pakistan, gang rape is officially sanctioned as a legitimate form of keeping women marginalized and “in their place.” As noted earlier, certain realms of Islam help institutionalize this form of violent misogyny. The Koran, for instance,  permits Muslim men to enslave – and have sexual relations with – the women of unbelievers captured in the spoils of war (Sura 4:23-24). The Islamic legal manual ‘Umdat al-Salik, which is endorsed by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, sanctions this violence, affirming that Muslims can enslave captured infidel women and make them concubines.
[…] In traditional Islamic law, rape cannot be proven unless four males testify as witnesses (Sura 24:4 and 24:13). In other words, raped women cannot get justice anywhere Islamic law prevails. More horrifying still, a woman who has the courage to say she was raped, and fails to produce the four male witnesses (which is obviously almost always the case), ends up being punished because her accusation is regarded as an admission of pre-marital sex or adultery. And this is why seventy-five percent of the women in prison in Pakistan are behind bars for the crime of being a victim of rape.
In Holland, myriad women now bear the horrible scar that has infamously become known as “smiley,” whereby one side of the face is cut up from mouth to ear – a war mark left by Muslim rapists as a warning to other women who don’t veil themselves.
In France, the phenomenon of Muslim gang rape as punishment for non-veiling even has a word to describe it: “tournante” (take your turn). In areas where Muslims form the majority (i.e. the Muslim suburb of Courneuve, France), even non-Muslim women feel pressured to veil themselves in fear of Muslim sexual and physical punishment.
In the context of this epidemic of Muslim violence against women, and the open legitimization of it pronounced by Islamic clerics, one would think that the Western feminists of our time would be up in arms, sympathetically coming to the side of their raped sisters and standing up for women’s rights in general.
But this is just not the case. The West’s leftist feminists are responding with an apathetic heartlessness and deafening silence.
It’s all very much understandable and expected, of course: it is politically correct and cutting-edge to scream with moral indignation about a woman’s right to an abortion in the West, but to actually care for – and come to the public defense of – the female victim of a gang-rape committed by Muslims is unthinkable. This is so because admitting the Muslim rape epidemic, and the theology and institutions on which it is based, and denouncing it, would violate the central code of the “progressive” leftist faith: anti-Americanism and cultural relativism. No culture can be said to be better than any other – unless it is American culture, which is always fair game for derision and ridicule. But to criticize any Third World culture in general – and an adversary culture in particular – is to surrender the political cause and faith.
And that’s why leftist feminists are also completely mum on the horrors of forced marriages, honor killings and female genital mutilation within the Islamic world.
[…] Western leftist feminists couldn’t care less about real actual breathing women; they care only about their ideological beliefs. For them, the victims of Muslim rape can be easily forgotten and dismissed — for the pursuit of their ultimate goal: to aid and abet the West’s totalitarian enemies and to wreak the destruction of their own free societies which bestow the individual liberties and rights that they despise and abhor.

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0 responses to “Muslims Perpetrated All Rapes in Norway 2010

  1. Our women are in danger from these women hating peace loving muslims. When will the world open its eyes to the danger it is in. It will be too late when it wakes up. All this is the result of the loony left getting out of hand. We must pray to overcome this menace in our midst. Amen God bless us all.

  2. Thanks for telling the Truth. It is horrible what this Norvegian guy did but the facts are that in scandinavian countries the last few years they are facing a lot of violence from muslims, especially women. It happens also in Danemark and Sueden big time. Where they are muslims you can say without any racism (for muslims are not a race but a so called religion) that freedom goes down the drain.

    • As crazy as Brevik is and as horrible as his crimes are, lemme guess… the party in power (i.e., the folk he attacked) knew about stuff like this and did nothing about it out of not wanting to upset muslims.

  3. Religion of piece…what a joke! Makes me sick…

  4. I have to say this again after seeing the second vid. Let any boyo dressed up in a sheet try and take away my pint of Guinness and we’ll show them the Crusader spirit. After all knights from ireland went on the Crusades. Pity we didn’t flatten them then. Amen

  5. wanna hear the bad part?
    Estimates are that from 5% to 50% of raped women do not report it.
    wanna here even worse?
    50% of the rapists walk out as not guilty,

  6. Greetings from Greece,
    Let’s be realistic. It isn’t just Muslims. Feminism has destroyed fertility rates
    in Europe and in North America – not Muslims.
    The fertility rates of White nations have dropped to about 1.6 in the
    last 30 years while Muslim families are averaging 7.9 today! Just
    about every rich nation (and even broke Greece) has adopted Feminism
    and the results on the family institution have been devastating. If
    you want to blame anybody for the “Muslims taking over the world”
    start blaming us entitled Whites. We don’t want to have more babies!!!
    You see, we won’t be able to afford our awesome lifestyle! Not that nice house or fancy sports car! Maybe we are 35 years old and still figuring out what we are doing with our life! Or we are still searching for that special
    someone promised to us by some movie! Or, some other lame excuse that
    we privileged White idiots have come up with not to have families
    Women (excuse me) womyn no longer want to have babies because Feminism says it is “oppressive”. So there you have it.
    Way to go girls! You are the intelligent superior gender indeed.
    That having been said, does not mean that Islam is not evil. Oh, and I do get laid by the way.

    • There’s some truth in what you write but we are soon in October 2011, 7 billion people and this is a real problem.The Chinese lately have be allowed to have two kids….To have children is the most beautiful thing in the world but it does look grimmer these days. Not only for the generations living on the planet but forthose who are born now and yet to be born, how are they going to survive with more and more limited ressources… Maybe it is time, for men and women regardless their countries or religions or whatever; to think very deeply about overpopulation and how many kids they should or not have, don’t you think? What future will they have if we continue on this course?

  7. that is just another reason im glad I own a gun. If my daughter was ridiculed in court by her rapist, that rapist would have very few days left to breath.

  8. richard gallardo

    The muslim religion is perverse in nature. The fruits of their actions is pain and sorrow for those who are subjected to their rule. Ask an immigrant working in Saudi Arabia or a non muslim trapped in a society that forces its ideology or get brutalized. The religion is driven by lust, sex and covateousness. Only good opld fashion preaching the word of god can melt their hard and wicked hearts.

  9. A recent news article described the aftermath of the rape of a young Muslim girl age 13.. …her rapist is freed, and her sentence is death by stoning…..being buried up to her neck in sand and being stoned to death by her Muslim neighbors! How can anyone think that this kind of “:justice” is the product of a civilized society or “religion”?

  10. If only one person believes the TRUTH it is still the Truth even if no one else believes it.

  11. The world will breath freely when all organized dogma has breathed it’s last.

  12. Shonder Alice

    Sure sure, and blacks commit disproportionately more murders and rapes than any other rapes.
    You guys have been set up. European countries let these muslims in the first place knowing that they would commit crimes – all the while bombing their home countries. This is WWII all over again.

  13. Islam is the greatest threat ever pose to Western Civilization, and will no doubt be a perpetual conflict/war, for generations to come… unless the cancer is removed.

  14. Fork ’em and feed ’em couscous.
    Seriously, the world would be far better off if Islam were eradicated, as it is nothing more than a violent, tyrannical political movement, tailored for the stupid and the illiterate, and is only pretending to be a religion.

  15. Wow, Norway is the only country in the world where no white non-Muslim men EVER commit rape; can they please tell the rest of us how they achieved that?
    In the ‘FrontPage’ article, the Mufti said “zina” which is unlawful sex between consenting people; rape (Google it) is “ga-te-sawb” & is punished by stoning the man to death; if some Muslims do it differently, that is on them, not Islam, just as when a Christian does something that goes against a
    Bible principle.
    Just as there are many different sects in Christianity, there also in Islam (as in every religion) each sect independent of the others. I personally know young arrogant “boys” who are given the title of Mufti at 20 or 21 and they are yet to learn Arabic; I also found out that qualify as a Mufti, one must have an excellent command of Classical Arabic (Fusa), they must also commit to memory the whole Qur’an with various classical explanations of it;
    They must also memorize hundreds of thousands of narrations with the chain of narrators & all comments by the scholars who wrote them down/commented on them;…
    The idea is, if you are brilliant you can earn that title at age 50-60.
    Many of these “Mufties” are like people who can barely understand the language they are reading the Bible in, being called “Bible Scholars”.

    • Lu Ciffer… it don’t count, a freebie, is muslim men rape infidel women. Only muslims count for muslims, don’t you get it? The new Master Race worships Allah… in fact, Hitler is still a best-selling author in the muslim nations (the title of his magnum opus literally means “My Jihad” in translation and that’s he describes pretty much) and the muslim Grand Mufti back then actually sent 1 million volunteers to help out Hitler in the Waffen SS because they got to kill all the Jews they wanted.

      • Of course, Islam itself proper doesn’t cover anything like that… but individual muslims aren’t responsible for their actions (Allah is) and a whole bunch can get together and rape infidel women for sport, demand burqahs/footbaths and riot if they don’t get Halal-everything and sharia-compliant finance in non-muslim nations. They, individually, just feel like it and do it… which leads left/libtards to kiss their butts in appeasment.

        • “…but individual muslims aren’t responsible for their actions (Allah is)”
          Can you provide evidence from authentic Islamic text to support this, or are you just making wild accusations?

  16. This publication must be a “zionist” rag?

  17. Look at the “Khazar” oriental eye slant on that broad!! She may well be a relative of Paris Hilton or Sarah Silverman!!

    • So in what passes as a mind in your Neanderthal cranial cavity, having a “Jewish” oriental eye slant makes that woman deserving of being raped?
      And to think you came on my blog on the Lord’s Day to spew your bigotry, venom and hatred. Be gone!!!!

  18. i lived in Sweden in the late 60’s to study at University of Uppsala. Very low population even then. I’m afraid it’s Socialism that has killed the Swedish and Norwegian spirits. Everything is paid for. And they pay horrible taxes for the welfare. Now the muslims stroll in,have been given carte blanche–everything paid for from birthing, school, university, living spaces + medical.
    FREE!! The ‘natural borns’ are furious and want to end these Liberal Democrat governments. I think Oslo is just the beginning!
    [Search: Rapes in Norway and Sweden]–all or most committed by immigrants non-western]. Both those governments ignore this problem, females are mostly unable to prosecute. Swedish and Norwegian women are left in the cold. And, guess what, White liberal feminists HAVE DONE NOTHING! [27 rapes in Sweden a day!]
    Check out what Muslim men say about Scandinavian women and little girls. It will chill your spine. Disgusting.

  19. I thought that Muslim was a peaceful religion…. Cause my friends Who happened to be Muslims were rather nice ,but this report changed my mind. I can’t help but feel hateful towards their idea of Women deserving to be raped and feel sorry for the innocent victims. Don’t women have their own rights? If they say it is alright to rape woman who are not ” covered”, then I guess It wouldn’t be wrong for me to rape their mothers or daughters when they are bathing?

    • This comment is deleted because “KHALIL” is the same person as commenter “Lu Ciffer” (see above). Same IP address. You, by whatever name, must think we’re stupid.
      I do not like deception. And so, “both” Khalil and Lu Ciffer are banned from FOTM.
      Owner, FOTM


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