Muslims patrolling streets of America

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Muslims Attack Christians In America Over Sharia Law

Muslim "security" guards attack Christians at Dearborn Michigan

Muslim “security” guards attack Christians at Dearborn Michigan

This is what’s coming to a neighborhood near you, if you don’t stand up to it now. Don’t wait for President Lucifer or his stooges to help you. The battle is here right now.

Be prepared. Your government has knowingly allowed jihadist military training camps to spring up and operate all across America. These people intend to rule over you with brutality that has never been seen in the United States.

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  1. The police, then, better be on our side and stop it. Americans won’t tolerate that crap. Who do they think they are? How dare they! This is our Country and our culture. They have no right to tell us what we can or can’t do. If they don’t like our ways and if our ways are offensive to them, then they need to leave this country. The worst thing any of us could do is to bow down to their demands. This is totally outrageous. They are always offended by something. Do they ever think that they offend us? Of course not, they could care less.

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  2. Snickers as he wipes his bullets with bacon…

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  5. Too bad the Christian man didn’t have a few ” Hell’s Angels ” with him for protection , that would have been a fun video to watch .

    On a serious note , this does not bode well for America . Too bad the camera gal didn’t have a squirt gun filled w / bacon grease !

  6. This is at least a few years old. The organization is acts 17 apologetics. Google them and you can read the whole story as told through their eyes. They were booted from the festival 2 years in a row and went to court against the city of Dearborn, and won. The city of Dearborn, including the mayor and police dept are all in bed with the Islamist community.

    • Yes, this video was made in 2011. But a year later, Christians actually were STONED by Muslims at the annual Dearborn Arab Festival:

      • I watched that video and I nearly cried. I was so angry that the cops did nothing.

        On a brighter note, check out the website for Britain First. This is a very trustworthy and respectable organization who has received a lot of untrue flak from the media who want to paint them as a far right wing racist group. They have recently started having “Christian Patrols” going into areas where the Muslims have Muslim patrols. Let’s all support them and their efforts to stop Sharia law taking over the UK.

        britain first dot com

  7. problems in this area have been really bad. “controlled media” have not reported. “you see what we show you and hear what we tell you”

  8. It is interesting to note . . . are the only jobs muslims can get are ones as “security guards.” Why would it take a dozen security guards to address the problem of 2-3 people they perceive as trouble makers. I hope that the City of Dearborn has learned their lesson.

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  10. Leeann Springer

    Ammo and backhoe would take a bite out of their crimes…..Leeann

  11. Thank you Trail Dust for this incredible post. There are times when you have to draw a line in the sand. This is one of those times. I’d like to see them come into my state and try to govern here. We’d fight them!


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