Muslims must not eat tomatoes

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Not only is Islam not a “Religion of Peace” — an expression coined by George W. Bush, lest we forget — some Muslims are downright demented.
A radical Islamic group called Salafists are urging fellow Muslims not to eat tomatoes because the veggie-fruit is Christian.
Bare Naked Islam on June 17, 2012, reblogging a post from the site Iran Aware, alerts us to the Salafist group called the Popular Egyptian Islamic Association that issued a warning about eating tomatoes on its Facebook page:
Because the dementers found a tomato that, when cut in half, appears to reveal the shape of a cross. Here’s the pic of the tomato:

Accompanying the tomato pic is this warning:
“Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian. [The tomato] praises the cross instead of Allah and says that Allah is three (a reference to the Trinity).”
You just can’t make this stuff up!
H/t FOTM’s beloved Grouchy Fogie.

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0 responses to “Muslims must not eat tomatoes

  1. Good. I’m hanging a wreath made of BLT’s on my front door.

  2. I’ m going to make a BLT for lunch! (:

    • Mmm…me too!! Really! Someone from church gave us our first tomatoes of the year yesterday and I’m taking it as a sign from above that I should eat BLTs today.

  3. Firstly, it’s my understanding tomatoes have been designated as a fruit not as a veggie. Second, I think the pic was photo shopped. It is completely rare to see a ‘cross’ depicted in the heart of a tomato.

  4. Reblogged this on A Quixotic Blog.

  5. So what will they put in the cous cous?? Idiots!! Good hopefully they omit one veggie after another and get rickets or scurvy just too crazy!

  6. Well that’s good to know because I don’t think I could handle ever seeing a human trash bag eating salsa or falafel:))

  7. Thank you Grouchy and Dr. Eowyn for this marvelous post! I have seen the cross in the tomatoes I have cut before. I agree with Grouchy that they must fear the cross of Our Lord terribly in light of their insane and irrational position on not eating tomatoes. Very revealing and noteworthy!

  8. I am the great cleric ayatollah assahollah doooshbaggie farooqui mahmoud. I have had holy dream that air that we breathe is infidel plot. Air is great evil Christian-Israeli plot to enslave us. I pass now great and holy fatwah that no faithful follower of great Allah from this day forward may breathe in or partake in any way this unholy and enslaving flatulence of great Satan called air.

    • And if you place a chopstick perpendicular to its mate it forms a cross; guess Chinese food is a no-no.

    • You are right. We must immediately stop all people who are not conforming to the stop eating tomato and breathing air doctrine of the Great Faithful Followers you mention, especially those who practice gardening infidelic plants on the White House grounds, from going on endless expensive vacations or playing golf. So be it.

  9. edward oleander

    “No matter how hard I try, I cannot fathom the depth of non-intelligence and insanity of the islamic ideology. I don’t think any reasoning person can.”
    This is pretty much how the non-believer sees the extremists in all religions, although I have to admit that wigging out over tomatoes has got to be one of the oddest brain farts I’ve yet seen.

    • edward oleander

      That’s even better than Elvis appearing in toast, which I would happily use in conjunction with the Allahmato and some mayo for a sandwich straight from Paradise! 🙂

  10. good! more ‘maters for me. :-))

  11. BLT’s for all on me! Course you have to get to central Oregon, no easy task. More maters for all of us Christians to enjoy. The idiocy of shitlam on display for all to see.
    Stealing this one for later.

  12. I LOVE ‘Maters! And I love the Lord Jesus! Call me a ‘mater-eating, pork-eating Infidel! And those mudslums believers of the “Religion of Pieces,” not peace can kiss my God-loving, American-Loving, Freedom-loving *** all the way to Heaven and back again. ‘Nuff said.

  13. It sure worked for Mohammed.

    • It worked for Joseph Smith too.

      • Joseph smith was pedophile fraud polygamist wife-stealing, freedom of the press denying scum of the lowest order. As an ex MOR(m)ON, I’m only too painfully, shamefully face-palmingly aware. And now…..the best viable candidate for POTUS wears the magic masonic panties and the best thing you can say about him is at least he ain’t Skippy….(sigh)

  14. LOL – Now if we can just get them to stop eating my summer corn…

  15. No matter whom

    Why do everybody here loose any natural and instinctive reasoning when just the matter is about muslims? Strange behaviour! suddenly, when the topic is about a trivial incident in the wide and diverse muslim world, everybody are lined up to criticise along the exactly same non sense wavelength, as it is imposed on you by some unkown force.
    I challenge you one by one and all together to develop any reasonable critics about islam based on your poor source about it, that is MEDIA. Do you really need to convince your selves about how good or bas islam is, go straightforward to the initial source of it that is Kuraan and Hadith.
    But when the matter is not islam, you retrieve your logic and constructive system of inference and reasonable deduction, that is hopefully good. In this web site I can found a lot cutting-edge litterature on hard topics like , ‘What that they never tell you about homosexual education’, which contains very concrete information to help to fight against those striving to pread the perversion in the world. Actually this kind of evil perversion is one of the most destructive arms used by the unkown force to destroy the muslim world and their agents are really active as I think, these weeks.
    As for Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), the prophet of Allah, we are waiting him eagerly, and we hope that he will lead everybody to the true religion. Actually, it is Mohamed (Peace of Allah be upon him), who tought us loving all the prophets and in particular Jesus Christ.
    Assalamou Alaikom, and congratualtion for this interesting site.

    • You want to know my source of Islam? It’s stories from soldiers that have dealt with the fleas in the sandbox, co-workers who worked with the hypocrites in the nicer sandbox, and the stories from the media of our soldiers who were killed and hung up for display by the fleas.
      I don’t need any more proof about the lack of anything good about Islam.

    • Outstanding! Thank you, GF! 😀

    • edward oleander

      Hello, NoMatterWhat. I am an atheist, and look at the issues you raise as an outsider, not as a Christian. I have studied religion for 30 years, and read both the Bible and the Koran.
      There are plenty of verses in both the Bible and the Koran that can be used as evidence of both peacefulness and violence. Both religions claim to be peaceful, and both are accused by the other of being violent.
      The key lies in the old portions versus the new portions. In the Bible, most of the violence is in the deep past, and the coming of their Savior Jesus marks a new covenant and a commitment to peace. In the Koran, the new era is marked by the coming of the Prophet Mohammad. Instead of a repudiation of the violence in the past (a past shared by Christians and Muslims), there are fresh calls for violent conversion. This sets the stage for more violent acts centuries down the line.
      The fact that your Prophet allows and encourages FAR more violence than the Christian Savior has lead to more extremism in the modern age. MOST Muslims are peaceful; I work with Muslims in a Muslim neighborhood, and several have become my friends. The true problem is that there seems to be more extremists willing to use violence to both force conversion to Islam, and to impose Sharia law of the populace.
      Atheists like me don’t want to see any form of religious law imposed on us, but there is NO trouble deciding which one I would choose if forced into it. Sharia law is primitive, brutal, and a horror for women. It is stark and uncompromising, and holds little hope for positive change in the future. Christian law is not perfect by any means, but it is based on forgiveness, not punishment. Jesus walked with criminals; Mohammad ordered their hands cut off. Jesus was friends with prostitutes; Mohammad had them stoned.
      Finally, when you compare how religions treat the presence of other minority religions, you see a large contrast. There are far more cases of violence against Christians in Islamic countries than the other way around. This isn’t just media spin, it is fact. What does that say about the religions involved?
      You can say that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, but it is NOT the majority who rise to the top and become the spiritual and political leadership in most Islamic states. When “radicalization” is “jihadist” are no longer words we hear every day, perhaps we can reassess where Islam stands…

      • You go to great lengths to say you are an atheist, not a Christian. And then after your long post you sign off using a Christian salutation. Oops, looks like you spent so much time writing you forgot what you had claimed at the beginning by the time you signed off! 😉

        • edward oleander

          🙂 Nope, just a godless heathen who took one quarter of basic Latin in high school… But thank you for the comment, because when it comes to a philosophy of peace, Jesus and Gandhi are my go-to guys…

          • Good response, Edward. As if Pax (peace) is religion or denomination specific. But then Jeff Smith is an avowed atheist, like you. [snarc]

    • No matter whom

      Dear Grouchy Fogie,
      Thank you for the reply and please give me the chance to explain my viewpoint on your comments, where I am not trying to target yourself, but since the issue is as important as FAITH , it would be better to be straightforward. In matter of faith, me too I am trying to improve my knowledge about islam’s ‘IDEOLOGY’, so I need my own understanding of islam, the scholars understanding, and of course the perception of islam form non-muslims perspective.
      I should emphasize at the outset that in this discussion, the matter is not about indignation because your comments can not (I hope) harm islam and muslims. It is not about Taqwa too, since I am not in a position to show people the right way (I am not I member of any Dawa group), so I do not pretend on the superiority of neither the intellect nor the arguments. Just a discussion with people accustomed with free speech.
      Concerning your critics of islam I am quite disappointed by the weakness of argumentation in the reasoning you did present; indeed, the standard pattern of disinformation about islam emerges clearly from the structure of your reply based on the two axes : Violence and Feminism.
      In MY SCHOOL too, in the very large sense that is institutes, media, social environments, globalization, etc, the same axes have been followed to wage war against islam. I can make it easier for you to understand what I mean if I inform you that among the conditions imposed by the OLD colonizer to let my country accede to its independence was the closure of the famous university dedicated to teaching islam; you can guess that our first president at that time was very likely a free-maçon. The political tendency since then was communist, so in general the society underwent some mind control and social reengineering to expulse islam from the country’s daily live and people consciousness, but hopefully the fail is remarkable after 6 decades. There was a horrible system of disinformation established to fight islam.
      As about MADRASSA, you mean certainly the kind of school spread throughout Afganistan by some ‘western powerful agency’ to produce some kind of ‘muslim’ fighters that help ongoing the endless virtual wars waged by occident in that region, in order to divert the attention of the world, and especially the muslim one, from the real war that is the freedom of Palestine (and you can easily guess who is in the opposite side).
      What I have said so far was for helping you to become aware about your ignorance concerning the muslim world reality.
      As for the amazing story of Um Qirfa and the way it is described on the net show to what extent some ‘international actors’ are able to manipulate any piece of information to isolate muslims and integrate a component of self deception and culpability towards women. So this story is well chosen, it concerns a women (this would be a fact), then an extremely inhuman and savage brutality (fantasy) to produce a martyred WOMEN by the muslims that fits well within the FEMINIST context, especially in the western civilizations. Do you believe in that brutal story? I think in the source where you read it, it is mentioned that the author or narrator may be suspected? Would you like please send me your reference on the matter. Actually, I have never heard about Um Qirsh, despite that I love reading Hadith and the events that encountered Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him). Don’t think that it was concealed, islam has been built upon truth. But the crazy thing is that you leave and ignore the tens of thousands of true and veridical Hadiths, stories and events about the live, deeds and behavior of a person, that is Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him), and you consider uniquely and finally an epsilon suspected story! That is a vicious speculation far from any scientific approach of analysis.
      As for the different references of Kuraan you cited, they are the smallest units called Aya of the chapters said Surah of Kuraan, and I think I will not really suffer to convince you that it does not make any sense to try to explain and understand the meaning of an Aya without its context that is the Surah. Even yourself you did agree explicitly on the CONTEXTUAL importance of the matters in both religions, so please do not contradict yourself. Moreover, the Kuraan that you can conceive as a book you can take in your hand, was actually sent to Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him) little by little during 23 years, where each Aya corresponds to a situation that encountered Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him). So, in each Aya you cited, you must know the protagonists concerned, because when you know the STORY behind each Aya you will be convinced about the might of Kuraan. I can search for you all the stories behind each Aya of the Kuraan, yet my act would contradict the fundament of Kuraan, that is READING and LEARNING (as they taught me in MY SCHOOL), because ‘READING and LEARNING’ is the meaning of the Arabic world ‘Kuraan’, so you have to read it yourself. I mean read the Aya in the Surah within the historical context (actually I used your key words to clarify the matter). But if you insist on considering that each reference you cited is enough to refute any hopefully humanistic dimension in islam, the Kuraan helps you too, indeed here is a good reference (Kuraan 9:124 and 125) “And whenever a surah is revealed, there are among the hypocrites those who say, “Which of you has this increased faith?” As for those who believed, it has increased them in faith, while they are rejoicing. But as for those in whose hearts is disease, it has [only] increased them in evil [in addition] to their evil. And they will have died while they are disbelievers.”. This means if truly you need to understand the islam ‘IDEALOGY’ you have to study it without prejudice, mainly islam do not hate Christian, is not violent, do not oppress women.
      By the way, the burning of any kind of churches in islamic countries is, according to islam, an evil crime.
      May Allah Alhaq (means the true god, it is one of his names) show you the right way and bless my soul.
      Best Regards and thank you again,

      • Islam does not oppress women? Muslims burning churches is an evil crime? Really? Then why do they keep happening and the reaction from Muslims worldwide — including from you “no matter whom” is…..
        The day I see Muslims speaking out condemning these practices, is the day I start believing your long, boring, tedious package of lies. Look up “taqiyya”. That’s the load of BS you wrote here.

  16. tomatoes are christian what about automobiles, airplanes, radios, televisions and basically every modern convenience was invented by a christian not to mention weapons i love tomatoes along with bacon and lettuce the bLt or as a sauce on a pizza or sliced and put on a hamburger with cheese. the tomatoe the above picture sort of looks like a beefstake tomato or now we can call it a christian tomato

  17. Everywhere Islam goes violence and oppressive government follows. So if it means the death of freedom, why are Muslims allowed into western countries? Even the so called peaceful muslims (who are breeding at a rate of 6 to 1 against us) eventually will vote in a government majority, destroy the documents of freedom, invoke an Islamic state, enforce the jeeza and the 6th century, backwards thinking style, sharia law. Send them back to their native soil where they can practice all the islam the want, and slam the door.

  18. That makes a non-halal two-for-three of the BLT. I’ll have mine on rye with a little mayo, please!


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