Muslim Women Are Modest?

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23 responses to “Muslim Women Are Modest?

  1. OMG! Hilarious!!! 🙂

  2. It tends to be more of cultural thing. Most of the Muslim women I work with are of Somalian background are very modest, wearing long, floor-length dresses and a hijab, but I worked with a Bosnian Muslim woman (and have seen other non-African/Middle Eastern European Muslims) who wore jeans, etc. I also worked with a Pakistani woman who wore colorful long dresses, but never a hijab.
    Islam isn’t a monolithic block.

    • True, the headscarf is an individual choice as to how much it covers… a yamulke (not to bring another religion into this) would essentially be sufficient; Benazir Bhutto wore an abbreviated headscarf than covered about so much out of doors and the Pakistanis were okay with that. There is no reason to be bundled-up like The Mummy in ID photos or indoors (outside of simple personal preference) unless one is sticking a thumb in the infidels’ eye for identity purposes (which suits a lot of the jihad/sharia-minded just fine).

  3. Too funny! East meets West, first thing that came to my mind…

  4. Hahahahaha, great pic!!! Greetings from Mallorca!!!

  5. No islam in democracies

    I don’t understand these women wearing veils and clothes head to toes when it is hot in the summer while their husbands walk with shorts in total comfort. They are idiots to me and have no personalities, a bit judgemental but true!

  6. One word:


  7. If they’re happy with what they’re wearing u should not be concerned for it’s their choice at the end of the day. As a muslim woman, feeling the heat/hot temperature here, on Earth, is a thousand times better than having to suffer in hell. Wearing a veil is not compulsory in Islam, so thats also an Optional choice. You dont have to strip naked everytime the sun comes out or if you dont, you’re considered an idiot and without personality.

    • As a freedom loving Christian, God, the one true God of Abaham Isaac and Jacob does not judge us by our apparel but by what’s in our hearts. We do not kill our wives for adultery. If one of our women is raped, we punish the perpetrator not the victim. We do not mutilate the genitals of our little girls and women and we do not believe in murdering people because of their religious beliefs or commiting religious genocide. So tell us again who the backwards, violence obssessed idiots are.

      • According to the left/liberal crowd, that would be anyone who insists the Constitution’s Freedom of Religion guarantees that non-Muslims and any muslims who so-chose whould NOT be subject to Sharia here. (And then there’s the 2nd Amendment and “clinging” thereabouts… )

  8. At least that tasteless sow is not named Michelle Obama; the buns are underdone.

  9. It seems we have a ‘crack’ in the islamic religion.

  10. Maybe she’s taking night classes to become a plumber.


  11. Sad.
    “Catscanner150” what are you talking about? what u’re on about is irrelevent to what we’re talking about, but since u brought it up anyway..Where do u get ur islamic knowledge from? i hope ur not just making up to spread hatred and islamophobia?! We do not punish those rape victims. This would usually occur due to some peoples traditions…it’s not an islamic law.

    • Sad, sad is what I see on videos that show an innocent Nick Berg beheaded for nothing more than being a non-muslim journalist, or the murder of over 3000 Americans on 9/11 whose only crime that morning was going to work or taking a flight and let’s not forget the barbaric practice of stoning people to death. So don’t preach to me, I know all I need to know about your pagan religion and your allah(aka Satan)

      • Insulting another religion’s deity doesn’t accomplish anything other than creating more animosity among the followers of that religion, especially if they believe their deity is the true deity.

        The name-calling that goes on between certain Christians and Muslims essentially amounts to a “my god can beat up your god” argument. Christians tend to be up in arms when their god is insulted, but have no problem insulting other gods; isn’t that hypocritical?

        • Garold,

          You are preaching the liberal New Age mantra of “religious tolerance” to the wrong people. It’s not Christians, but Muslims, who are persecuting other faiths. It’s not Christians, but Muslims, who vow to wipe Israel off the map. It’s not Christians, but Muslims, who are in your face about erecting a “conquest mosque” a stone’s throw from Ground Zero. Why don’t you preach tolerance to the Muslims? You don’t? Oh, is it because you know full well that doing so would make you an identifiable target for the jihadists, but you know you can scold Christians with impunity because you mistakenly take us to be wimps — that “turn the other cheek” yada yada yada? That’s how ignorant you are about Christianity and Christians. We are not wimps when it comes to defending our faith. Countless Christians have died horrible martyr’s death for Christ.

          In our “About” page, I make clear that this blog is not just politically conservative but Christian. Christianity is monotheistic, but you — with merely a high school education (I saw your Facebook profile) — have the gall to talk down to us, that we are to regard The One Triune God like “other gods.” I’ve been patient with you. But I see little indication that you are either conservative or Christian. So I’m puzzled as to why you insist on hanging out here. Let’s be frank with each other: You clearly do not approve of or like us, and I really really dislike you. Do all of us a favor and leave. Surely there are sites galore on the blogosphere which you’ll find much more compatible and hospitable. Hey, there may even be blogs that are your flavor of animist polytheistic Daoism.

          Adios. Au Revoir. Jai jian. FOTM is not a free forum for you to abuse us. Your comments will no longer be published.

          • sage,

            I actually restored him from the banned list because I felt sorry for him, after reading his Facebook profile. But consistent with past cases here on FOTM, the act of kindness never lasts, because they are who they are, and I have no reason on Earth to provide a free forum to those who abuse us and, more importantly, blaspheme against the Triune God.

    • As always Sage…words of wisdom…thank you again for expressing yourself so beautifully!

  12. I can’t even read everything you wrote….

    Keep your Quran and your beliefs. Your “religion of peace” sure is a tolerant one, right…

  13. Clever. U stick to urs n i’ll stick to mine. End of

  14. Muslimah,

    I can’t even begin to decipher the gibberish you wrote over there across the Atlantic in Manchester, UK. If you want to be taken seriously, you really should learn how to write proper English. Until then….Bye-e-e-e!


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