Muslim Students Pledge Allegiance

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0 responses to “Muslim Students Pledge Allegiance

  1. The enemy is not at the gate, he is inside in the camp.

  2. Stick it to The Man! Burn, baby, burn! Oh, wait… wrong decade.
    But, seriously, can we doubt their patriotism now? (Yoo hoo, left/libtards, you know they want to hang you and/or push walls over on you, don’t you? You’re everything they feel is wrong and hate about freedom, don’t you know that?) Oppression is okay as long as it’s Islam for ’em, apparently (all those dirty, freedom-loving infidels and kuffars need to be made to submit for their own good, you know).

  3. Fork ’em and feed ’em couscous.

  4. Well, “brother” WE THE PEOPLE of this proud country will never stand for the “establishment of islam” here. We will fight you, we will kill you and we will drive you from this country. You have no idea of the nest of rattlesnakes you are stirring up but if you continue on your present course you will experience the same deadly bite that all of our enemies have died of since this country was founded.
    You would be wise to heed the warning on the Gadsden Flag; DON’T TREAD ON ME!
    Tom in NC


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