Muslim migrants mean rape, violent crimes, social instability & revolution

On New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne, more than a hundred German women were sexually assaulted by groups of Arabic and North African men.
According to a BBC report: “What is particularly disturbing is that the attacks appear to have been organized. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.”

One man described how his “partner” and 15-year-old daughter were surrounded by an enormous crowd outside the station and he was unable to help. “The attackers grabbed her and my partner’s breasts and groped them between their legs.”

When the Cologne attacks made international headlines, reports began to trickle in from Austria, Finland, and Switzerland where women reported similar attacks perpetrated by Muslim males.

As an example, in Stockholm, Sweden, hordes of young men harassed and groped young women at a youth festival and concert last August. The women reported the attacks to police, but the media covered it up. As recounted by Nyheter Idag‎, thousands of young people were in attendance at the youth festival and concert in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm on Saturday August 15, 2015:

But for an unknown number of young girls the festival soon became a nightmare. Hordes of young men pressed against young girls, fondled and tried to cop a feel over and under skirts, pants and shirts. There were severe sexual assaults happening right in front of the stage….
During a single night police and security guards had to intervene against around 90 younger males, but even adult men took part in the abuse, says an eye witness to Nyheter Idag. The eye witness has professional experience from working at the Stockholm Police Department as a psychologist.

But Sweden’s leading daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter deliberately covered up the incident, so as not to trigger an anti-migrant backlash. A police officer had tried to contact the newspaper several times, but “they never called back”.
The Cologne attacks have now become a full-blown crisis that is plunging the European Union (EU) into chaos, as Europeans fight back against their governments’ wrong-headed policy. As reported by ZeroHedge:

[A] series of protests last week culminating in a 1,700-strong PEGIDA rally in Cologne that ultimately devolved into violent clashes between riot police and furious right-wing demonstrators. Then, on Sunday, gangs of “bikers, hooligans, and bouncers” attacked a group of Pakistanis in Cologne’s city center after organizing what some are calling “migrant manhunts” on Facebook. The victims of the attacks were hospitalized.

In the Netherlands, however, hundreds of Dutch men somehow thought that the appropriate response to Muslim sex assaults is to “show their solidarity” with women by donning mini-skirts, I kid you not.
dutchmen in miniskirts protest Muslim sex assaults, Amsterdam, Jan. 16, 2016
Here’s a video showing Dutch men in mini-skirts in a march in Amsterdam on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016:
Dr. Henry Makow observes:

There is a gender dimension to the migrant invasion of Europe that needs to be recognized. A hallmark of heterosexuality is that men protect their women and children. When men fail in this responsibility, they fail as men…. The migrants are the final stage of feminism which was designed to emasculate men and sexually exploit women.

There is indeed a gender dimension to the migrant invasion of Europe.

Valerie Hudson, a professor at Texas A & M University, has studied the effects of sex ratios on the stability of nations. In an article for Politico (via The Australian), Hudson points out these startling official statistics:

  • 2/3 or 66% of all migrants registering in Greece and Italy last year were male.
  • 1/5 or 20% of all migrants who reached the EU last year were under the age of 18; half had traveled alone. More than 90% of these young migrants traveling alone were males.

Dr. Hudson maintains that, given the high percentage of young males among the “refugees” and “migrants” swarming into Europe, the sexual attacks should not be surprising because crimes such as rape and sexual harassment become more common in “highly masculinized societies,” that is, societies with a skewed sex ratio.
In places where males vastly outnumber females, women are less able to move about freely without fear, and demand for prostitution increases, along with a rise in violent and property crime rates. This is not a problem specific to Muslims or Arabs: China and India have suffered a rise in crime due to their sex imbalance in favor of men from gender-select abortions.
As Hudson puts it: “I don’t care if they are Muslim or Greek Orthodox. If you are altering sex ratios to the level of 123 men to every 100 women, you are going to have problems.” But European governments are not looking at the demographics of the migrants. Instead of “thinking strategically about how to protect the normal sex ratios, nobody is talking about this.”
In other words, by indiscriminately letting in hordes of mainly young male “migrants” and “refugees,” European countries have made themselves vulnerable to sexual assaults on their women, violent and property crimes, and social chaos. A large young male population is also a recipe for revolution, as seen in the so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings.
But of course, neither Obama nor Congress are heeding these warnings. And among the 2016 presidential candidates, only Donald Trump is sounding the alarm — and getting vilified for doing so.
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4 years ago

Well, duh, let’s look at the best kept stats in North America: the records of Wall Street transactions and those of imprisonment. [Here is a typical review of this sordid history: We may not care about anyone one else, but those with money and those convicted of crimes are always objects of our highest interest. Could it be that a Satanic part of us admires them and wishes to get away with the same crimes? From more than 200 years of stats we know that males in the age bracket of 18 to 25 years commit 25% of ALL… Read more »

MA in MO
4 years ago

I love this comment — ‘there are no conspiracies, only long-term business arrangements,’ and now we are witness to this fact” — well stated. May the Lord have mercy.

4 years ago
Reply to  MA in MO

Thank you, but it’s too, too horribly true. LOTS of historical fact can be cited if one takes the time to do the reseach, as I did in my last major political-historical analysis & essay, “The Ghost of George Carver is Haunting Bush 43” which took me 200 hours to dig, compile, and tediously rewrite to get it all correct. A retired US State Dept diplomat, Dr Terry Arnold, was one of the original posters of my article, and you can still find it at his site: You’ll find many well-researched excellent analyses at his site, and on all… Read more »

4 years ago

“the sexual attacks should not be surprising because crimes such as rape and sexual harassment become more common in ‘highly masculinized societies,’ that is, societies with a skewed sex ratio” none of these “cultures” that favor males over females want daughters, but they all want sex. Essentially, through their own “culture” or “religion” they appeased their egos and in the process created a huge problem…too many males, and their solution: kidnap and rape. In a Christian society, husband and wife are blessed with what God gives them…either a boy or a girl. In non-Christian societies they force nature to change… Read more »

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
4 years ago
Reply to  MomOfIV

You have explained our current situation precisely, the biggest question is why do all these governments choose to deny the logic of what is happening before their eyes. One can only hope, that if the poor man’s wife and daughter is going to be set upon–that the female family member’s of those who have chosen to set loose these hoards on us will eventually pay the same price. So that the pain is equalized amongst the ruling class also.

Steven Broiles
4 years ago

“A spectre is haunting Europe,” wrote Marx. But it is not the spectre of “communism,” (yet), it is the spectre of NIETZSCHE and his Sabbatean-Frankism.
The little girly men in their miniskirts got the Stockholm Syndrome before the Muslim hordes came in!

4 years ago
Reply to  Steven Broiles

Steven, I just looked up this term that is new to me, ‘Sabbatean-Frankism’ and I seriously doubt that Nietzsche [N] had anything to do with it in any way. I’ve read a great deal of his writing, perhaps all of it once, a few of his shorter books two or three times, not much of his letters, and I’m positive these weird doctrines have no place either in his cosmology or philosophic outlook, which was radical and uniquely his. If anything, he secretly admired Jeshua, and if it were possible he would have gladly swapped places w/Him, but of course… Read more »

4 years ago

Boiling down the complications to the root cause of societal
failure brings me to understand Satan is in control when people
leave God and Hell ensues. The Devil creates the details and his
minions carry them out. Europe has lost it’s way and it is
happening here due to the presence of evil people in our
government and the astonishing failure of moral culture.
End times scenario being played out here…………..William


[…] Muslim migrants mean rape, violent crimes, social instability & revolution […]