Muslim man molests blonde store mannequin

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Imagine what he would do to a real, live woman . . . .
See also “Half of world’s Muslims are inbred due to generations of incest”.
UPDATE (Aug. 24, 2016):
As you saw for yourself, YouTube, ever protective of the precious Muslims, removed the video. But I found these replacements:


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0 responses to “Muslim man molests blonde store mannequin

  1. That was a customer in the sex device store right up the street from the stress relieve booth featured last week.
    He was taking ‘Candy’ for a test drive. The rain coat was a nice detail don’t you think?
    So how candid was that movie? The guy taking the movie and another guy taking a movie of the guy taking the movie. And us all looking at the movie of the movie of the movie of the guy in the raincoat making wild passionate jihad to the cold emasculating inflatable orifice infidel bitch.
    Batteries not included.
    Hey wait a minute, that’s DiBlazio!

  2. How do we know that guy’s a Muslim? Maybe it IS DiBlasio….

    • Because the retard wasn’t wearing trousers, but a galabia (or long shirt) & jacket.

      • What are you? A Doctor of hate & ignorance! Seriously, are you really calling someone a retard because, they’re Muslim? I don’t know what’s worse… your racism or pure stupidity! You are what is wrong with our world, you & all your like minded, ignorant followers.

        • @ Kim Callahan:

          If you don’t think that a man who tries to have sex with a store dummy is — at best — a retard, then you are retarded yourself.

          • At first sight, I thought KC was MO!

            • So did I! I’m glad I’m not alone in my prejudice –I mean– viewpoint!
              For the record, yes, I am prejudiced against the Obaminations, as well as the Clintons, the entire Bush dynasty of war-mongers, and all others who first cause grievous damages to North America and then –having gotten away w/domestic crimes– moved on to foreign ones, to take on a great deal of what’s left of the Creation. As none of them are real God-fearing [in the best sense of that word] Christians, this is not a problem, for materialists believe they run matters and are ‘in charge’.
              How many reading here can recall –when TV was still second-to-second live, not controlled delays– then Secretary of State Alexander Haig stepping before the cameras and saying in a tremulous voice, “As of now, I am in control here, in the White House, pending return of the Vice President and in close touch with him.”? []
              I’ve meandered here a bit, but my point is that the Muslim we see here is no different: just another materialist attempting to manipulate the unreal into becoming real, but as only God creates Reality, materialists are fore-doomed in everyway.

        • “You are what is wrong with our world…” What, no harsh words for the religion that approves of beheading/stoning/killing of women and homosexuals, marrying off young children, and treating women as second class citizens? Seriously, read the context of the post.

        • k callahan,
          how in the world can you get all high and mighty over a male who gratifies himself and vandalizes store property with his saliva?
          What would you call him, a genius?
          you are “what’s wrong with the world” when you see perversion (evil) and don’t call it out for what it is…evil.

        • K Callahan,
          Commenting on the retardation of this man is stating the obvious. Defending him puts you in the same category of mental retardation.
          I highly doubt we could find a non Muslim male that would conduct themselves in this disgusting manner, particularly in public. This display is a simple and profound statement of why we should not be allowing these animals to immigrate into our civilized society- because we are civilized and they are not.
          Even my cats know not to get excited when they look into the mirror because they know it’s not another cat. Takes a special kind of human being to get turned on by a piece of plastic- in public at that !

          • Jefferson Airplane had a song, ‘Plastic Fantastic Lover’. Now that song is fitting for these sickos.

  3. I guess it’s a step up from a goat.

    • Wouldn’t that depend on the goat? I mean, I’ve raised dozens, and they all have distinct personalities. You all do realise I’m being more sardonic than sarcastic.
      I for one truly cared for my dairy goats, as they gave us milk, made into cream cheese [instead of butter] and yogurt. God or the Devil had better help anyone I found abusing them in the slightest!

      • Joseph, I am very, very glad that you brought up the aspect of a “shepherd” or “farmer” loving and caring for their animals–and that does not include forcing that poor animal to have sex with. This deviant, weirdo as depicted above, who wants to “love up” a plastic doll is only believable since I saw the picture myself. It was evident from the film that at least two individuals were filming him–where was he (in his mind) with all that going on? I do think, and I mean this very seriously, when you look at the vacant look on many of these men’s faces . . . you see nothing. You see an absolute absence of intellect. It is tragic that other countries, those who are intelligent enough to not practice “interbreeding of cousins, etc” show a major of the population to be individuals who have greater intellect. This is a tragedy when we consider that these peoples want to genetically co-mingle their genes with peoples who have higher basic IQ’s. Now, I am not saying this to spite these people, I am but pointing out the results of the choices these peoples have made over many decades. How many of us would want pictures of a father, a brother, an uncle, or a grandfather in a shop feeling up a mannequin, like it was an every day occurrence??? No, I thought not.

  4. IMO Islam is a retarded culture, several hundred years retarded.
    If all these raggers wanted was sex with goats and inanimant objects, they could live happily in San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi could march in their parades.
    But this ain’t about that….Shuggha.

  5. Let’s play ‘If this were a caption contest….’
    Here are some of my thoughts:
    1. [To the sales person] “This is only a practise run.”
    2. What other models do you have?
    3. How much more is the animated model?
    4. What other colours do you have?
    5. How much more for languages besides the installed Arabic & English?
    6. Is there a female frontal version with a twink boy rear?
    Let your imagine run as wild as a desert goat, and make this a Funday Monday!

  6. now I know who the clientele are for the guyfi booth in new york….disgusting

  7. I’ve been recommending that they get blow up dolls, as it would satisfy their need to blow up things, and also their need for sex. This, uhm, yeah, well, I don’t know what to tell him. Maybe he needs reality counseling? I’ve never known a mannequin to be anatomically correct. They are making robots for sex in Japan, though. However, the Japanese won’t let Muslims in the country. Perhaps they will export them some day….

  8. Did management force him to purchase the mannequin. Perhaps he was actually trying to move it to dress a window in a store for degenerate perverts

  9. Sick, sick, sick. If this pervert had any decency, he’d have taken the mannequin to a motel.

  10. Sickening beyond imagination. . .

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  12. For entrepreneurs in the world of retail stores, maybe the store managers can setup a team of female mannequins, allow Muslims to molest them, & charge admission for people to watch the best freak show in town. They’ll make a fortune.

  13. Mannequins must expect such treatment when presented to the public wearing such revealing clothing. (Sarc.)

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  15. You are a doctor huh?
    Doctor in shitiology from the univrsity of shit?
    Now every shit is getting a honory phd from a fake online university and calling himself a doctor.
    Apart from that, your shitty blogs on this website are very unoriginal and copy paste from the truth movement….you sound jewish and fake opposition…
    Stay with your little blog site and its mili- nano effect until you die… little doctor

  16. In fairness, he was only looking for where to insert a local fifty-cent piece for a charity donation and turned away angered when not found.

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