Muslim "clock boy" wants $15M for "permanently scarring" his reputation

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This is supremely outrageous.
On September 14, 2015, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas for bringing an alleged hoax clock bomb to school. News of the arrest rapidly went viral, resulting in allegations of racial profiling and Islamophobia.
As recounted by Wikipedia, Mohamed had reconstructed an electronic clock in a pencil box and brought it to school to show his teachers. His English teacher thought the clock resembled a bomb, confiscated it and reported the boy to the school’s principal. Local law enforcement was called and Mohamed was questioned by police for an hour and a half. After being taken into custody, handcuffed, and transported to a juvenile detention facility, he was fingerprinted and his photograph was taken. He was then released to his parents. The case was not pursued further by juvenile justice authorities, but Mohamed was suspended from school for three days.
After Obama, other politicians, activists, technology company executives, and media personalities remarked on the incident, Mohamed was invited to the White House and a number of high-profile events related to encouraging youth interest in science and technology. After the incident, the family decided to move to Qatar, accepting a scholarship offered to Mohamed by the Qatar Foundation.
Ahmed Mohamed clock boy
But the media can’t be bothered to find out or report the truth about Ahmed and his clock bomb:

  • Ahmed is not a boy genius: He didn’t make the clock, but had merely taken out the innards of a Radio Shack digital clock and installed it in a cigar box.
  • Ahmed was deliberately looking for a confrontation: After the first teacher to whom he showed the clock told him to put it in his locker and not show it around, Ahmed continued to show it around until he found a teacher who reacted with the apparently desired response.
  • Ahmed was uncooperative with Irving police.

For more details, please see my post “The truth about Ahmed, the Muslim ‘clock boy’.
Now Muslim “clock boy” is demanding $15 million from the Texan city of Irving and its school district for “psychological trauma” and “permanently scarring” his non-existent “reputation in the global community”. 
All the way from the Gulf state of Qatar, Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, has retained attorney Kelly D. Hollingsworth of the Plainview, Texas law firm Laney & Bollinger. 

Kelly (l) and Troy Hollingsworth (photo from

Kelly (l) and Troy Hollingsworth (photo from

Ahmed wants $5 million from the Irving Independent School District (ISC)

In a letter to Irving ISD legal counsel Tina Patel, dated November 23, 2015, Hollingsworth demands the following for “the unlawful detention, interrogation, arrest, and public mistreatment of Ahmed Mohamed by administrators and teachers of the Irving ISD”:

  1. $5 million “as compensation for the damages Ahmed suffered at the hands of the Irving ISD and its employees.”
  2. A written apology from Irving ISD acknowledging that Ahmed Mohamed never intended to threaten anyone, and that his detention, interrogation, and arrest were wrongful and were made at a point in time when there was no reasonable suspicion to believe that Ahmed had committed a crime or was about to commit any crime.”

Hollingsworth threatens that failure to accede to the above two demands within 60 days from Nov. 23, 2015, will result in “a civil action,” i.e., a lawsuit.

Ahmed wants $10 million from City of Irving

In a letter to Irving city attorney Charles R. Anderson, dated November 23, 2015, Kelly Hollingsworth demands the following for “the detention, interrogation, arrest, and public mistreatment of Ahmed Mohamed by Mayor Beth Van Duyne, Chief of Police Larry Boyd, and numerous other City of Irving officials”:

  1. $10 million “as compensation for the damages Ahmed suffered at the hands of the City of Irving and its employees.”
  2. A written apology from Mayor Van Duyne.
  3. A written apology from Police Chief Larry Boyd acknowledging that Ahmed Mohamed never intended to threaten anyone, and that his detention, interrogation, and arrest were wrongful.”

Hollingsworth concludes the letter with this threat to the City of Irving: “If you fail to comply with the above demands within sixty days from the date of this letter, you should expect that we will file a civil action,” i.e., a lawsuit.
Here’s Kelly Hollingsworth’s LinkedIn page.
H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV

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0 responses to “Muslim "clock boy" wants $15M for "permanently scarring" his reputation

  1. Well, if this isn’t enough to make your blood boil . . . I don’t know what is! This joker got just what he apparently wanted . . . a big payout at the expense of Americans. What if when the next situation of this kind comes along, everyone just steps back because they are afraid of being sued? I do hope that both the school district, and the city bring in super-charged attorneys to deal with this extortion plot. I wish his only the worst in his life . . . what goes around comes around!

    • I think a LOT of this is due to his Father’s input. The demands for payment are worded as a seasoned scam artist would word them,NOT a kid. They’re not SERIOUSLY considering PAYING these as-yet-unconvicted-Criminals,are they??

  2. This is extortion, plain and simple. The attorneys (Laney and Bollinger) should be countersued for bringing a frivolous lawsuit and the kid and his parents should be civilly countersued for defaming the good name of Irving, Texas, the mayor, etc. In addition, Qatar should be included in the suit.
    It’s obvious this was another set-up. Are we to believe, out of the blue his family decides to run to Qatar within a few weeks of the ‘incident’?

  3. Crisis actors are the LOWEST form of humanity.

  4. I realize that I posted before, but having had a little time to think about this . . . I feel group of 20-30 concerned parents should find an attorney who would help them in bringing a suit not only against this kid, but also his parents. The suit should be based on the parents negligence in properly managing their son 1) a teacher had already told him to stow the clock/box in his locker and not be sowing it around–a command which he choose to disobey 2) he caused a disruption in the classroom, which caused the loss of vital learning time on the part of other students 3) he caused fear and anxiety to be felt by other students and teachers, due to law officers being called and further disrupting the orderly ambiance of the school. It is more than clear that the parents do not, and have not had this child under control . . . or they choose to allow him to be disruptive in our society. I feel an excellent case can be made for this side of the equation. I certainly hope that this family remains where they are right now–this country does not need him or his old man.

  5. I am still trying to figure out how he has suffered. He has been wined and dined and given refuge in Qatar. He got the notoriety he was seeking.
    His family has a long history of scams, and if the city gives in, shame on them.
    If they win this time, watch out for a landslide of similar suits.
    I agree with Auntie, counter sue for the panic he brought.

  6. God bless the admin at the school who were looking out for the welfare of the ENTIRE student body when they decided to pursue to the very end the veracity/harmlessness of this child’s “invention.” I would ONLY HOPE that, if I had a kid in that school system, his/her teacher/admin would be alert and cautious enough to investigate to the (benign) end something like this. I don’t want MY KID or anyone else’s kid coming home in pieces in a cigar box just to be “polite” to another child’s (and their parents”) idea of “inventiveness/brilliance.” I can ONLY HOPE that these parents and their kids make a new life in Qatar. Too bad there isn’t a Radio Shack there to continue their “brilliant inventiveness” (didn’t his SISTER “invent,” using Radio Shack, something similar in a previous year??????). No matter, “bon voyage” & DON’T COME BACK. I’m sure Irving school system will “settle” out of court with them to support their lifestyle for a few years or more in Qatar. BUT….my hope is…..NO VISA FOR this kid or his sister or other siblings when they want to come back to the USA to obtain a college degree in anything remotely important or relavent or pay-worthy/job-worthy……

  7. No fear: his lawyers will tough it out until they’re offered maybe half of what they’re demanding –asking is too polite– and then they’ll take it, & run w/the money.

  8. Hope this is settled for something with a lot of zeroes,and a dollar sign-period.

  9. Little Achmed is a scam artist like his parents. His father, as stated from reliable sources, has ties to a terrorist group, and his sister as well. The little schmuck did not create or invent a thing! My first impression of his invention, was that it looked like a “taped together clock” rigged to blow like a bomb. If that little punk and his parents sue the city of Irving, there needs to be a counter-lawsuit . All the parents of the other children should sue Achmed’s parents with civil suits for causing anxiety and upset due to the fact, his invention (probably on purpose) looked just like a bomb! Achmed looks like an egg-sucking hound-dog, with a sneaky smile. He is no babe in the woods; as he was just making a dry run for the real deal. He is probably a future Jihadist in training. If anything, Achmed and his family need to be booted out of this country. Leeann

  10. Hopefully, his only scars will be when the first real bomb the little dune monkey Jihadist wanna-be tries to build detonates prematurely and blows up in his face.


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