Muslim Children Playing

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Disturbing video of Muslim children playing “suicide bomber”.  Just as disturbing is the accompanying audio:
“You are innocent if you are a Muslim. If you are a non-Muslim then you are guilty of not believing in God. As a Muslim, I must have hatred toward everything which is non-Islam.”
h/t The Jawa Report

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0 responses to “Muslim Children Playing

  1. But it’s good for their self-esteem, left/libtards will claim. That’s about as healthy as getting a white sheet and playing klansman.

  2. Islam is not a religion, nor is it a violent, primitive 7th Century political movement.
    It is a mental disorder.

  3. and why aren’t “moderate” Muslims denouncing this?

    • Eowyn,
      For the same reason they didn’t protest the recent murder of that Israeli family, nor the recent terrorist attack.

  4. There is no such entity as a “moderate” Muslim. We have them in Ireland and the hatred and contempt they show towards us is unbelievable! They were invited in by our craven government and ex-president who was pro-abortion, pro-gay and pro-anti-American. Unfortunately Mr. Muslim himself is coming here next month! I won’t be welcoming him. You know who I mean, ole Barack himself. He’s supposed to have Irish roots. Yeah! My other leg is the one with the bells on it! The pigs are all saddled and ready for flight. God bless us all in the remains of the Free World.


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