Murray: "We need more women in Congress"

Isn’t this a bit sexist? Can you imagine if a man had said “we need more men in Congress”?

We need more women like Murray?

Patty Murray: If debt panel had more women, it may have succeeded

The News Tribune: Sen. Patty Murray says that if Congress had more women, there might be a plan in place to deal with the nation’s $15 trillion debt.  While the supercommittee that she helped lead failed last month in its bid to offer a $1.2 trillion deficit-reduction plan, Murray says “it may have come out very differently” if she hadn’t been the only woman on the 12-member panel.

Women, she says, understand compromises, and Murray wants to bring more of them on board. The veteran Washington state Democrat is in a good position to make that happen.  Since becoming her party’s chief recruiter for Senate candidates a year ago, Murray has lined up five new women to run in 2012. On the campaign trail, they’ll be joined by six Democratic women who are up for re-election.
With at least 11 female candidates, it promises to be a record year for the party. Women would comprise a third of the party’s candidates.  “It is going to be an historic year,” said Murray, a 61-year-old fourth-term senator.
Now, as the first woman to head the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and one of her party’s power brokers, Murray said voters will have a prime chance next year “of really changing the dynamics” of Congress, which suffers from abysmal ratings.
“We need diversity in the Senate, and we need people who come to the job who really want to make a difference for their country,” she said. “And when I look out across the country, I see women who understand that.”
Beginning in August, Murray had to juggle her DSCC role with her job as co-chairwoman of Congress’ so-called supercommittee, which disbanded Nov. 21. She said in an interview that the special panel could have benefited from more women, “who I think really understand compromise and getting things done.”
“You want the practical answer to why we would get things done?” she asked. “Because we are multi-taskers: We have to pick up the kids and get dinner and, you know, help with the homework and get things done, and we don’t mess around. And so we come into politics the same way: We have a task, it’s hard, but we make decisions, and we get things done.
Excuse me?  Men don’t pick up the kids, get dinner or help with homework?  They don’t make decisions?  They aren’t multi-taskers?  How more insulting could she be?
Murray’s record in DC?  She spends like a drunken sailor and never met a pork project she didn’t like. I don’t care if we have men, women or elves in DC.  Just cut the spending already!


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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

Look at her photo and guess what her profession was before entering politics.

Dr. Eowyn
8 years ago

My guess: a public school teacher.
And she was!
She had taught pre-school and a parenting class. God help us….

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

I know that pre-school. It was a co-op operated through Shoreline Community College in the 1970s; an extremely politically correct, feminist operation bent on getting little boys in touch with their feminine side while encouraging little girls non-traditional play. No matter how hard they tried, the boys gravitated to the tonka trucks and tool room and the girls wanted to play house with dolls. LOL!

8 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Her job at Shoreline was to be eliminated and so she ran for senate, fighting for other moms. The woman never held a private sector job that I know of. Government career politician all the way..:

8 years ago

Throw Them All Out!! Patty belongs in an orange jumpsuit along with Boxer,Pelosi,Feinstein. This woman,communist to the core. I want these people held accountable for what they have and our currently doing to America. She is spewing lies,its what they seem to do best. I know there was monkey business in,Nev,Ca,Wa,Or,Alaska. (soros) Bet Patty could tell you all about it.

8 years ago

concerning elections!