Murphy Brown to ICE agents: “I will spatchcock you”

How original: A re-booted TV show bashing President Trump. Yawn…

This show has seen a consistent drop in ratings each week. Too bad, so sad.

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Murphy Brown to ICE agents: “I will spatchcock you”
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15 responses to “Murphy Brown to ICE agents: “I will spatchcock you”

  1. The latest rating for Thurs, Nov. 22, shows the steepest drop yet, of -20.44% in just one week! — with only 4.745 million viewers.


    Candace Bergen, retire already. Nobody wants to see you, and I will make sure that I NEVER EVER watch any movie or TV with you in it.

  2. Love to see the show C A N C E L L E D!

  3. Well, so much for their “fairy tale” prpaganda. Wonder what kind of vermin they put in their ‘tacos’? That would make a real and more informing program.

  4. If this show has any rating in the positive integers its an outrage. Ewwww! What do they call this, “comedy conditioning”? This is totally “cringe-worthy”.

  5. Thanks to that 3-minute video clip I’ve doubled my total exposure to useful-idiot Candice Bergen’s foul mix of anti-White rootless cosmopolitanism and in this video the cosmopolitans’ fatally flawed hubris in assuming that (1) when the SHTF Hispanics and Blacks will turn against their white Christian brothers instead of our common enemy and then come out on top; and (2) that these two groups are so incomprehensibly stupid and gullible they’ll love and protect the cosmopolitans whose only use for them has been as political cannon fodder and throwing them work cleaning the cosmopolitans’ toilets. The acting in that video clip was so lifeless that it appears even the cast was ashamed to be part of such embarrassingly self-serving hypocrisy on the part of Hollywood cosmopolitans toward their favorite domestic slaves.

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  7. Someone else coined it, but now that American blacks are leaving the demoncrats in sufficient numbers, the Left has to import as many South Americans and muslims as they can before 2020.

  8. ICE isn’t following gubmint orders, they’re upholding the law.

    And we also see what priorities illegal aliens have for their kids – study to become immigration lawyers to allow more illegal aliens to stay, get amnesty, cut in front of the line, etc.

  9. Shouldn’t Murphy Brown be in a nursing home raising cane about the tapioca pudding?

  10. what a bunch of liberal social engineering pablum. a couple more minutes of my life I can’t get back, and all to confirm what I already know about the left’s propaganda machine known as the national media,

  11. I saw Tyne Daly there-so sad. She was GREAT in “Cagney & Lacy”…..

  12. Looks like Bergen & Daley are preaching to the converted. (Or the EMBALMED!)
    Honest to God: Why do you think they call it PROGRAMMING?

  13. Is this what passes for comedy now-a-days? What horrible forced acting. They should have left Murphy Brown in the trash bin of history.


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